Meet the patented and proprietary technologies that power GIA products


Single File Alignment

The molecules in every-day water that people drink are chaotic, but Nobel Prize-winning research tells us that our bodies absorb liquids better when their molecules are in single-file alignment (SFA). That’s because this type of alignment helps them pass through our body’s tiny water channels more efficiently – hydrating our bodies more easily. The subtle SFA technology has been designed to help your body absorb water 3 times faster, making it the foundation of your hydration and absorption needs.

But how does it work?


Energy Resonance Technology

Every energetic frequency has its own effect, and some frequencies gather a greater amplitude when a resonant frequency is introduced. When we harness those resonant frequencies and apply subtle energies through our proprietary Energy Resonance Technology (ERT), we can enhance their effectiveness, support the body’s energetic frequency to reinforce its resilience to stressors, and elevate your energetic wellness.

While energetic frequencies aren’t new (in fact, they’ve been recognized for centuries across ancient Eastern medicine and modern-day philosophies), how we integrate them is. ERT is GIA’s proprietary process, custom programmed to resonate with, and support your body’s energy field. Designed to work with your body and for your body, ERT has been developed to magnify effects so that every product energetically does more. Without any extra effort from you. Easy, right?

But how does it work?


Molecular Resonance Effect Technology

As our screen time increases, so does our exposure to electromagnetic radiation. With Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET), a patented noise-field innovation, you can impact the way EMR affects your body’s energetics, while still enjoying the things that keep you connected.  MRET is important in today’s wireless age because studies have shown that the radiation and frequencies emitted from our smartphones and wireless devices, plus the presence of emerging 5G technology, can become problematic for our body, and for its energetic wellness. MRET helps you take ownership of your frequency environment with patented products designed to do the work for you.

But how does it work?

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