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Single File Alignment

SFA takes the naturally chaotic structure of water and reorders its molecules into a single file alignment, thereby making water three (3) times more hydrating, which in turn helps flush out toxins from our cells. This breakthrough technology powers our i-H2O Activation System and every other liquid GIA product to ensure our handpicked ingredients are optimally absorbed and used. With SFA the possibilities are truly endless!

Nobel Prize winning research confirms that in order for our body to be optimally hydrated, water and other liquids we consume need to be in a single-file alignment (SFA) in order to be optimally absorbed by our cells. When we are babies, our body converts the bulky, chaotic water molecules into a single file, allowing for rapid hydration. As we age however, just like every other process in the body, this water conversion process slows down. So aging is heavily influenced by dehydration.

Thanks to GIA’s SFA technology, water becomes 400-500 times more liquid (less viscous) and therefore gets into our system three (3) times faster. That’s why drinking one glass of GIA i-H2O is like drinking 3 glasses of ‘regular’ water. GIA’s patented SFA technology has been extensively studied, validated, and proven. And while there are even medical applications, we are not a medical company, making medical claims. Instead, we let the powerful results speak for themselves.

But how does it work?


Energy Resonance Technology

Specific types of energetic frequencies elicit targeted results. By harnessing and applying very specific subtle energies through our proprietary Energy Resonance Technology (ERT), each GIA Wellness product carries with it these frequencies that enhance their respective effectiveness. With research findings from both Eastern & Western medicine in our corner, ERT is a life-science technology standout.

Subtle energy has been recognized for thousands of years as being essential to health and wellness – from ancient Chinese medicine to current philosophies. The life force that interconnects all of the human systems is now mainstream science. Modern integrative medicine has finally recognized that the use of targeted, subtle energy can and does have a major impact on health and well being. ERT is GIA’s propriety subtle energy process, custom programmed to resonate with the body’s energy field. It is designed to work with your body and for your body. ERT magnifies results in all of our inspired wellness products so that they do more for you.

But how does it work?


Molecular Resonance Effect Technology

MRET is a patented noise-field technology that has been proven to effectively reduce radiation absorption. It is specifically designed to mitigate the harmful impact of electromagnetic radiation.

The U.S. patent behind MRET verifies that the technology, in the presence of electromagnetic radiation, reduces radiation absorption without changing the quality of the signal. MRET is a crucial technology in today’s wireless age, because more and more studies have unequivocally stated that the radiation and frequencies that are emitted from our smartphones, wireless devices, smart meters and presence of emerging 5G technology are harmful, pose significant health concerns for children and adults and are linked to a number of specific conditions. GIA’s patented MRET technology has been substantiated in Medical Centers, Universities and Laboratories across the world.

But how does it work?

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