Wellness for Youth

We believe that the conversation of true wellness should start during a person’s developmental years. We are committed to making Wellness Mean More for the next generation through our two youth-focused programs, Roots and Wings and Hope Happens.

Roots and Wings

Here at GIA Wellness, the Roots and Wings (RAW) Program is a crucial part of our purpose. Our mission to redefine wellness begins with our independent GIA Consultants, but ultimately reaches kids, teenagers and young adults through the “RAW” Training. These transformational programs are brought to our future generations so that they may realize their potential, set goals, and achieve them. The teenage years shape who we will become as adults, building the foundation for our future. If teenagers are able to make the right choices now, those choices can help them create a better future. Our goal at GIA is to help equip as many young adults as possible with the tools to make those proper choices, and to help them to believe in themselves. As part of that mission, our Co-CEO Lynda Cormier, a personal development coach with 30 years of experience, brings her breakthrough training on the road to children and teens all across America.  

Hope happens

Often there are rewards of money or accolades when positive strides are made in life, but at GIA we want to continually make the connection between business growth and giving backIn short, every single GIA Wellness Consultant has the chance to make an immediate difference, as you grow your business.  Here is how it all works – it’s very simple, yet very powerful:

  • In any month during which you enroll 2 (two) new front level Automatic Reorder (ARO) Consultants and/or any Preferred Customers with any ARO package, you are eligible to submit a nomination for a child, teenager, or young adult in need.
  • Submit your “nomination” of a specific child, teen, or young adult and how you’d like to help make “GIA Hope Happen” for them to support@giawellness.com – with a $250.00 cash donation/allowance, paid for courtesy of GIA Corporate.
  • From all nominations submitted to GIA each month, we will select one of them and ensure that “Hope Happens ” for them – with that aforementioned $250.00 Cash donation/allowance, made on your behalf, and paid for courtesy of GIA Corporate.

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