The Ultimate Immune Boost: i-Thrive 

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4 years ago | March 30, 2020

Adding more wellness into your life shouldn’t disrupt your daily routine. For wellness to be sustainable, it must fit into your life seamlessly. That’s one of the many reasons we love i-Thrive—you don’t have to put a lot of effort into incorporating it into your life. Taking it is as easy as pouring some into a glass of water. So, while you’re already practicing proper hydration, (if you aren’t on the i-H2O bus yet click here to hop on) a basic foundational rule of wellness, adding in some i-Thrive at least once per day is a simple addition with valuable results. Check out the other reasons we love i-Thrive below: 

Powerful Key Ingredients  

i-Thrive contains a potent blend of strong antioxidant-rich ingredients that are proven to support a healthy immune system, boost your energy, and replenish vital nutrients. With a combination of superfruits known for providing health benefits, every serving contains ingredients that support wellness and longevity. i-Thrive also features lycopene, an essential daily nutrient, and antioxidant-rich green tea extract which is rich in polyphenols like catechins and gallic acid. i-Thrive is highly concentrated to offer effective immune system boosting benefits. Black currant, pomegranate, pear, raspberry, wild bilberry, and strawberry are just a small sample of the diverse blend of fruits this drink pulls its nutrient offering from. Read on for a closer look at its ingredient profile. 

Superfruit Fusion 

Red Grape: High in antioxidants, red grapes contain resveratrol that may protect against cancer. Red grapes also contain other plant compounds that offer other health benefits like decreasing blood pressure, preventing chronic health conditions, and lowering cholesterol.  

Tart Red Sour Cherry: These berries are rich with anthocyanins to regulate discomfort and inflammation. They also contain melatonin, which may help control the aging process. 

Blueberry: Containing more than 13,000 total antioxidants per cup, blueberries are packed with vitamins A and C, supporting overall health and aiding in inflammatory relief.  

Cili Fruit: This fruit packs a powerful punch of vitamin C, containing 60 times more of the essential nutrient than an orange. 

Acai: These berries contain nutrients that have been shown to boost energy, promote healthy skin, support a healthy immune system, and act as an anti-inflammatory. 

Cranberry: With an antioxidant capacity topping 8,000 per cup, cranberries offer many health benefits including immune system support and decreased blood pressure.  

Goji (Wolfberry) Extract: These berries contain Vitamin A, known for its anti-aging benefits, immune system support, and ability to strengthen eye and heart health. 

Mangosteen: Thought to fight free radical damage thanks to its xanthone content, mangosteen may also ward off premature aging and cardiovascular ailments. 

Noni Juice: With a wide range of beneficial nutrients including phytonutrients, this fruit juice helps to combat free radicals, nourishing cells, tissues, and organs. 

Camu Camu: This is known as one of the most potent sources of Vitamin C, an essential nutrient.  


The ingredients in i-Thrive are formulated with a focus on supplying your body with effective nutrients in each serving. Curated with each ingredient’s bioavailability in mind, we’ve taken steps to ensure the nutrients are bio-accessible, meaning easy for the body to unlock and retrieve. By extracting the nutritional value of each ingredient and enhancing the resulting formula with our patented single-file alignment (SFA) technology to support optimal absorption, i-Thrive gives your cells access to all the high-quality nourishment it’s delivering. 

Leveraging SFA ™ technology essentially boosts the power of each ingredient by aligning the molecules into the structure your body is naturally able to absorb, an important element of i-Thrive because an ingredient is only as good as its absorbability. The result is a highly concentrated, nutrient-dense drink that’s easy for your cells to absorb and utilize all available nutrients. 

We only stand by things we swear by.  

Enhancing your wellness shouldn’t be difficult, and we want even those with the busiest lives to be able to access all its benefits. That’s why we love i-Thrive— it blends daily nutrient essentials into one drink, so whether you’re on the go, or taking it slow, you can maintain a foundation of wellness.  

i-Thrive comes in pouches perfect for travel or carrying with you throughout your day, or 64-ounce bottles that fit in your fridge. Click here to start thriving today! 




 By: Emily Starinier

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