What is Bioavailability?

Posted by GIA Wellness
4 years ago | January 7, 2021

What is Bioavailability 

Bioavailability refers to the extent the nutrients within food are absorbed and utilized. While each kind of food comes with its own set of available nutrients, there are internal factors within your body that will influence your ability to absorb, metabolize and utilize those nutrients. These can include your age, gender and your nutrient status which is influenced by your overall health.

How much bioavailability a nutrient offers also depends on its bioaccessibility. Bioaccessibility refers to how easily the body can unlock and retrieve the available nutrients. We assist in bioaccessibility each time we chew our food because we are breaking it down, thus releasing the nutrients from the matrix so they can be more easily absorbed into the bloodstream and referred to their designated tissues. Throughout the digestion process, your body naturally continues to assist in making nutrients accessible using enzymes and pancreatic juice found in the intestines to further breakdown and release nutrients into the bloodstream. 

How do GIA technologies enhance Bioavailability


We like to say, “A nutrient is only as good as your body’s ability to absorb it”. Our patented Single File Alignment (SFA™) technology,  backed by Nobel prize-winning research, realigns the structure of water molecules, and all of our liquid nourishment products, from their naturally chaotic state into the single-file aligned structure. Creating the necessary formulation for nutrients and i-H2O to enter, hydrate, and nourish at a cellular level, 3 times more effectively. This patented formulation increases the bioavailable. 

Liquids formulated with SFA are 3x easier to absorb. Instead of a clump people walking through a door at once, imagine a single file line. This makes GIA liquid nutritionals and i-H2O 3x more effective at getting into your cells, delivering nutrients, and flushing out the bad stuff.


Whether we see it or not, everything is energy! Us humans, the Earth, and everything in between are constantly oscillating at an energetic frequency and our cells thrive when they are optimally energized. Our Energy Resonance Technology (ERT™) technology is bio-worn to vitalize your cells, and also utilized to revitalize the ingredients in all of our nutritionals and skincare making the ingredients more bioavailable at a cellular level. 

You can influence your food’s bioaccessibility according to how you prepare it. Cooking, mashing, or pureeing vegetables, for example, can make it easier for your body to extract the vegetable’s available nutrients. Some foods are fortified with added nutrients with higher bioaccessibility because the naturally occurring form of that nutrient isn’t as easy for the body to unlock and absorb. 

Ultimately, understanding bioavailability can help you reach higher levels of health and wellness through a diet better optimized for your personal needs. Maximizing your body’s ability to utilize more of the nutrition you consume will reduce the amount you excrete, so your body gets more of the nourishment you’re giving it. Applying appropriate nutrition standards for your lifestyle and level of health by being mindful of nutrient bioavailability can help you make smarter and healthier choices


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