Understanding Gut Health

Posted by GIA Wellness
4 years ago | October 7, 2020

Balance is a common wellness goal— whether it’s attaining work-life balance, eating a more balanced diet or sticking to a balanced budget. However, sustaining a balance of healthy gut bacteria, as well as a balanced pH is essential to achieving wellness across other parts of life including your immunity, physical wellbeing, and mental health. Also thriving on balance, your body’s pH level often correlates with your gut health, greatly influencing the functionality of key physiological systems including digestion, kidneys, muscles, and jointsOur patented and proven i-H2O provides a simple solution to support your gut health and overall wellness effortlessly.    

 Balancing pH Levels 

Your pH level, the measurement for your entire body collectively, is at its optimal health when it is balanced at a neutral level. This means the various parts of your body are neither overly acidic nor alkaline. Individual systems within the body each have their natural state that indicates health. high pH level signifies an alkaline environmentthe natural state for blood, for example, while a lower pH level is more acidic, the normal state for your gut. Certain lifestyle factors including poor diet, alcohol consumption, and stress can cause your gut to become excessively acidic, throwing you off balance and making you feel sick and uncomfortable. GIA’s i-H2O neutralizes excess acid in the gut while also providing the optimal hydration needed to support the health and functionality of other key systems, thus, strengthening the body’s efforts to maintain a balanced pH and a healthy gut!

Supporting a Healthy Intestinal Flora 

Proper gut functions also rely on a healthy intestinal flora. Your intestinal flora aids in the final digestion process, helping to digest foods that weren’t digested in the stomach or small intestineFighting against harmful bacteria, it strengthens the cell’s ability to absorb nutrients, assisting with proper functionality of the intestinal mucosa. GIA’s i-H2O enhances this natural detoxification process with its single-file molecular structure capable of entering the cell up to four times faster, pushing out toxins and replacing them with pure hydration. This has been proven to increase the uptake of nutrients conceivably due to the support it provides to the intestinal flora.  

How Does it Work? 

GIA’s i-H2O uses a patented process backed by Nobel prizewinning research that converts water molecules from their naturally chaotic state into the single-file aligned structure necessary to effectively enter our cells for proper absorption and optimal hydrationWhen we are born, our bodies can naturally realign molecules into a single-file so we can efficiently absorb hydration and nutrition while eliminating waste and ultimately thrive. However, as we age, our bodies lose this ability and chronic hydration accompanies a host of ailments that we become prone to with age. By mimicking this natural process, i-H2O helps to naturally eliminate toxins from deep within our cells, improving cellular uptake and absorption, supporting gut health and encouraging intentional wellness.



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