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Introducing GIA’s groundbreaking and dynamic Abundance Plan – a unique compensation structure designed – and proven – to offer you the highly rewarding opportunity to creating measurable financial health, wealth and success.

Simple, effective and viable methods for growing your own GIA Wellness business are at your fingertips. Earn part time, full time, or even lifetime/retirement income – simply by sharing your excitement and belief in the GIA Wellness products and Income Opportunity. And you empowering others to do the same… that is Inspired Wellness at its best! Here are a few highlights of the more than a dozen ways of earning powerful financial rewards through the GIA Abundance Plan:

Retail Profits up to 67%
Manager Requalification Bonuses up to 5%
Quick Start Bonuses up to 15%
Group Volume Bonuses up to 10%
Leadership Bonuses up to 7%
Car Bonuses up to $800/month
Special Cash Bonuses up to $10,000
Special Promotions & incentives Trips, Cruises, Cash
And so much more …

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I have been around this industry for over 20 years, I can honestly say that I have NEVER experienced a dedication to personal growth and an expertise that Lynda Cormier brings to GIA Wellness and…

J.W., San Diego, CA

I definitely feel like I broke through self doubt. I feel like I learned that anything is possible, and I can actually do anything if I put my mind to it. Learning how to forgive…

One teenager who attended a Roots & Wings event

The ‘inspiration’ element of GIA Wellness is often sensed by new people, but it is a treasure and a gift that continues to grow over time. The result – people grow and evolve and become…

J.W., Dana Point, CA
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