Gold Club

The GIA Wellness Gold Club is both a powerful Incentive and Recognition Program, available to all GIA Consultants. It provides the fastest, most effective way to get your GIA Wellness Business up and running!

GIA Gold Club Members

GIA Wellness Honors its Gold Club Members!

Gold Club Requirements & Rewards

GIA Gold Club Qualification Requirements:

  1. Sponsor a total of 9 NEW GIA Consultants (with an initial purchase of $250.00 or more) within your first 3 full calendar months in business.
  2. Five of the 9 Consultants must sign up as either Managers ($1,000) or Business Builders ($2,000).
  3. Qualify as a Director (which means you must have 3 qualified Managers, and $10,000 in Group Volume (GV) within one calendar month).

GIA Gold Club Rewards:

  • Receive an exquisite GIAlife GOLD Pendant. This exclusive reward can not be purchased – it can only be earned.
  • Achieve special recognition at major GIA Wellness events, as well as member-only invitations to exclusive and fun-filled Gold Club Receptions
  • Have your name imprinted on a Gold Plaque at the GIA Wellness Headquarters’ Hall of Fame
  • Be eligible to earn membership in the elite and highly exclusive GIA Wellness Platinum Club
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