Total Health Magazine highlights GIA Wellness as “Solutions to Protect you From our WiFi World”!

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7 years ago | December 19, 2017

In December 2017, TotalHealth Magazine, a highly regarded and widely popular resource for cutting-edge health and wellness information, published a powerful article titled “Solutions to Protect You from Our Wifi World”, which – among other important insights – prominently featured and advocated the use of GIA Wellness’ patented and proprietary radiation protection products.

Expertly researched and crafted by best-selling author and international wellness expert Dr. Sherrill Sellman, the article put a spotlight on various fascinating aspects of the wireless world we live in today. Starting with discussing the massive proliferation of ‘everything wireless’ in our schools, homes, airports, and other public spaces, the TotalHealth article also explores the “Internet of Things” (IoT), which is described as the ever-growing network of billions of devices, appliances, vehicles and many other items which contain ‘smart’ software, sensors and wireless connectivity.

While the IoT has been hailed by technology fans as the next evolution of information and communication, unfortunately it brings with it a vast array of potential health concerns, which the TotalHealth article covers extensively also. It discusses the highly concerning findings of a $25M study released in 2016 by the National Institutes of Health, which uncovered an increased occurrence of rare brain and heart tumors – triggered by exposure to cell phone radiation. TotalHealth also talks about the appeals to the U.N. by more than 230 highly respected scientists from around the world who voiced their serious concerns about the fast increasing exposure to electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) generated by electric and wireless devices, coupled with the fact that current international guidelines are not nearly stringent enough in order to protect the general public from the significant health dangers posed by wireless radiation.

Also featured in the editorial is the fact that the World Health Organization has classified electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) as “possibly cancerous”, which represented a major wakeup call for people who may have previously doubted the severity of the dangers posed to public health by wireless devices.

Based on the article’s title – “Solutions to Protect You from Our WiFi World” – the final portion of the editorial was dedicated to just that: Solutions. In addition to listing some practical steps that people can take every day to help reduce their exposure to wireless radiation, a significant portion of the TotalHealth Magazine article was dedicated to highlighting GIA Wellness’ patented solutions for WiFi protection. In addition to describing why GIA’s patented Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET) is such a powerful intervention against radiation emitting wireless devices, TotalHealth also highlighted GIA’s Energy Resonance Technology (ERT) and its beneficial effects on helping support the human biofield – the body’s first line of defense against environmental stressors such as EMFs.

Last but not least, the TotalHealth article specifically highlighted  GIA Cell Guards and Universal Guards, the Stereo Airtube Hands-Free Headset, as well as the importance of GIALife Pendants in today’s saturated WiFi environment.

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