The GIA Abundance Club

The “Abundance Club” is an exciting way to create great momentum for your business and receive special recognition for your accomplishments. This continually expanding list represents the GIA Wellness Consultants to have met the qualification requirements and therefore having become a part of the exclusive GIA Abundance Club.

Abundance Club Members

Congratulations to our current Abundance Club members. Each of their names will be engraved on a special plaque at the corporate office. In addition, each will receive a GIA gift package valued at over $50.00 dollars.

Elite 100 Requirements & Rewards

Qualifications to become a GIA Elite 100 Member:

  1. Conduct 15 GIA Wellness presentations in 14 days
  2. Sponsor 3 new GIA teammates (front level, at $250 or above)
  3. Generate $3000.00 in group volume
  4. Submit your GIA “Abundance Club Verification” Form (available in your Virtual Office Download Library) to the Corporate Office via walk-in or fax, at: (760) 454-4511
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