Why You Should Celebrate National Relaxation Day This Year

Posted by GIA Wellness
5 years ago | August 15, 2019

Each day we are presented with new challenges to overcome, stresses to manage, and tasks to complete. Even those who excel at juggling the responsibilities of their life can fall victim to burnout resulting in illness, depression and eventually long-term health problems.

When we don’t take the time to give our brain and body a reprieve from life’s constant demands, we’re also compromising our quality of life. From work performance to relationships and emotional wellness, excessive stress can throw life out of balance, making progress and goals unattainable.

National Relaxation Day serves as a reminder to stop and give yourself that break. Here are our tips for relaxing which you can apply throughout the whole year.

  •       Dismiss Negative Thinking: Fear can be our worst enemy, and stress is its best friend. Let go of thoughts that aren’t serving you and replace them with something that brings you joy such as a memory or your favorite song.
  •       Accept What You Can’t Change: Regret and resentment can disrupt your internal peace, making it difficult to relax your mind. Instead of subjecting yourself to reliving the past, let it stay in the past and find beauty at the moment you’re in now.
  •       Relax Your Mind and Body: Total relaxation doesn’t come without allowing your whole self to be immersed in the experience. When you dedicate time to relax, allow yourself to enter the experience entirely— even if that means shutting off your phone.
  •       Have A Relaxing Space: Establish a place that relaxes you, whether it’s your bedroom, some shade under a tree, or your favorite nook at your local coffee shop. Entering that environment will help set the tone for you to release the chaos of the day and recoup.
  •       Create a Relaxation Routine: Implementing something you can easily do to unwind and recharge is the best way to avoid burnout. Whether it’s soaking with a bath bomb in your tub or a walk after work, get in the habit of making time for yourself each day.

Above all, pay attention to yourself and listen to your body. Self-awareness can help you understand when you need a time out and when you’re able to keep pushing forward. Likewise, notice when you’re feeling especially relaxed so you can repeat it again and achieve that state of mind. Understanding what helps you to unwind the best is a helpful tool so in times of stress, you’ll know what you need. And that stream of consciousness can lead you to your success.

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