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A Comprehensive Approach to Inspired Wellness at Home

the issue with smart homes

Wellness today truly must mean more than it ever has before. Whether we like it or not, we now live in the age of ‘smart’ homes, where many functions such as air conditioning, lights, shades, as well as many ‘smart’ home appliances and entertainment devices are being controlled wirelessly. And with that comes exposure to skyrocketing levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) – for everyone living in today’s modern homes, including children. To make matters worse, most of us now have digital Smart Meters mounted onto our homes, which emit radiation bursts several thousand times (!) per day.

As a result, health experts from around the world have been sounding the alarm because of their concerns about people today being exposed to 100 million times the levels of EMR compared to three generations ago. Clearly the time has come to bring truly Inspired Wellness and calming energy back into our living spaces.

curated product packages

Bringing Inspired Wellness into your Home

GIA’s Inspired Wellness Home (IWH) Program brings a dynamic and comprehensive wellness approach into people’s homes, allowing them to energetically thrive in the hi-tech age in which we live today.

The groundbreaking IWH Program offers three custom-tailored, highly discounted (up to $373 in savings) product packages (Bronze, Silver, and Gold), each of them containing a significant number of GIA’s key wellness solutions from the categories of Energy, Hydration and Nourishment.

The Program also offers exciting rewards for the person outfitting their home with any of the IWH Packages, as well as for sharing the program with others.

To purchase any of the three discounted Inspired Wellness Home Packages (Bronze, Silver, Gold), get a full list of their extensive contents, and take advantage of hundreds of dollars of savings, please contact your personal GIA Consultant/Affiliate or call our friendly VIP Consultant Support Team at (760) 448 2498 today!

Here are some quick GIA tips on how to practice wellness in the wireless age:

  • Increase your body’s distance from wireless devices
  • Use the speakerphone function or GIA’s Mobile Airtube Headset
  • Turn off devices when not using them (especially while sleeping)
  • Don’t charge your phone near where you sleep
  • Reduce screen time as much as possible

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