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The Busy Person’s Guide to Mindfulness

Keeping up with your car’s maintenance is essential to keeping its motor running. Trying to save money and time by…

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A Letter From Lynda Cormier-Hanser

Hi friends,   As we close out 2019, I wanted to share a few thoughts and well wishes to every one…

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Why You Should Celebrate National Relaxation Day This Year

Each day we are presented with new challenges to overcome, stresses to manage, and tasks to complete. Even those who…

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3 Simple Ways to Disconnect from Technology to Be More Present Today

We’ve all fallen victim to getting lost in the online world, whether it’s wasting hours in a scroll hole on a social media feed, texting a friend all day while shirking responsibilities or constantly answering work emails from your smartphone while ignoring your family. Disappearing into cyberspace allows us to create our own world that serves as an escape from reality; and, because it’s a world that lets us constantly feel busy, distracted, and important, it can be tough to prioritize real life.

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