Top 5 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Summer

Posted by GIA Wellness
5 years ago | July 10, 2019

Top 5 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Summer

You hold the power to have your best summer yet, it just depends on how you choose to experience it. Your perception of something ordinary can lead to something extraordinary, opening the door to satisfaction, gratitude and joy. This summer, take control of how you experience the season by finding happiness in what’s around you. See our tips below for making the most out of your summer.

1) Celebrate What’s Unique to the Season

Excessive heat can make you lose your appetite for heavy meals, so instead of starving, seize the opportunity to try new seasonal salads, tasty tacos, fresh smoothies and other delicious dishes. Explore your local farmer’s market and pick up fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables to create refreshing meals. Shop for a new outfit that helps you feel excited that the season has arrived, whether it’s a charming sundress or a pair of well-tailored shorts you’ll want to flaunt in the warm weather.

2)  Get Outside

Taking your exercise routines to the great outdoors is the best way to stay fit while making the most out of the season. Rather than hitting the treadmill at your indoor gym, tackle a cardio challenge by hiking a steep trail. Move your Saturday morning yoga ritual to the beach and then follow it up with an afternoon of volleyball in the warm sand. Mix up your fitness experiences by exercising at different times of the day so you can savor the ambiance of a serene sunrise or a dramatic sunset.

3) Be Present

This season offers an abundance of beauty. In addition to the blooming nature and warmer weather, summer often gifts us with time with family and friends. This is a wonderful reason to unplug, let go and be present. When you stop worrying about what’s happening online and at the office, you start to notice the grace and beauty that the season brings. Pause and take a moment to breathe in the air and feel the sun’s kiss on your skin, taking in and appreciating the special beauty found only in these months.

4) Take Advantage of the Longer Days

Summer is known to have the longest days of the year, so make the most out of the extended daylight by staying out a little later. Attend an all-day outdoor music festival, take your family to an amusement park or playground and play until late in the day, or take the dog out for an extra walk in the later evening hours when the sun is just setting.

4) Take Time to Relax, Reflect and Set Goals

Since summer is the halfway point of the year, it’s a great opportunity to recharge yourself by taking some time to relax. Abandon your phone, negative thoughts and other stressors so you can truly unwind. Look back at how the year has gone for all aspects of your life and reflect on what you might want to change and improve. Set new goals to fulfill in the coming months with the intent to finish the remainder of the year strong.

Allowing yourself to be immersed in this season will open your eyes to its beauty. Indulge in life by packing more experiences into each day and appreciating the unique energy that is present during this time of year. Bring this awareness and gratitude into the following seasons and you’ll be rewarded by having rich experiences every day. 

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