The “Just Because” Award & Bonus

In June 2010, GIA implemented the “Just Because” Award & Bonus. On the first of each month, this special $1,000.00 recognition bonus is awarded to one GIA Wellness Consultant for his or her outstanding efforts during the previous month. The person selected can be brand new to the team, or a leader who has been with GIA from the very beginning. The purpose of the “Just Because” Bonus is to reward a combination of attitude, activity and efforts – above and beyond the GIA Abundance Plan. Nominations for each month’s award recipient are made by GIA team members by way of email or phone, and are then reviewed by GIA Corporate. Reviews by VIP Consultant support and other members of the GIA corporate team are also considered when selecting the “Just Because” Bonus recipient.

Kedzi Morgan
Kedzi Morgan Aug 2019
Executive Director

GIA’s coveted Just Because Award this month goes to a very special leader, who recently successfully up-ranked to become an Executive Director with GIA. This advanced level of leadership requires consistency, fortitude, passion, and a genuine desire to help others. As one of her teammates, Junior Director Bilbee Lane says of Kedzi Morgan that “she has been supportive, encouraging, and a great example of what a team leader should be. She is always imparting her knowledge, expertise and marketing tools (especially product testimonials) to all of her team. She has also helped me personally with presentations and meetings.” Kedzi has recently been building her ever-expanding GIA team across the United States, going back-and-forth between New Jersey and Arizona and helping teammates in both states, while balancing her own business and personal responsibilities. Despite traveling cross-country a lot, Kedzi stays connected to all things GIA with Zoom calls, live trainings, as well as posting great GIA product and business testimonials on Facebook and other social media platforms. Everyone knows of Kedzi’s love for animals, and horses in particular, as we enjoy seeing Facebook posts of the beautiful scenery and adventures she often embarks on. As a matter of fact, we are pretty sure that her beloved horse “Little B” also submitted a nomination for the Just Because Award, appreciating Kedzi’s continuous love and care.

Kedzi, we are thrilled to honor you with the well deserved Just Because Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus this month! Enjoy it and keep up the good work!

Sue Johnson
Sue Johnson Jul 2019
Executive Director

Each month, everybody at GIA Corporate is excited to honor one person with the prestigious Just Because Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus that goes with it! Our special honoree this month, Sue Johnson, who hails from London (ON) in beautiful Canada, is – first and foremost – known to many in the GIA community because of her incredibly giving heart. Her GIA upline partner, GIA One-Start Presidential Director John Williams, has often said that Sue is “the hardest working person I know.” If you were to ask Sue herself however, she would tell you that nothing she does when building her GIA Wellness business, and when working with the whole GIA community, feels like work at all. Her vivacious personality, big bright smiles, her hugs and her laughter ignite energy on every GIA Wellness call, Zoom meeting and at GIA Conferences. And you may be surprised to know that behind Sue’s natural humor, there is a brilliant mathematician who knows the ins-and-outs of the highly rewarding GIA Abundance Plan better than most. Her GIA team often relies on Sue to help them identify what they need to do in order to advance to their next GIA rank, what the best options are for enrolling new GIA team members, and her passion is literally contagious. Sue is consistent about posting on Facebook, interacting with others on social media, and she is an avid student of both personal development and our industry of referral marketing. One of the greatest compliments that we can bestow on Sue is sharing with everyone that she is as consistent and devoted as they come, at all times. Sue can always be counted on to help out whenever asked! So it is with a tremendous amount of joy that we congratulate Sue Johnson on this month’s Just Because Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus! Great job, Sue!

Caren Knott
Caren Knott Jun 2019
Executive Director

We could not be happier to bestow this month’s Just Because Award & $1,000 Cash Bonus Award to GIA Executive Director Caren Knott, as she is the personification of all great things in GIA. She started out her GIA career many years ago embracing the GIA products as a critical part of her own wellness journey, and excitedly shared the products with her family members and those people that she knew and cared about. At some point, with the idea emerging that GIA Wellness could become a great adjunct to her family‘s income, Caren switched gears from casually sharing the products to also devoting herself to the entrepreneurial opportunity of GIA and becoming of student of the referral marketing industry. Caren has attended every GIA Conference, she has earned awards and fun trips and participated in personal development courses. Ever a perpetual student hungry to learn more, Caren has moved up the GIA ranks to hold a leadership position which has her car paid for by GIA Wellness. Along the way she has earned the respect of every single leader, and newcomers who joined the GIA community. As her crossline friend, GIA Presidential Director Sue Gronberg revealed in her nomination for Caren, “Every time I hear her voice on any of the calls she manages to get on despite her very busy family and business life, Caren Knott inspires me with her growth of self confidence, willingness to share her ideas, powerful GIA experiences and successes, as well as areas she still wants to improve. Caren’s gutsy courage in going live on Facebook for 14 straight days was so inspiring. Her grace in leadership is beautiful to watch and a reason why she is beloved by her personal organization and the GIA team in the field. She is everything GIA“. Congratulations Caren from all of us at GIA Wellness, enjoy your well deserved Just Because Award and the $1,000 Cash Bonus that comes with it! Keep up the great work!

Brenda Wakefield
Brenda Wakefield May 2019
Jr. Director

Less than a year ago, this month’s Just Because Award & $1,000 Cash Bonus earner Brenda Wakefield from Rowlett (TX) joined GIA Wellness, quickly earning Rookie of the Month Award honors. Earlier this year, Brenda then made a significant decision: to focus on her GIA Wellness business full-time. This decision is one she has pursued by vision and design, on a daily basis, with the courage, creativity, diligence, consistency, focus and exemplary follow-through needed to produce amazing results, like the ones she is accomplishing.

A veteran of the U.S. military, Brenda knows how to put her mind to what she wants and then to git-er-done, as they say. She dug into social media platforms like Facebook and started doing live-streams, created her Out of the Box Health Solutions and EMF educational course, all while navigating and nursing her husband through a critical back surgery, and while maintaining a robust schedule of networking events, GIA booths, and speaking engagements. Brenda is generous, both in sharing information with her GIA cross-line and encouraging and helping anyone in her path. She motivates her GIA team, as well as chronicles and shares the amazing results they are having when using GIA products. Hallmarks of Brenda’s business performance include consistent expansion of her GIA Team with both Consultants and Preferred Customers, and demonstrating her constant passion and professionalism along the way. Simply put, Brenda is a passionate business builder who is an advocate for Inspired Wellness and everything it means for achieving and maintaining optimal wellness.  Education, personal empowerment, spirituality and taking action on your own and one-another’s behalf, and doing so in service of others are what Brenda lives and breathes. Congratulations, Brenda Wakefield on earning this month’s Just Because Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus! We are inspired by you!


Paula Ray
Paula Ray May 2019

Commitment and “doing what it takes”, with a great attitude and a heart of gold – all that is very much at the core of this emerging GIA leaders’ daily life. As a working single mom, she runs two businesses, in addition to also developing her GIA business. Paula Ray is a GIA Wellness Director and a lifelong learner with impressive credentials. She is a certified Nutritionist, Colon Hydrotherapist, Massage Therapist, Lymphatic Therapist and also an Iridologist. Paula has discovered that GIA brings new key essentials to the wellness arena and assists her in helping people to get on a path to better health and wellness. It made perfect sense for her to share all of GIA Wellness and build a team of like-minded people who want to make a positive difference in their lives, as well as the lives of many others.

Paula thrives on learning as much as she can in order to be able to do her very best to serve. Despite her enormously busy life managing a storage unit business, being the general contractor for a substantial building project, plus running a Wellness Clinic, Paula jumped at the chance to join GIA One-Star Presidential Director Ming Lovejoy at a recent expo event in Arizona. With only 24-hour advance notice of the event, Paula managed to rearrange her business and family life in order to share GIA Wellness at the expo, expand her team, and work side-by-side with one of GIA’s top leaders.

Paula has successfully re-qualified at the prestigious GIA Director rank and has her sights set on earning GIA’s Luxury Car Bonus, which offers monthly car bonus payments between $300 and $800.

A heartfelt congratulations from all at GIA Wellness to Paula Ray – her heart driven enthusiasm to help create a better world makes her an absolutely delight to be an integral part of the GIA family! Paula, enjoy your well deserved Just Because Award and the $1,000 Cash Bonus that comes with it! Keep up the great work!

Laurie Murray
Laurie Murray Apr 2019
Jr. Director

This month’s Just Because Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus recipient is a great GIA Wellness comeback story, in the truest sense of the word. A short while ago, Laurie reinstated her Manager account with GIA, then helped her original GIA team members reinstate with the company also, and then went on to earn the highly rewarding Team Expansion Bonus.

She also had her second youngest daughter Olivia join her GIA team, and in turn helped her welcome her first GIA teammate to earn the Team Expansion Bonus. Not one to rest on her laurels, Olivia will be joined in her growing GIA business by her youngest sister on her April 2nd, which is her 18th birthday, so that they can build their own GIA Wellness family legacy!

What makes the growth of Laurie’s and her family’s GIA team even more remarkable is that for the past five years, Laurie has been working 24/7, helping to keep her husband Kenny alive against all odds, as he was diagnosed with late-stage ALS more than six years ago. Laurie is a true miracle worker, considering that while caring for Kenny around the clock, she also serves as the regional head of an organization concerned with educating people about dental mercury fillings.

Laurie originally trained as a nurse, fought back and recovered from her own very serious health issues, and is completely dedicated to helping people bring Inspired Wellness into as many peoples’ lives as possible.

Not surprisingly, Laurie’s GIA sponsor Kedzi Morgan describes her “as a truly one-of-a-kind woman and human – a very Divine human! Laurie, we hope that you enjoy your well deserved $1,000 Cash Bonus, as GIA Wellness honors you as this month’s “Just Because” Award recipient. Keep up the inspiring work!

Ming Lovejoy
Ming Lovejoy Mar 2019
One Star Presidential Director

This month’s Just Because Earner is not just part of an elite group of GIA leaders who have reached rarified heights during their GIA careers, but she has been also a consistent pace-setter when it comes to being a student of the referral marketing and wellness industry, a highly competent presenter, and someone displaying serious commitment to their own health and fitness.

One-Star Presidential Director Ming Lovejoy from Kalispell (Montana), has not only built a large, international GIA organization while continuously honing her own leadership skills, she also successfully balances her role as a wife, a mother of three remarkable young ladies, and as the matriarch of a large extended family. Recently Ming, alongside fellow GIA Leader, Presidential Director Sue Gronberg, had yet another highly successful outing at the Integrative Health Symposium on the East Coast, featuring thousands of attendees, with many new GIA team members having joined both Ming’s and Sue’s ever-expanding GIA organization. As a graduate of Princeton University, Ming not only brings to GIA a tremendous intellect, but an even bigger heart.

And that’s precisely one of the many reasons why she received multiple nominations – from her GIA peers – to be awarded this month’s Just Because Award. Ming, all of us at GIA appreciate you tremendously, and we hope that you enjoy your well deserved $1,000 Cash Bonus, as we honor you as this month’s “Just Because” Award Recipient! So proud of you, keep up the great work!

John Williams
John Williams Feb 2019
One Star Presidential Director

This month’s Just Because Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus earner is someone whose influence on “all things GIA” is felt both by brand new teammates, as well as seasoned GIA leaders from all over the country and the GIA universe. Many people understand that having a vision for the future is important to build their GIA business, however this very special person consistently communicates that vision with both words and actions. The number of nominations for him to be awarded the Just Because accolades and $1,000 Cash Bonus have been accumulating, and while he is always the first person to shine a light on others, today we shine a light on him: John Williams, a One Star Presidential Director with GIA who lives his dream life in Henderson, Nevada is not only a fearless leader in GIA Wellness, he is also tenacious in pursuing his personal goals. Over 20 years ago, when John lived in Northern California, he set his intention on moving to the beaches of Southern California. He did just that in the early 2000s. He wanted to learn to surf, and he did that as well. Then he wanted to explore the desert of Nevada, moved there, and picked up the fast growing sport of pickleball. But John doesn’t do anything mediocre. Within a short time of playing, John not only competes in statewide and national tournaments, but he has already won a number of trophies. John is also devoted husband to his beautiful wife Chris, and enjoys all his hobbies. Above all, he is unabashedly passionate about GIA Wellness and living a life of freedom. He is devoted to helping his team, and the entire GIA community to live a life filled with Growth, Inspiration, and Abundance. Having literally earned several million of dollars over the years by by understanding and leveraging the highly rewarding GIA Abundance Plan, people know that this figure is a simple reflection of the thousands of lives that have been touched because John had the courage share GIA with them since the company’s inception. John continues to make us all laugh, create tools for many GIA teams, hosts zoom calls and pours his heart and soul into the continued expansion and growth of GIA Wellness. The significant number of award nominations that have come into GIA Corporate for John shows just how very appreciated he is, which is one of many reasons why John is receiving this month’s Just Because Award and the $1,000.00 Cash Bonus that accompanies it! Great job as always John, thank you from everybody at GIA for who you are!

Rose Mary Simmons
Rose Mary Simmons Jan 2019

This month’s Just Because Award and $1,000 Bonus Earner hails from Dallas, Texas. She has only been with GIA Wellness since the end of April 2018, has consistently reached the rank of Junior Director, and has already generated over $10,000 in monthly sales volume twice! This reflects many, many lives being influenced with the benefits of GIA Wellness products. As an avid enthusiast, both her GIA team mates and customers have consistently grown under Rose Mary Simmons’ grace and her commitment to serve. As her GIA team mate Brenda Wakefield says so beautifully about Rose Mary: “She is awesome and without any pressure I was moved to join GIA after attending a seminar. I am so thankful that Rose Mary is my GIA sponsor – she has been absolutely amazing since I joined GIA. She exemplifies true leadership and goes the extra mile for me and others on our team. We have jointly introduced GIA at several expos, events and co-presented several educational seminars. Rose Mary drives home true leadership qualities. Even with her recent surgery she still continues to lead – as she recuperates – with phone calls, emails and text. Rose Mary is phenomenal and I much appreciate all her efforts to ensure the GIA message is delivered through various platforms.”

GIA One Star Presidential Director and upline Senior Partner Ming Lovejoy says that Rose Mary is a clearly emerging leader who has been devoted, consistent and her presence has made a big difference for many. We are thrilled to honor Rose Mary Simmons with the $1,000 Just Because Cash Bonus this month, and celebrate her as she begins the new year as an integral member of the growing GIA Wellness community. Congratulations Rose Mary from everybody at GIA Wellness – enjoy your well deserved award and $1,000 Cash Bonus! Great job!

Chantal Young
Chantal Young Nov 2018

This month’s Just Because Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus Recipient is both a shining light and a shining star in the GIA Wellness community. Chantal Young balances being a wife, mother of three, career woman, Women-in-Synergy program director and coach with also leading her growing GIA Wellness team. Her passion for personal growth and development compelled her to bring together a fantastic group of adults, as well as several teens and young adults to experience the Breakthrough seminar facilitated in November 2018 by GIA’s Co-CEO Lynda Cormier-Hanser. Chantal had a dream years ago to bring the powerful seminar to her hometown of Sudbury, Canada for one key reason: She loves people and wants to serve them in a myriad of ways.  Her background in health care as a nurse first, following by Chantal continuing her education in a holistic health approach including blood microscopy, health coaching and her own powerful intuitive gift, enables her to truly help new customers and her teammates. While Chantal’s driving force is clearly to support others in their health and wellness journey, she also loves the idea of fun, team, and reproductive, residual GIA income for herself and her team. GIA is proud to honor Chantal for all her devotion, conscientious leadership and constant balancing acts when it comes to mastering a busy life. Enjoy your $1,000.00 Cash Bonus … Just Because! Congratulations, Chantal, everybody at GIA is very excited about watching you continue to build a beautiful GIA team!

Jenna Jacklin
Jenna Jacklin Nov 2018
Junior Director

GIA’s Just Because Bonus Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus Earner is not new to receiving much deserved GIA Wellness recognition. She has earned the coveted Rookie of the Month award just a few months ago, and has raised the bar since returning home from the GIA Success Conference in September 2018. As a mom, business owner and now devoted rising star in GIA Wellness, you can often find Jenna Jacklin on her fabulous Facebook Live videos, sharing how the GIA products have impacted her life, her family, and clients. Maybe it was driving a Lamborghini through the streets of Palm Springs that put Jenna on an even faster pace, as she is more committed than ever to sharing the big vision of wellness and “wealth-ness”! Everybody who knows Jenna recognizes that she is very active, a fitness and health lover, who believes every person can benefit from GIA’s products, Inspiration and Abundance Plan. As an advocate of all things GIA, Jenna – along with her team and upline partners Sylvie Binette, Chantal Young, and Sue Johnson – will be hosting GIA’s Co-CEO Lynda Cormier-Hanser for an epic Breakthrough Event in Sudbury, Canada later this month.  Jenna has a vivacious personality, a positive and brave outlook on life, which is very attractive to everyone who meets her. Her fast growing GIA team – both upline, downline and even crossline – have been positively impacted by Jenna’s sense of fun, determination and discipline. GIA Corporate has no doubt that Jenna will do an amazing job continuing to build her fast growing GIA team in the future. Congratulations Jenna on your $1,000 Cash Bonus – Just Because! So proud of you!

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers & Dr. Diana HoppeDr. Veronique Desaulniers & Dr. Diana Hoppe
Dr. Veronique Desaulniers & Dr. Diana Hoppe Oct 2018

It is rare that we feel compelled to share the prestigious Just Because Award & $1,000 Cash Bonus between two nominees. But just that is the case this month. Each of these two remarkable women have demonstrated such courage, conviction and dedication to making a difference in the lives of others – especially in the lives of other women. And that’s why both were chosen to be celebrated and honored. In September 2018, Dr. Veronique Desaulniers held her “Healing Diva” retreat the very same weekend that Dr. Diana Hoppe came to speak and attend the GIA Wellness Success Conference in Palm Springs, CA. GIA Executive Director “Dr. V.”, as she is affectionately called has been an advocate of GIA Wellness since its inception and shared the products as one of her “7 Essentials” for women to care for their health and wellness. Her platform “Breast Cancer Conquerer “has guided and inspired thousands of women across North America and beyond on their journey to optimal health. Our Just Because Co-Award recipient, Encinitas (CA) based OB/Gyn, and GIA Jr. Director Dr. Diana Hoppe had her own scare with breast cancer this year, and in an incredibly heart-felt manner shared with all attendees at the GIA Conference her many experiences as the doctor who became a patient in recent months. She enlightened us with her wisdom, humor and gratitude for the GIA Wellness products as they helped her successfully navigate a stress filled year. For both their passion to empower women with the truth about being their own best advocates, we celebrate and honor Dr. V’s and Dr. Hoppe’s incredibly strong voices and compassion. In sharing this month’s Just Because Award, each of them will receive a $500 Cash Bonus! Enjoy the surprise ladies … everyone in GIA appreciates you so much!

Jill Cross & Michael “Cappi” CapozzoliJill Cross & Michael “Cappi” Capozzoli
Jill Cross & Michael “Cappi” Capozzoli Aug 2018
Senior Directors

Earlier this year, GIA Co-CEO Lynda Cormier-Hanser received a text message from a long time GIA advocate and friend we affectionately call “Cappi” – Michael Capozzoli. Cappi’s partner, GIA Senior Director Jill Cross has been a fervent GIA supporter and friend of Lynda’s for many years. Cappi was beginning a 3,000 cross country walking adventure” and was close to Carlsbad reaching out, hoping to connect with both Lynda and Alfred. While schedules didn’t allow that meeting to take place, Lynda followed Cappi’s incredibly inspiring trek for charity on social media, and watched in awe as he literally walked across the United States with one powerful goal in mind: After a volunteering experience, Cappi’s life was forever changed as he was made aware of the horrifying statistics of domestic and sexual abuse in the United States. According to the federal government’s statistics, intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and abuse are a widespread tragedy blanketing the United States. On average, 20 people per minute are victims of physical violence by an intimate partner in the United States. Over the course of a year, that equals more than 10 million women and kids. Those numbers only tell part of the story, as nearly 2 million women are raped per year and over 7 million women and men are victims of stalking every year. And these are just the reported cases – one can only imagine how high the true numbers may be. While most people would shake their heads in disbelief at these shocking statistics, Cappi went above and beyond and created a charity called “Just a Penny Please”, with a goal of raising $250,000, the amount needed to build a pet friendly shelter for victims of abuse in Arizona. He discovered that many times women or children do not go to a shelter if they cannot take their beloved pet. As we know, pets often share an unconditional love that many people do not experience elsewhere in their lives. The Verde Valley Sanctuary is aiming to end that obstacle at their shelter outside of Sedona, Arizona by building a pet friendly community for victims of abuse. All of you know that the acronym “GIA” stands for Growth, Inspiration, and Abundance. This example of both Cappi and Jill sacrificing time together, pursuing a dream to make a difference, devoting significant time, energy, effort and likely blood, sweat, and tears is exactly what GIA hopes ignite to in millions of people across the world. Had Cappi not had his own health, his own inspiration to serve, and the means to devote so many months of walking 3,000 miles for such a worthy cause, this incredible feat wouldn’t be possible. As Lynda so often shares, life is literally expanding through each of us, and we owe it to ourselves and to the world to facilitate that expansion. That is what GIA is all about, and it is therefore our distinct honor and privilege to witness Jill and Cappi’s incredible example of compassion and service and donate $1,000.00 to “Just A Penny Please” non-profit with this Month’s Just Because Award! Cappi and Jill, we salute both of you for being such an inspiration! For more information on Cappi’s amazing cross-country walk for charity, please visit here.

Dagmar Fleming
Dagmar Fleming Aug 2018

This months Just Because Award & $1,000 Cash Bonus recipient has been extremely enthusiastic about GIA right out the gate with a huge vision for growth. She also has a fabulous way of coaching and working with her fast growing GIA team. It is such a joy when we receive nominations for somebody that come from their up line team, their crossline team, as well as their own organization, and that is precisely case with this month’s Just Because Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus recipient, GIA Director Dagmar Fleming, who was also honored with Rookie of the Month Award back in January of 2018. She has taken tremendous initiative in GIA from the beginning – with trainings and even creating her own incentives for her team around GIA’s San Antonio event in February. Co-CEO Lynda Cormier-Hanser says this of Dagmar: “I remember Dagmar in the Discovering Destiny event being so fully present and actively listening, despite being a success-coach herself. She is an exceptional teacher, while always wanting to learn more.”

When she started with GIA Wellness, Dagmar took it upon herself to request three screenings of “Generation Zapped” documentary and executed them beautifully, with lots of multi-media promotion, contests and outstanding results. Since her GIA Rookie of the Month honors in January 2018, Dagmar has consistently expanded her team, and has had a new Rookie and Junior Director on her team with Kathy McCommon. Dagmar is more excited than ever and it’s apparent that she will grow a large team in GIA! Congratulations Dagmar to your much deserved Just Because Award – enjoy the $1,000 Cash Bonus that is on its way to you!

Bilbee Lane
Bilbee Lane Jun 2018
Jr. Director

Whenever appropriate, the amazing GIA Customer Service team will go out of their way to share how much they appreciate GIA Consultants who are exceptionally friendly and kind on the phone. When we shared with them who was being honored this month with the prestigious Just Because Award and $1,000.00 Cash Bonus, all of them instantly cheered with approval. Bilbee Lane from Glendale, Arizona, has been an active, positive advocate of ‘everything GIA’ for several years. He juggles his full time career while sharing GIA whenever he can and he has consistently been to GIA Conferences, participated on Zoom and Conference calls, and he consistently supports the entire GIA community. As most servant leaders, Bilbee doesn’t seek the limelight, yet he is a constant presence in learning, growing, giving of himself, and always leading with his outstanding example. One of the most important characteristics of leaders is initiative. And we are not surprised that Bilbee recently helped create new marketing materials featuring GIA’s “Inspired Wellness Home” which Consultants across the nation have already enjoyed at meetings and booths each and every week. GIA Co-CEO Lynda Cormier-Hanser says this of Bilbee: “Every time I hear his voice or I see him, I instantly smile. Bilbee has such a great, genuine energy and is one of those people who when you meet them, you just know they are good-hearted.” All of us at GIA Wellness are grateful for the opportunity to recognize and honor Bilbee, who is also a great example of all the Breakthrough Principles that guide GIA – Vision, Belief, Personal Responsibility, Team, Gratitude, and Desire. Bilbee, we hope you enjoy this unexpected but much deserved Just Because Award and the $1,000.00 Cash Bonus that goes with it! Well done, keep inspiring us!

Steve Forrester
Steve Forrester Jun 2018

It is with great pleasure to bestow this month’s Just Because Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus to GIA Manager Steve Forrester from Tempe, Arizona! When looking at the many nominations that were submitted for Steve this month, there is ONE word that was in each of the entries, and that word was: “Supportive”! Every single person who described why they thought Steve should be a recipient of this prestigious GIA Award used the word “supportive” in their description of him. And at GIA, we couldn’t agree more: Steve has proven to be a very loyal, devoted GIA Wellness advocate and is often heard on conference calls, seen on Zoom calls, and in attendance at GIA presentations in Arizona as well as numerous corporate functions. around the country. Here are just a few of the quotes about him from fellow GIA Consultants: “Steve shows up with a smile on his face, and is an example of team spirit and support”. “He is always willing to help out with whatever is needed. He is patient and generous with his time.” “He has been such a loyal supporter.” “He has only missed one event of the last thirteen, and I missed his support and input.” As Steve has supported his GIA upline, crossline, as well as his own team, his dedication to “all GIA” absolutely warrants this prestigious recognition. A grandfather, Steve has a tremendous passion for ensuring that children and young adults of the next generation are educated, as well as protected from the dangers of electromagnetic radiation. It is this passion that compels Steve to be such an advocate of GIA Wellness, as well as a huge support system to the ever-growing GIA community in Arizona. Steve, we are excited to send you this Just Because Award and the $1,000 Cash Bonus that will be coming your way this week! Congratulations Steve, keep up the great work and team spirit!

Sue & Don Gronberg
Sue & Don Gronberg May 2018
Presidential Directors

This month we are excited to honor long-time GIA leaders, and Presidential Directors Sue and Don Gronberg with their well deserved Just Because Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus! While Sue and Don have been devoted to continuously building their GIA organization, supporting their existing team, and being great examples of ‘all things GIA’, recently they have stepped up even more in a variety of ways: A common characteristic among all leaders is that they continue to devote themselves to being students of the referral marketing industry, as well as balancing personal team expansion with training, while empowering their own team with the skills needed for success. Sue has spearheaded two impactful ‘Generation Zapped’ screenings in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and she also traveled to Texas to support her organization at another great screening in Houston. At the same time, her husband Don has been working on supporting key individuals within GIA, as well as with GIA Corporate in order to provide his valuable input regarding the new-and-improved GIA Virtual Office experience. All of us at GIA Corporate, as well as across the GIA community, recognize Sue and Don for their consistent cross-line support, which is a true reflection of Sue and Don being consummate team players. Enjoy your $1000 Cash Bonus you two, and the well-deserved recognition as this month’s Just Because Award Recipients. Keep up the great work!

Margery Marturano
Margery Marturano Apr 2018

Inspiration comes in many forms, and it is crystal clear that this month’s Just Because Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus Earner is INSPIRED!  Initially having come on board with GIA Wellness in November 2017, Margery – who loves to travel – had plans that took her out of the country for a little while. Upon returning, she enrolled to attend GIA Co-CEO’s Lynda Cormier-Hanser’s “Discovering Destiny Event” and the “GIA Wellness Super Sunday” training event in San Antonio, TX. As happens to many who attend GIA events, her passion for GIA “lit up”, as we say! Margery spends part of her time tutoring children and preparing them for college entrance exams, and excitedly has her own family involved in GIA also!

Margery then decided to host a “Generation Zapped” screening in the Minneapolis area, and combined with her enthusiasm, she created tremendous momentum in her GIA team! With her characteristic organizational skills, sphere of influence, compassion and expertise, she experienced rapid growth expanding her team with GIA Managers and Business Builders within a few short weeks of returning from the GIA event in Texas. Advancing to the GIA Director rank in March 2018, Margery shows incredible leadership as she is helping her team grow and achieve their own bonuses and rank advancements. We are also confident to see her earning the points necessary to attend the GIA Wellness Luxury Retreat in Palm Springs in September 2018.

Being a conscientious leader, Margery also enrolled in Lynda Cormier-Hanser’s powerful “Affirmation Workshop”, which was offered to a very limited number of people at the San Antonio event. While she had a previous commitment on the evening of the first installment of the Lynda’s workshop, Margery is determined to participate in the next online class. It is this type of devotion to her own personal growth, to her team and to her dreams, that had Margery being nominated – and now receiving – the Just Because Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus! On behalf of all of us at GIA Corporate, heartfelt congratulations, Margery – keep up the great work!

Brenda Lea Sarinana AND Pamela Beckwith AND Caroline J. FuquaBrenda Lea Sarinana AND Pamela Beckwith AND Caroline J. FuquaBrenda Lea Sarinana AND Pamela Beckwith AND Caroline J. Fuqua
Brenda Lea Sarinana AND Pamela Beckwith AND Caroline J. Fuqua Feb 2018
Jr Director (Brenda Lea Sarinana), Manager (Pamela Beckwith), Manager (Caroline J. Fuqua)

What a rare opportunity for three different GIA Consultants to share the coveted Just Because Award and $1000 Cash Bonus this month. Yes, each one of these three amazing ladies will receive $333.33 as a surprise Just Because Cash Bonus, and as a result of all of them working together to create a magical event while being beautiful examples of true GIA team work.

Here is how it all unfolded: First, Junior Director Brenda Sarinana drove several hours to GIA Wellness Headquarters in Carlsbad (CA) to personally pick up a ‘Generation Zapped’ DVD for a unique, impromptu opportunity to screen the award-winning documentary with close to 60 attendees. She then delivered the film to her teammate, GIA Manager Pamela Beckwith, who was flying across the country to participate in an event being led by the awesome Carolyne Fuqua, who is also a Manager with GIA Wellness. GIA’s Co-CEO Lynda Cormier-Hanser was then ‘live-zoomed’ into an inspiring, strongly connected group of those 60 people the day after they watched the movie, in order to share the vision of GIA Wellness. When it was all said and done, it was such an extraordinary team experience that it felt like a beautifully executed relay race with one GIA team member passing the baton to the other.

And that’s precisely why we are absolutely thrilled to honor each of these three quickly emerging GIA leaders with an equal share of this month’s Just Because Award, with each also receiving a Cash Bonus check in the amount of $333.33. Just Because! Awesome team-work, ladies!

Jennifer Hawks
Jennifer Hawks Feb 2018
Senior Director

This month we are excited to honor Jennifer “Jenn” Hawks as our Just Because Award Earner. For those of you who do not already know, she is an expert in the areas of health and wellness. Jenn is the founder of ‘Peek Purity’ and owner of ‘Simply Health’ in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Her list of accolades and accomplishments goes on and on. From being on the board for the International Iridologists Practitioners Association, to being a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Jenn is devoted to constantly helping empower people when it comes to their health. Her passion also extends into the world of athletic performance and giving professional and Olympic athletes the edge they need to experience peak performance in their competitions as world class athletes. Jenn has worked diligently to secure GIA Wellness’ place in the athletes lounge at the Summer and Winter X Games – the most prestigious extreme sports competition on the planet – from where she just returned. Many world-famous X-Games athletes have become GIA Wellness product fans and customers because of Jenn’s warm, approachable personality and wellness expertise. As a GIA Senior Director, she balances running her businessess, supporting her growing GIA team and continuing to be a flag-bearer for all things GIA. Her upline team leader in GIA – Presidential Director Sue Gronberg – says this of Jenn: “She is simply amazing and has everything it takes to lead a large, thriving GIA organization.” Needless to say, Jenn has emerged as a GIA Wellness leader in her pursuit of continually expanding her team and devotion to GIA’s Inspired Wellness product line. We are thrilled to honor Jenn with $1000.00 Cash Bonus as this month’s much deserved Just Because Award Earner! Great job, Jenn!

Marj Melchoir
Marj Melchoir Jan 2018
Junior Director

Our GIA Just Because Award & $1,000 Cash Bonus Recipient has been creative, devoted, and enthusiastic in building her GIA business. She has not only brought GIA Wellness products into medical conferences, she also has been committed to sharing her dedication to – and ingenuity in – bringing GIA to the beauty world.

Marj Melchoir began with welcoming her customers by gently misting GIA i-H2O as they entered her Natural Cosmetics store in Prescott Valley. Step by step her customers tried the i-H2O spray (coming back to the store for refills) and then Marj moved onto sharing the i-H2O by i-H20 samples to drink. One of the many nominations for this month’s “Just Because Award” that came into GIA for Marj, said the following:

“Marj is an outstanding GIA team member and is doing so much with hosting meetings, introducing ‘Operation Hydration’ and expanding GIA’s Arizona presence with new enrollments. Marj is lined up for a television interview with over a million viewers to introduce GIA’s i-H2O and life enhancing technologies. She is such a joy to work with and have as a friend and team mate! “

The following quote by Marj’s senior GIA partner (and GIA Senior Director) Kedzi Morgan really sums it up best: “Marj has achieved the Junior Director rank for two consecutive months, and I am working with her closely to achieve the GIA Director rank this month, as per her desire! She has been steadily moving upward, and she is now ready to embrace the next level of growth, all while running her busy store. I would have to say, the best day was the when I had gone north to deliver the load of GIA products I had brought back from California in the summertime. When I got home, Marj called me with overflowing excitement and said: ‘I have never sold a product this hot before!’ She had a woman walk in and without knowing very much, purchased a GIA i-H2O unit on the spot! There was a lot of excitement in the store that day with people coming to pick up their orders and have their questions answered … it became a GIA super-party! Marj has a supportive husband and two gorgeous daughters, and terrific employees who also love GIA! And, I love working with Marj!!”

Congratulations Marj from everybody at GIA Wellness – enjoy your Just Because Award and the $1,000 Cash Bonus that comes with it! Well deserved!

Novalee Hutchens
Novalee Hutchens Nov 2017

This month’s Just Because Award & $1,000 Cash Bonus Recipient is Novalee Hutchens, a faith-filled and devoted wife and mother of two grown sons from beautiful Columbia Falls, Montana! Within her first two weeks of being part of GIA Wellness, she rocketed to earning the GIA Team Expansion Bonus, qualified for the GIA Abundance Club (earning herself an upgrade to 10% Front-Level Commissions), expanded her GIA Team by six new team mates, and she up-ranked to GIA Director! The same week – as she was concentrating her efforts on having short yet highly informational meetings introducing her guests to GIA Wellness – she practiced for, tested and earned her brown belt in karate! These two huge accomplishments were completed in a short week’s worth of work for this dynamic cosmetologist who owns her own salon “Planet Hair” in Columbia Falls, Montana, where she serves and educates others with a passionate heart. In her rare time off, Novalee particularly enjoys riding her Harley Davidson motorcycle whenever Montana weather permits. As this month’s well deserving Just Because Bonus Award recipient, Novalee will be earning a $1,000 bonus check from GIA to honor her fabulous efforts. Congratulations, Novalee, everybody at GIA is very excited about watching you build a beautiful GIA team!

Kayleen Baguley AND Kay & Bill RowanKayleen Baguley AND Kay & Bill Rowan
Kayleen Baguley AND Kay & Bill Rowan Nov 2017
Senior Consultant (Kayleen Baguley) & Managers (Kay & Bill Rowan)

We are very excited to announce that this month we have a rare tie for the prestigious Just Because Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus, both of which will be shared between two inspiring GIA Wellness Distributorships.

While a tie doesn’t happen often, we are thrilled to be surprising both GIA Senior Consultant Kayleen Baguley, as well as the GIA Manager Team of Kay and Bill Rowan, who will be sharing our Just Because Award and Bonus this month!

These very new, and clearly devoted GIA team mates supported all three recent meetings and trainings in Pleasant Grove, UT and then in St. George, UT. Kayleen who also participated in the recent GIA Wellness Conference in Scottsdale, made the trip all the way from Chandler, AZ to Utah for the GIA meetings with her two beautiful daughters along for the ride. Her sweet energy, presence, and attention helped extend a warm GIA welcome to every meeting attendee. An accomplished violinist, home-schooling mother, and entrepreneur, we are confident that Kayleen will be expanding her GIA team quickly and enjoying the GIA journey as she shares Inspired Wellness with her beautiful energy and enthusiasm. Kay and Bill Rowan also shared their desire to learn combined with their tremendous excitement about the GIA opportunity as they have already expanded their GIA team and had numerous guests at the Utah events. Both Kay and Bill are eager to continue expanding their GIA Wellness team in a big way and were very excited as they learned about all the resources available – for free – in GIA University! So it is with tremendous joy that we share this month’s Just Because Award, and hope that Kayleen, as well as the Rowans will each enjoy their equal $500 portion of this month’s Just Because Cash Bonus! Keep up the great work and welcome to the GIA family, Kayleen, Kay and Bill!

Laura Irsfeld
Laura Irsfeld Oct 2017

Our well deserved Just Because Award and $1,000.00 Cash Bonus recipient – GIA Junior Director Laura Irsfeld – is a go-getter that jumped in feet first within her first two weeks by hosting a GIA Wellness booth where she had a beautiful product display, raffle and even taste testing! She reached the Junior Director Rank, and qualified for the Team Expansion Bonus in her first month in GIA, and is now helping her GIA team members reach ranks and expand their teams. Laura teaches informational GIA Wellness classes every two weeks at her local community center. She definitely understands the power of staying ‘plugged in’ as she participates on many GIA Wakeup Calls, Zoom calls, and reaches out to other team members and cross-line for support as needed. A great example of Laura’s devotion to her GIA business could be witnessed in her inspiring determination to make it to recent GIA Success Conference in Scottsdale. Living in Florida, Laura was intent on evacuating as she and her family members were facing an incoming hurricane! Once she got her father to safety, flying him to Utah, Laura turned her efforts to head to Arizona for the GIA Conference where was welcome with open arms and made many new friends. Once there, you never would have known the incredible roller coaster ride she had to endure to reach the GIA Conference. Laura has a very positive energy, a genuine desire to serve others, and her GIA senior partners Karyn Grant and Carol Guttierez are quick to sing Laura’s praises as she exemplifies all things GIA in the pursuit of her dreams. We are very excited to honor Laura with this month’s Just Because Award and $1,000.00 Cash Bonus! Keep up the inspiring work, Laura!

Kedzi Morgan
Kedzi Morgan Sep 2017

Great leaders persevere, and this month’s Just Because Earner, Director Kedzi Morgan – has persevered in her devotion to GIA, to her constantly growing team, and through her own remarkable journey. Kedzi has continued to hold GIA meetings all over her home state of Arizona and beyond. She networks, studies this industry, and works with her cross-line friends – both as a support to them and by calling on them for a little assistance when she needs it. That perseverance has earned her well deserved momentum and recognition both in the past, as a previous Just Because Award Recipient, as well as today. Kedzi has a very diverse background; she holds multiple degrees and certifications in the health and wellness arena and not only understands the human body, but also the heart and soul of others. She has been a wellness advocate for years, applying her many gifts to serve others, and completely understands the unique and profound need for GIA Wellness products. Kedzi also fully comprehends people’s needs from a financial perspective and loves empowering others, for them to see the great business associated with sharing GIA’s important wellness technologies. We also appreciate Kedzi being an active member of the GIA C.R.E.W., consistently supporting GIA Conference Calls by listening and contributing, and for just being a great team player all around. Many of her team mates who submitted nominations for Kedzi’s award shared glowing comments about her level of dedication to her team. Case in point, naturally this month Kedzi is supporting both her existing team, and also helping her newest team mates reach their goals. We are so happy to honor Kedzi with the Just Because Award and $1,000.00 Cash Bonus. Enjoy the unexpected but well deserved bonus and award, Kedzi – we will see you shortly at the upcoming September GIA Conference in your great home State of Arizona!

Karyn L. Grant
Karyn L. Grant Aug 2017

Karyn Lynn Grant is a Singer, Song Writer, Author, Speaker, Vibrational Attunement Therapist and Licensed Massage Therapist. Along the journey of healing, she was inspired to create Christian-based music that she incorporated into her therapeutic massage sessions, and she became known as the Singing Massage Therapist. She has combined music, scent, and gentle touch into a Five-Senses Experience that access the subconscious. From her success with this method she developed a program called Joy Coaching America and is now going global, teaching others her techniques for healing broken hearts with the healing arts! With GIA Wellness added to her tool kit, she can now also effectively address the physical aspects of her clients, as she herself has powerful testimonies and a life changing experience with the GIA Wellness products which she documented on Facebook. As Karyn’s Senior Partner in GIA – Kedzi Morgan -says: ” Karyn is a ball of compassionate fire, blazing through hurdles to share her message of holistic wellness with the world!” To top it all off, Karyn was recently awarded Mrs Premier Global America! And of course she won Mrs. Congeniality – she took her 3-gallon container of single-file aligned GIA i-H2O to share with all the other contestants and staff. Karyn is truly a GIA Ambassador in every sense of the word. Within 45 days, she completed numerous GIA Abundance Clubs, Team Expansions Bonus cycles, achieved the prestigious Gold Club membership, and is looking to reach Senior Director this month. She is a record-setter on all fronts! And now, Karyn is also a GIA Just Because Award earner, adding a $1,000.00 Cash Bonus to her fast growing list of GIA rewards! Congratulations Karyn, so proud of you and all your accomplishments!

John Williams
John Williams Jul 2017

An ever-present fixture of leadership and vision in GIA Wellness, John Williams takes his role very seriously and initiates exciting opportunities to help both his sizable GIA Team, and the entire GIA community to expand their teams. His most recent efforts in coordinating, leading, and teaching others how to use and implement the awesome Zoom calls into the GIA Universe has not gone unnoticed across by his peers. John, all of us appreciate your leadership and active cross line support – always. We hope you enjoy your $350 Cash Bonus and your well-earned share in this month’s Just Because Award! Love, love, love!

Lesley Valentine
Lesley Valentine Jul 2017

Lesley has been a committed GIA Team Member and emerging leader for almost one year. While she is an acupuncturist and wellness expert, Leslie has successfully woven her passion for GIA into the different facets of her life. She has consistently welcomed new team mates onto her growing GIA Team, and is an active participant on many GIA Conference Calls, Zoom Calls and at GIA Conferences and events. We are so excited to surprise Lesley with her well deserved $350 Cash Bonus and her share of the Just Because Award this month. Awesome job, Lesley!

Tracy Hills
Tracy Hills Jul 2017

Tracy has continuously qualified as GIA Director or Senior Director for months on end. Her devotion to her family, and her ever-expanding GIA team is second-to-none, as you regularly hear Tracy’s inspiring voice on GIA Conference Calls, and see her smiling face on GIA Zoom calls. Tracy is the epitome of all things GIA Wellness, as she constantly inspires those around her with faith and passion. As one of our three top nominees this month, Tracy will receive a well deserved yet unexpected $350 Cash Bonus and her equal share of the coveted Just Because Award! You go, Tracy!!

Dr. Sherrill Sellman
Dr. Sherrill Sellman Jun 2017

Across the international Health Community, as well as within GIA Wellness, Senior Director Dr. Sherrill Sellman is well known as a Naturopathic Doctor Board Certified in Integrative Medicine, an educator, international speaker, women’s natural health expert, psychotherapist and journalist in the field of women’s health. She is also known as the best-selling author of Hormone Heresy: What Women MUST Know and What Women MUST Know to Protect Their Daughters from Breast Cancer. Her professional credentials and commitment to an integrative healing approach extend over a 30-year period.

Always ahead of the health curve, Dr. Sherrill has aligned herself with GIA Wellness from the very beginning – as a powerful advocate of intelligent EMF protection through the patented technologies that GIA offers in that arena. She built a robust and growing organization of enthusiastic product users, practitioners and business builders alike. In addition to supporting presentations with her friend and colleague GIA Senior Director Dr. Jana Green in Tulsa (OK), Dr. Sherrill is constantly expanding her GIA team in places like Idaho, California and even Australia, plus offering valuable cross-line support with events, webinars, radio show interviews, and conference calls. Dr. Sherrill is tireless in her pursuit to educate and inform to improve the well-being of others. She often says: “EMF is a big story and the GIA Wellness solutions are too!” In short, the nominations submitted by the GIA community for Dr. Sherill to become this month’s Just Because Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus recipient, not only honors her because of her focused energy in helping her own GIA Team, but also her willingness to contribute to the entire GIA Wellness community. In addition to being a champion of the transformational GIA products, Dr. Sherill also shares with people the importance of taking care of their financial health, and believes GIA is the best vehicle for health and prosperity creation. Congratulations Dr. Sherill Sellman on being our much deserving Just Because Award Recipient – we hope you also enjoy the $1000 Cash Bonus! Keep up your inspiring work!

Dr. Susan Clinton
Dr. Susan Clinton May 2017

With an Undergraduate degree form prestigious Stanford University, Dr. Susan Clinton is also physician trained in Internal Medicine at Vanderbilt University. After family tragedies involving cancer and heart disease left her twice widowed, and after her own diagnosis of Lyme Disease in 2012, she began searching for answers in integrative medicine. Discovering her true calling as an innovative integrative physician, Dr. Clinton is inspired to help others and her passion and effectiveness has her helping scores of people and her being in very high demand. Dr. Susan Clinton joined GIA in October of 2015 and quickly realized the transformative effect of the GIA i-H2O Activation System and the many other GIA Wellness solutions. As she began sharing the products with others, Dr. Clinton reached the GIA Director rank in her first month, plus earned the Forever Bonus, the Team Expansion Bonus, qualified for the GIA Abundance Club multiple times, and drives her GIA Car as a result of enjoying her well deserved GIA Luxury Car Bonus. Dr Susan Clinton’s passion and brilliant scientific mind have merged in innovation and she uses the wide variety of GIA Wellness products to help enhance the health and wellness of others. Dr. Clinton has embraced all areas of GIA Wellness and realizes that in addition to the transformational GIA products, the Inspiration and Abundance facets of GIA are critically important as well. Her compassion for others is also seen in her generous cross-line support. She is a widowed mother of 4 children – ages 19, 16, and twins aged 11 – whose activities keep her very busy as an involved and hands-on mom. We hereby celebrate and honor GIA Director Dr. Susan Clinton with her much deserved Just Because Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus! Thank you for all you do, keep up the inspiring work!

Kim Harrington
Kim Harrington Mar 2017

Every month, everyone at GIA Corporate is excited to surprise one GIA Consultant with an unexpected $1,000 Cash Bonus as our Just Because Bonus Award recipient. Sometimes that person is someone who is fairly new to GIA and who people are just getting to know in a more in-depth way. Other times it is a person who has already grown as a GIA leader and who has already inspired others by their continued example for a longer period of time. This is one of those times. Our heartfelt congratulations to GIA Senior Director Kim Harrington for being named this month’s Just Because Award Earner! Kim has been a business owner and shown her entrepreneurial spirit for many years. Fortunately for all of us, GIA Wellness captured her attention and she felt compelled to explore all the possibilities that come with the GIA opportunity. We are so grateful that she did because as a result, hundreds if not thousands of people have already experienced the benefits of GIA by way of Kim’s efforts. She is consistent, devoted, hard working, fun, committed to her own growth as a leader, and unwavering in her desire to lead a life of Growth, Inspiration and Abundance. In the last year, Kim has advanced her GIA rank, helped a number of people on her team advance, helped lead dynamic conference calls, and leads by example in every aspect of GIA. She is a member of the GIA CREW, GOLD Club, has qualified for several Abundance Clubs, enjoys the GIA Luxury Car Bonus program and supports her team, as well as her cross-line friends. Kim genuinely has been enjoying the GIA lifestyle as she builds her team, and also enjoys time off adventuring with her partner Ron. Kim has always been an avid student of the referral marketing industry and clearly understands the importance of GIA Conferences and events (she has not missed one), as well as leveraging the GIA marketing and sales tools, 3-way phone calls, and much more. This month we are very excited to honor Kim with her well deserved Just Because Award and surprise $1,000 Cash Bonus! Great job, Kim!

Donald Toomim
Donald Toomim Feb 2017

This month we are thrilled to honor another passionate difference maker from the GIA Wellness Community with the coveted Just Because Award and $1000 Cash Bonus. Donald Toomim is a man who has decades of experience in helping others manage their health and wellness. His list of skills is long and impressive: From Massage Therapy, to Reflexology, to Acupressure and Nutritional Counseling, his work has always been dedicated to helping the whole person – physically, as well as spiritually and emotionally. This particular award however is even more about his heart, than it is about his skill set. His devotion to his own personal growth, to his growing GIA team and to its expansion – in every facet – has been an example to many of us at GIA Wellness. He has been a consistent voice on GIA Conference Calls, attended GIA Wellness Conferences, as well as helped his team grow and expand – with commitment and desire. Donald has participated and been successful in the GIA Wellness Transformation Challenge and has represented ‘all things GIA’ by improving his own wellness, growing as a person, and a leader, as well as enjoyed the growing residual GIA income. His senior mentor, One Star Presidential Director John Williams has said this about Donald: “His heart is big, and he has worked hard to develop his vision. He is just a great guy, and great to work with – it’s really impressive!” From all of us at GIA Wellness, we couldn’t agree more and we send a big CONGRATULATIONS to GIA Director Donald Toomim! Enjoy your Just Because Award and your $1,000 Bonus Check! Great job!

Doc & Annita White
Doc & Annita White Jan 2017

Doc White has been an avid GIA Wellness advocate for quite some time. He is virtually on every GIA conference call and has made it to every GIA Conference he possibly could. This last October he attended the Palm Springs Conference with his beautiful wife Annita, and this dynamic duo is unstoppable! Their new catch phrase is “what ever it takes!” and they have truly embraced this concept. They’re not just stepping out of their comfort zones – they are leaping out of them! Doc and Annita are eager to learn in order to master the skills required to grow their GIA Business. They use the many available tools to share GIA with others, connecting with two people per day at a minimum, and consistently building relationships with new people. Long into the evening you will see Doc and Annita texting their contacts, sharing information, setting up times to get together, and so on. And they’re accomplishing all of this while Annita works her full time home cleaning business and Doc sees some patients AND most importantly, while watching their beautiful 14-month old great-grandbaby Shiloh a couple times a week! Despite such busy schedules they keep positively pushing forward with a smile on their faces and belief in their hearts; their GIA vision is clear and unwavering! Annita and Doc are both so passionate about what GIA products offer, especially the i-H2O Activation System and the TerraGIA Inspired Energy Products! Sharing and introducing everyone they meet to these life-changing products is a strong desire for both of them, and we are excited to congratulate Doc and Annita for this month’s well deserved Just Because Award and their $1,000 Cash Bonus! Well done you two!!

Kathleen A. Kenneally
Kathleen A. Kenneally Dec 2016

This month we are very excited to share a few insights about our much deserved “Just Because Award & $1,000 Cash Bonus Earner”. Kathleen Keneally is a joyful mother to her 15 year-old son James, an Acupuncturist and healer who has been voted “Best Acupuncturist in Santa Clarita” for 12 (!) consecutive years. Kathleen has her Master’s degree in Oriental Sciences. She has completed advance training in Classical Five Element Acupuncture, NAET an Allergy Elimination Technique and is also a Reiki Master Practitioner. She is a California State Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist. Kathleen comes from a family of doctors and medical professionals and has been involved with many areas of health for the past 20-plus years. While all her accolades are surely impressive, Kathleen’s big heart and her joy for life is what equally compelling. She is driven, passionate and delights in life, as she shares GIA Wellness with boundless enthusiasm. We congratulate Kathleen’s efforts on so many levels – as just one of many examples, last month she arranged for GIA Co-CEO Lynda Cormier-Hanser to be on a radio show for two hours and then – alongside her team and crossline friends – she helped pack the house with over 40 attendees for an evening GIA presentation on the very same day. Kathleen is a Director with GIA who has her sights set on continuing to rise through the GIA ranks in a big way. We are so thrilled to present Kathleen with this much deserved award and $1,000 Cash Bonus – Just Because! Go Kathleen!!

Brianna Rowe
Brianna Rowe Nov 2016

This month we are thrilled to have an opportunity to honor the amazing Brianna Rowe as our Just Because Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus Earner. GIA received a record number of nominations for Brianna, and we know why! First, she is an all-around fantastic person! She earned the Junior Director rank in her first month with GIA, and qualified for the prestigious “Abundance Club” several times, earned multiple Team Expansion bonuses, was awarded the “Rookie of the Month” title in July 2016, achieved the Director Rank, and qualified for the Gold Club. Brianna hosts, sets up and prepares food for at least two GIA presentations per month alongside the great Jeanna Clifford. She has assisted with 3-way phone calls and has demonstrated tremendous cross-line support with other members in GIA Wellness. Brianna is on GIA’s wakeup calls almost every morning and recently was honored to be invited to the GIA C.R.E.W., and she enrolled for the Women in Synergy Health Coaching Program. Upon first meeting her, GIA’s Co-CEO Lynda Cormier-Hanser said this of Brianna: “She is just special, has great energy and you can feel her authenticity right away. Love her!” Brianna’s life is centered around health and wellness. She has a massage practice, and is a certified Doula. Brianna’s conversations and thoughts often center around how to improve health and wellness in the many areas of life or how to help others be healthier. Brianna’s sponsor Cyndi Elliot has this to say about her: “If Brianna has challenges, she faces them optimistically, searching out information and asking for help, as needed. She is humble and confident. Brianna is devoted to her family. She is a thoughtful and wise wife and mother. She is a caring friend and connected community member. Brianna Rowe is a healthy, motivated, smart, compassionate woman who is very deserving of the GIA Just Because Award! She is definitely changing the world using the gifts of GIA!” We are so excited to present Brianna with this much deserved award and $1,000 Cash Bonus…Just Because! Go Brianna!!

Dr. Robert Steiner
Dr. Robert Steiner Oct 2016

We are pleased to introduce Dr. Robert Steiner as our October 2016 recipient of the “Just Because” Award & 1,000 Cash Bonus. Dr. Steiner received his first GIA Team Expansion Bonus just one month after joining the GIA team in February 2016 and has he has earned three (!) additional Expansion Bonuses since then! Dr. Steiner has shown his passion and enthusiasm for GIA Wellness the breakthrough products by becoming a Junior Director in May, just 3 short months after coming on board with GIA! Dr. Steiner is a certified Nutritional Consultant and Naturopath with his own successful Alternative Health Services practice in Canyon Lake, CA. He started his journey of true health at the age of 25, has two degrees, twenty years in practice and has helped thousands of patients along the way. His mission statement for his clinic? “Build true health from the inside out”. Dr. Steiner is an open minded, compassionate doctor with a passion for helping others and empowering them in a meaningful way from a health and wellness perspective. The testimonials from his many clients prove just that. We would like to give a special thanks to Senior Director Caren Knott for bringing Dr. Steiner onto the GIA Team. Congratulations to you, Dr. Robert Steiner – enjoy your greatly deserved $1,000 Cash Bonus from GIA – “Just Because”!

Dr. Jana Green & Tiffany Green
Dr. Jana Green & Tiffany Green Sep 2016

This month GIA celebrates a first in regards to our monthly Just Because Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus. We are honoring the mother-and-daughter team of Dr. Jana and Tiffany Green. Dr. Jana was awarded the GIA Rookie of the Month honors earlier this year, and she has qualified for the GIA Abundance Club, the Gold Club and as a Senior Director in her first year with GIA Wellness – a very impressive GIA career start by any standard! Recently, her daughter Tiffany has taken a greater interest in GIA also and has helped her mom in countless ways. Tiffany is the mother of her beautiful son, Braydon, as well as a passionate and devoted daughter, sister, and friend. Tiffany is focused, organized, and quick and eager to help in all areas. When asked what she “loves” to do, her reply is simple. “I love to help people”, she says. Tiffany is striving to reach the GIA Junior Director rank this month and both her and her mom are looking forward to the upcoming GIA Success Conference in Palm Springs, starting September 30th. After having spent time with the both of them, GIA Wellness Co-CEO Lynda Cormier-Hanser says: “Being around both of these amazing women is beyond inspiring. Their commitment, organization, teamwork and LOVE is palatable in every single detail.” Heartfelt congratulations again to Dr. Jana Green and her daughter Tiffany – everyone at GIA is SO excited for your joint Just Because Award and for sending each of you a $500.00 Cash Bonus … Just Because! We’re proud of you!

Heather Parris
Heather Parris Aug 2016

Heather Parris can be described in one word – extraordinary! She is a loving wife and mother. She was a singer and songwriter for 17 years in the heart of country music, where she then evolved into using her great skills as an artist manager for some up-and-coming stars, with one of them even being featured on ‘American Idol’. She then stopped her career to be a full time mom to three beautiful children. She was recently hit hard with the tragedy of losing her three year-old son, but courageously continues to get up every day looking for ways to make a difference in other people’s lives. The highly popular “Truth About Cancer” documentary series had an impact on Heather as she recently experienced her own cancer alarm, but fortunately her condition was detected in time. Heather loves the mission, vision and purpose of GIA and has jumped on board with both feet and her huge heart. She sees GIA as one more powerful way of leaving a legacy of growth, inspiration and abundance for her family, friends and everyone she encounters. Heather is truly a bright light in the world, and we feel very fortunate to have her as part of our GIA family. Look for Heather to shoot high into the stars with her growing GIA business. Congratulations Heather on your well deserved Just Because Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus, as well as to GIA Senior Director Tracy Hillis for having enrolling Heather onto her ever expanding GIA Team! So proud of the both of you!

Jeanna Clifford
Jeanna Clifford Jun 2016

When looking at this month’s Just Because Award & $1,000 Cash Bonus Recipient, her greatest accomplishments in GIA Wellness have not just been to create thousands of dollars in business volume within 24 hours of starting her GIA business. And it’s not just about her up-ranking to the GIA Director rank with almost $16,000 Group Volume in her first (!) month, and being awarded the “Rookie of the Month” honors, or earning the GIA Team Expansion Bonus, qualifying for multiple GIA Abundance Clubs, qualifying for the GIA GOLD CLUB, plus the GIA Car Bonus, achieving membership in the GIA C.R.E.W., and being asked to speak as a panelist on training GIA Consultants on how to properly use Social Media in business at her first GIA Conference in April! No, for Jeanna Clifford, this month’s greatly deserving Just Because Award & $1,000 Cash Bonus Recipient, it appears that her tremendous GIA success is a direct result of her generous spirit, her thoughtfulness and her persistent dedication to growth. Jeanna is a mother, wife, healer, and Holographic Kinetics practitioner. Her intelligence, her expertise in building relationships, her visual arts graphic design skills, her relational skills and her deep desire to help everyone she comes in contact with, have all come together in impressive fashion. In a short few months of her GIA career, Jeanna has created a vibrant and growing team of phenomenal individuals who appreciate and love her, and her success in GIA has made it necessary for her to quit her less lucrative day job! She has captured the hearts and acknowledgement of many in GIA who have benefited from her generous cross-line support and efforts to help GIA Consultants be more effective in using social media to grow their GIA businesses. Jeanna demonstrates her desire to help wherever and however she is needed on a daily basis. Her intentionality, focused efforts, courage, authenticity, support and recognition of others, are all hallmarks of her personality and wonderful examples of many of the traits so appreciated within the culture created at GIA Wellness. Today, we recognize and celebrate those characteristics – greatly honored in the GIA community, and abundantly present in Jeanna Clifford. Congratulations, Jeanna for earning the $1,000 Cash Bonus as this month’s Just Because Award Recipient! Jeanna, you rock!

Bonnie Henderson
Bonnie Henderson May 2016

What people know about this month’s very deserving Just Because Award & $1,000 Cash Bonus Earner is that she is both a dedicated mother, and a dedicated GIA Wellness leader. What you may not know, is that she has diligently developed insightful new documents, introduced new training materials and audio recordings, plus launched a new Team Facebook page to support her own efforts, but also the efforts of any GIA Wellness Consultant following her lead. She does so much work behind the scenes that no one even knows about and that she would never talk about unless asked. Her GIA upline leader and One-Star Presidential Director John Williams says of her: “I have seen her grow so much – through it all she’s remained steadfast in her mission and purpose to be the best mom she can be, and still dedicate herself to helping her GIA team succeed.” Of course we are talking about and hereby congratulating GIA Director Bonnie Henderson. John also says this of Bonnie: “She is a shining example of what GIA represents. Bonnie is a winner and a doer. She is exactly the kind of person we want leading a huge GIA Team of Consultants.” Even Bonnie’s cross-line teammates who nominated her for this prestigious GIA award, say it is a pleasure to interact with her. She always responds promptly and thoroughly to whatever question may come up. Bonnie is brimming over with creative ideas and shares freely with others, which is servant leadership at its best. Her eagerness to share ideas, commitment and participation on GIA calls, events, using 3-way phone calls and her collaborative spirit are all reasons we are happy to honor Bonnie Henderson with a $1000 Cash Bonus and her Just Because Award! Bonnie, you rock!!

Caren Knott
Caren Knott Mar 2016

We are so proud and filled with joy to honor Director Caren Knott as this month’s Just Because Award & $1,000 Cash Bonus Recipient. Caren has been a consistent, devoted and passionate GIA Wellness advocate for many years. During the course of the last year, Caren has increased her presence as an emerging leader even more. She has been nominated and is a consistently qualified member of the GIA C.R.E.W, an special GIA leadership group. Caren has also helped new members of her team reach the Junior Director Rank, is hosting and attending GIA presentations consistently, and has herself reached the Rank of “Director”. Recently, Caren shared that she often uses GIA’s 24-Hour recorded voicemail tree to listen to the Conference Calls on speaker while driving, or while running errands. She will also re-listen to GIA calls as a way to continuously train herself. Caren leads by example – she does 3-way calls, never misses a GIA event, helps her team while continuing to personally expand her organization, and continues to do the effective steps necessary to grow. While all these attributes obviously make Caren a great choice for the Just Because Award, we believe her consistent positive outlook, joy, and contagious smile are equally important! Congratulations Caren, on earning another well deserved $1000 Just Because Cash Bonus from GIA! Enjoy!

Kedzie Morgan
Kedzie Morgan Feb 2016

Great leaders persevere, and this month’s Just Because Earner, Director Kedzie Morgan – has persevered in her devotion to GIA, to her team, and through her own remarkable journey. She has continued to hold GIA meetings, network, study, and works with her cross-line friends and resources whenever needed. That perseverance has earned her well deserved momentum and recognition both in the past as well as today. Kedzie has a diverse background, degrees and certifications in the health and wellness arena and understands the human body, as well as the heart and soul of others. She has been a wellness advocate for years, applying her many gifts to serve others, and completely understands the unique and profound need for GIA Wellness products. She also fully comprehends people’s needs from a financial perspective and loves empowering others to see the great business associated with sharing GIA’s important technologies. We also appreciate Kedzie being an active member of the C.R.E.W., of consistently supporting the Conference Calls by listening and contributing, and just being a great team player. Naturally, this month Kedzie is supporting her existing team, but also helping her newest team mates reach their goals. We are so happy to honor Kedzie with the Just Because Award and $1,000.00 Cash Bonus. Enjoy the unexpected bonus Kedzie, and we will see you in April at the GIA Conference in your great State of Arizona!

Jenn(ifer) Hawks
Jenn(ifer) Hawks Jan 2016

This month we are excited to honor a very consistent and devoted GIA Wellness Senior Director as our Just Because Award $1,000 Cash Bonus Earner. She has built her team with dedication and commitment. We believe that commitment comes from her genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of others. She is a highly respected iridologist and passionate advocate of healthy living. Her concern for others well being in the areas of wellness, as well as achieving joy and balance in their life, is what drives her every day. Of course we are talking about Jenn Hawks from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Jenn’s GIA Senior Partner Sue Gronberg says this of her: “Jenn is a delight to work with… A quiet powerhouse with a kind, graceful demeanor and a playfulness that immediately puts you at ease in her presence. She is consistent and passionate about her desire to help people see the value that GIA has to offer for improving their health and well-being, including the ability to change their financial picture. I so enjoy working with her and appreciate her as a friend.” All of us at GIA couldn’t agree more, and we are excited to congratulate Jenn on her great award, and for her $1,000 Cash Bonus – Just Because!

Alana Broom
Alana Broom Dec 2015

Each month as we receive nominations for “Just Because” Award Recipients, it is a joy to imagine the recipient hearing their name and then receiving an unexpected One Thousand Dollar Cash Bonus from GIA Wellness. And this month is no exception. Our Just Because Award $1,000 Cash Bonus Earner is a devoted GIA Wellness Manager whose voice and name you recognize on most of GIA’s Conference Calls. She is an avid student, always eager to learn and she shares and expresses love, joy and gratitude every day. As a yoga instructor and health advocate, she is very aware of the need for GIA Wellness products and shares them passionately with other. If you have not guessed by now, we are happy to honor Alana Broom from Port Gamble, WA as this month’s Just Because Award & $1,000 Cash Bonus Earner. Alana has experienced first hand the effects of electro magnetic radiation, as she is one of the thousands of people who are extremely sensitive to the presence of this toxin. We are grateful that the GIA products have helped her so much, and recognize Alana as a devoted, caring individual who often takes the time to send heartfelt cards and messages in the mail to all of us at the GIA Wellness corporate office. Congratulations to Alana “from the Pacific Northwest” – as she is affectionately known to all of us at GIA, We hope you enjoy this One Thousand Dollar Cash Bonus – Just Because!

Tiphany Gayhart
Tiphany Gayhart Nov 2015

We are very excited to announce Tiphany Gayhart as our November 2015 Just Because Award & $1,000 Cash Bonus Earner! Tiphany has a beautiful, contagious energy that lights up every room she enters. When she first heard about GIA Wellness, it was through her great friend Director Kim Harrington. As a successful realtor, Tiphany is a very busy lady, and also a very astute business woman. It didn’t take long for Tiphany to see the benefit of residual income that can be built with the GIA Business. She not only fell in love with GIA Wellness products, she also fell in love with sharing the products – in conjunction with the business. As a Junior Director, Tiphany set her sights early on attending the GIA Success Summit Conference in Costa Mesa (CA), AND on earning the $750 Qualification Cash Bonus – which she accomplished like the champ that she is. She also decided that it would be great if she had people from her GIA Team at the GIA Success Summit Conference with her. So Tiphany invited her husband Kennis, her sister Tamara, as well her friends Debbie and Danny Compton who all attended and loved the GIA Success Summit Conference! She has also earned a spot on the new GIA Wellness C.R.E.W. Team and does a great job of being an example of a devoted, passionate leader! Tiphany sets the pace by consistently attending and contributing to Conference Calls, staying closely connected to her team and working with her senior partners in GIA! She is a delight to be around as a person, consistent and eager, and we are very excited for Tiphany as she continues to thrive in her GIA Career. Congratulations Tiphany, we hope you’ll enjoy your well deserved $1,000 Cash Bonus as this month’s Just Because Award Recipient!

Dr. Diana Hoppe
Dr. Diana Hoppe Oct 2015

It’s a great joy to honor Dr. Diana Hoppe as this month’s “Just Because Award & $1,000 Cash Bonus” recipient. Dr. Diana has a very busy practice in Encinitas, CA as an OB/GYN. After delivering thousands of babies in the San Diego area, Dr. Diana’s primary focus these days is women’s health and wellness concerns – specifically hormonal imbalances, and Well Women care and exams. Dr. Diana is also an avid tennis player with a fierce forehand who personally enjoys the benefits of GIA i-H2O, CLEANSE and iThrive. Dr. Diana not only understands the need for GIA products in her own life, but also sees them as being absolutely fundamental to health and wellness for everyone. Also being an accomplished author and speaker, Dr. Diana not only has years of wisdom and expertise as a physician, but also a genuine desire to empower women in all areas of life. She participates on many GIA Conference Calls, consistently attends local GIA events, has had her own GIA gatherings, and this month reached the Junior Director rank. She works closely with her sponsors – Presidential Director Sue and Don Gronberg – and is eager to continue sharing GIA in a big way, as well as meeting her fellow GIA Consultants at the October 16-18th ‘GIA Success Summit’ in Costa Mesa. As a matter of fact Dr. Diana, along with Co-Founder Lynda Cormier Hanser will be co-presenting on a very special topic, so make sure you don’t miss inspiring event in Costa Mesa! We honor Dr. Diana for her open mind, her open heart and for the passion with which she shares GIA, as well the wide variety of her many areas of expertise. We know that this is the beginning of a great partnership and we’re very happy to award this month’s “Just Because Award & $1,000 Cash Bonus” to Dr. Diana Hoppe!

Susan Kibbey
Susan Kibbey Sep 2015

It is our great pleasure to honor Susan Kibbey as this month’s Just Because Award & $1,000 Cash Bonus Earner! Susan has been a devoted, consistent GIA Consultant and wellness advocate for years. Her passion for helping others, as well as for continued personal growth and development is inspiring to so many in GIA. Susan participates on as many GIA conference calls as possible, consistently enrolls new team mates onto her team, and has lots of GIA customers who all benefit from GIA Wellness products. In addition to being kind, open hearted, and caring, among all of Susan’s many attributes, one that truly shines is her team player mindset. Susan will support GIA events and travel long distances strictly to offer her insights, learn and contribute to the overall energy of the event. Speaking of energy…..Susan also has a vibrant, positive energy that we all feel each and every day. Everyone knows that the acronym “GIA” stands for Growth in Health and Well-Being, Inspiration to be your best, and Abundance in all areas of life, and Susan’s affiliation with GIA over the years has surely enriched her life in all of those areas. Her own product experiences, her personal growth, and the GIA earnings that Susan has generated each and every month are a testament to her consistent effort. Susan has a close connection with her sponsor – Executive Director Karen Beth, her upline mentor One-Star Presidential Director John Williams, as well as everyone in the Corporate office, not to mention the countless people who are part of the GIA community, both in Susan’s organization, and outside of it. Please join us in celebrating Susan for her Just Because Award and the thrill of her enjoying her well deserved $1,000 Cash Bonus!

John Williams
John Williams Aug 2015
One Star Presidential Director

So many times we think of leaders as people who draw a lot of attention to themselves, or who strive to be front and center whenever they can. Political leaders, as an example, who may be great orators – bold and often flashy. But then there are other leaders whose sole focus is for the good of their entire team. They rarely think about themselves, as they are 100% focused on helping others. These are often true servant leaders who work tirelessly to guide others, create tools and materials that others can use, and are supportive to everyone – they support corporate decisions, they work dozens of levels down into their GIA group with the same fervor as working with a new front level person. They also work cross-line, knowing that the whole team needs to treat one another with respect and care. Today, we honor one such selfless and outstanding leader, and that is One Star Presidential John Williams. John has been a beacon of light for the entire GIA community since day one and continues to be that – as he literally started a campaign about shining a light on others and empowering as many people as possible around the globe. His consistent vision and belief have ignited all of us for years and we are so grateful to be able to say thank you John, enjoy your $500 “Just Because Award and Cash Bonus” as your team has made their voices heard this month with an impressive number of nominations for you! Enjoy and keep up the great work!

Kim Harrington
Kim Harrington Aug 2015

It’s a true joy and privilege to honor this fabulous lady! In the last year she has had a number of “GIA Rookies of the Month” on her great team, she has helped several members of her team reach Junior Director AND has also earned herself the Luxury Car Bonus and gets to drive around with a license plate that says “My car is paid for by GIA Wellness!” Yes, we are talking about one of GIA’s most courageous emerging leaders, Director – and now almost Senior Director – Kim Harrington. Everyone who knows Kim knows this: She loves animals, she has quite a sense of humor, she can be self-admittedly direct and to the point, and she has a great work ethic. What you may not know about this amazing woman, is that while she will work outdoors in all kinds of weather, camp, ride horses and not shy away from any adventure, she has a huge heart, and really loves making a difference in the lives of others. It has been an absolute joy to see how her life has been enriched by every aspect of GIA Wellness. If you ask Kim, she will tell you that her health, happiness level, her financial present and future are all better now than they were just over a year ago. Kim has grown as a person and as a leader who has continued to work on herself – as great leaders do. Kim earned GIA’s Arizona Luxury Retreat last year and as far as we can tell, she is close to fully qualifying to earn $750 towards GIA October 2015 “Ultimate Success Summit Conference” – and it’s only the end of July. Kim’s focus, dedication and tremendous effort are recognized once again as she earns a well deserved $500 Cash Bonus as one of this month’s “Just Because Award” Earners! Congratulations Kim, you rock!

William Faber
William Faber Jul 2015
Executive Director

We are very excited to honor this month’s Just Because Award & $1,000 Cash Bonus Earner, William Faber of Quebec, Canada. He is one of most outstanding “hidden jewels” in the entire GIA organization. We call him a “hidden jewel” because he’s been quietly but persistently doing some astonishing work for his GIA Team and shines like a diamond as a fast-rising GIA leader. While William primarily speaks French, he and his wife Michelle – who also speaks English – are leveraging the GIA Corporate calls, and working with their Senior Partner – Presidential Director Dave Stapp – as well as with their cross line teammates. William has reached many GIA accomplishments in a short period of time. He already has 12 new team mates front level, 5 of which are Managers. In addition, he has qualified for the Team Expansion Bonus – twice – since April 30th 2015, plus he qualified for the very prestigious GIA GOLD CLUB in June 2015, which earns William a gorgeous GIA 18-carat gold plated pendant. He also locked himself in to earn the ARO Expansion Bonus in May 2015, and also become a member of the GIA Abundance Club last month! A running theme in this month’s recognition is initiative. While most of William’s team speaks English, he has tapped into his own personal initiative to create great momentum. Simply put, it is William’s commitment, his passion, and his consistent effort that has ignited his growing team. William has been a strong believer in the GIA products, the patented technologies and the vision that GIA offers and he has engaged with an enthusiasm that is contagious. William, we are thrilled to honor you with this month’s well deserved Just Because Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus!

Sue & Don Gronberg
Sue & Don Gronberg Jun 2015

It’s very exciting to see when GIA Consultants are honored more than once with various accolades in GIA Wellness. Sue & Don Gronberg have been recognized with a number of GIA awards and bonuses in the past – and it has always been well deserved! Just over ten days ago, we were again witness to the Gronbergs’ servant leadership in action! Sue Gronberg worked closely with the coordinators of a very well known Wellness Expo in Idaho, where Sue, her husband Don and their team have been present as GIA exhibitors for many years. Last year, Sue arranged for GIA Co-CEO’s Lynda & Alfred Hanser to give a GIA presentation at a “breakout session” during the expo. Well, this year, she took it even a step further and because of her long-standing relationships and consistent stewardship, Sue was able to secure Lynda & Alfred a prominent spot on the official Wellness Expo speaker’s agenda, with a featured 3-hour workshop entitled “Living Well in the Wireless Age”. Sue made sure that the in-depth presentation was promoted properly, and even provided additional ad space in the official Expo program. Along with her husband Don, and their team mates Babs Melka, Jenn Hawks, Brenda Powell and Amy Bassett – the Wyoming-based team generated a significant amount of Group Volume in two jam-packed days following the workshop. Working the GIA expo booth together, the team helped each other out and we know that with continued follow up, there’s still lots more success to come! Congratulations Sue & Don for your tremendous leadership, commitment to GIA, and to your team! Enjoy your well-deserved share in this month’s Just Because Award & $500 Cash Bonus!

Arlene Ehritz
Arlene Ehritz Jun 2015
Junior Director

Arlene, who also earned the GIA “Rookie of the Month” Award in 2014, has consistently shared the importance of the GIA products with her clients, friends, and referrals. As a colon hydro therapist, Arlene has a tremendous appreciation for all the GIA Wellness products and proprietary technologies. It’s been her own personal experience with GIA in helping her son, who lives with autism, that compelled Arlene to start sharing everything that GIA Wellness has to offer, with others. Witnessing the results from ‘everything GIA’, inspires Arlene to now continue that sharing! She has a very busy, hectic schedule, yet finds time and puts energy and effort into making sure people learn abut GIA Wellness. Arlene has expanded her GIA team both in April and May, as well as received much deserved “kudos” from GIA’s VIP Consultant Support Team for her kindness and passion. Part of what makes the GIA Wellness Community so special, are people like Arlene who stay connected to the Inspired Wellness message and continually share it with enthusiasm. We know Arlene loves hearing the stories of her clients benefiting and experiencing true wellness with GIA, as we also know that Arlene very much deserves her share in this prestigious GIA award and will enjoy an unexpected 500 Dollar Cash Bonus – Just Because! Congratulations, Arlene!

Teri Balaska
Teri Balaska May 2015

As a wife, mother, grandmother and nurse, Teri enjoys plenty of opportunities to share her tremendous capacity for love and compassion. She seeks these opportunities to express that care and appreciation for others as often as possible – in a note, a text message, or a gift – as a token of gratitude towards her family and her GIA team, as well. Teri is unwavering in her commitment to further develop her skills as a leader, and shares GIA with such enthusiasm and passion that her team has honored her with multiple “Just Because Award” nominations. Teri simply loves life and anyone in her presence senses that joy! Everyone in GIA appreciates her voice and insights on the conference calls, and her unwavering support in GIA events. In all the years that we have known Teri and watched her consistent commitment, the constancy of her energetic, happy, and optimistic demeanor is a delight. We feel very fortunate to also have had both of her adult children – Sierra and Dane – attend GIA events and to witness that Teri’s open, kind personality can be seen and felt in both of them. Congratulations Teri on sharing this month’s “Just Because” Award, and have fun with your $500 cash bonus!

Sue Johnson
Sue Johnson May 2015
Junior Director

There are some people who light up a room with their energy and smile. Sue Johnson is one of those people. Her voice carries such enthusiasm and genuine joy that a simple welcome on a conference call feels like you’re getting an actual hug. Not only does Sue embrace the responsibility of being a true team player, she is conscientious and eager in her leadership development and team building. Sue embodies GIA’s breakthrough principles to the fullest, and has navigated a cross country move to a brand new city with both grace and determination. Hearing her GIA teammates describe Sue as the “most positive person” they know is a great testament to her consistent, joyful demeanor. She is constantly committed to growing her team and absolutely LOVES sharing GIA with others. As she runs errands during the day, Sue is always making new friends and having a blast along the way. Sue has also impressively jumped into leading GIA conference calls, even setting up a conference call line for the Canadian team, and always looks to make a difference for others. In this historic month of having dual “Just Because” Award honorees, Sue, we’re so happy for you and hope you enjoy your well deserved $500 cash bonus!

Karriemah Harrison
Karriemah Harrison Apr 2015

Several years ago, Karriemah was introduced to GIA Wellness and became passionate about sharing the news. The issues surrounding EMF concern her, and the power of GIA’s TerraGIA line of Inspired Energy products provides her a tremendous sense of joy as she is able to make a difference in the lives of so many people. As is the case with many, the GIA fire burns brightly inside, until something happens and it is truly unleashed. During the last month, Karriemah has either sponsored or reinstated at least 5 GIA team mates, who have gone on to sponsor others. Her sponsor Priscilla Grant shared in her nomination for Karriemah: For the last seven days she has been meeting people non stop, from breakfast until 10pm! She just loves sharing GIA. The beautiful part of all of this is that while Karriemah received multiple nominations from her team, GIA’s own VIP Consultant Support Team had submitted her name as a well. So we are very excited to send Karriemah a well-deserved $1000 Cash Bonus – Just Because!!

Bonnie Henderson
Bonnie Henderson Mar 2015
Junior Director

This month we honor and congratulate Bonnie Henderson of Desert Hot Springs, CA as our Just Because Award & $1,000 Cash Bonus earner. Bonnie first came to GIA as a result of wanting to make sure she was doing everything possible to live a healthy life and address the issues associated with Electromagnetic Radiation. Of course by now, she also loves the phenomenal i-H2O and all things GIA! Bonnie is a woman of faith and dedicated mother to a 14-month-old son, Joseph. Bonnie is also an animal lover and works with Animal Rescue organizations. She has one main purpose, and that is to make a difference in the lives of others. Bonnie is most passionate about getting the word out about GIA’s solutions to the escalating heath issues around EMF. She is also a student of the Network Marketing industry and seeks to learn and grow with an open mind and heart. We were so happy to meet Bonnie, her beautiful son, her mother, and her good friend Maya (who joined Bonnie’s team that day) in Carlsbad, at the recent GIA Wellness Executive Luncheon. All of us could see and feel her genuine enthusiasm and kind heart at the same time. Both Priscilla Grant, her direct sponsor and her GIA senior partner, One-Star Presidential Director John Williams, have been inspired by her initiative. Once she started sharing her passion, Bonnie has expanded her team by participating in multiple three way phone calls. As John says: What I love about Bonnie is that she takes action. I have to keep up with her! She is already implementing strategies and tools that will enable her team to skyrocket to the top levels at GIA. The ‘Just Because’ Award is a well deserved honor! Congratulation Bonnie, and we hope you truly enjoy the unexpected $1,000 Cash Bonus!

As John says: What I love about Bonnie is that she takes action. I have to keep up with her! She is already implementing strategies and tools that will enable her team to skyrocket to the top levels at GIA. The ‘Just Because’ Award is a well deserved honor! Congratulation Bonnie, and we hope you truly enjoy the unexpected $1,000 Cash Bonus!

Priscilla Grant
Priscilla Grant Feb 2015
Senior Director

This month’s Just Because Award & $1,000 Cash Bonus earner is a true example of dedication and loyalty. She is dedicated and loyal to GIA Wellness, but also very devoted to helping others. She is caring, happy, and intent on living a healthy life, while empowering others to do the same. Priscilla Grant is a Naturopathic Doctor, and has years of experience as an Anti-Aging Expert, Biofeedback Specialist, Practitioner, and Instructor. As she works with others who are striving for better health and wellness, Priscilla clearly sees the need for them to incorporate GIA Wellness technologies into their lives. To anybody who meets her, it is very evident that Priscilla has practiced being proactive in living her passion for much of her life. She is compassionate and steadfast in purpose which is definitely felt by those around her – and those who are fortunate enough to cross paths with her. We honor Priscilla’s affiliation with GIA Wellness, as she has been active from the time we opened our doors. While it has been a few years since they’ve spent face-to-face time together, GIA Co-CEO Lynda Cormier-Hanser reflects that Priscilla is one of those women you never forget. She has great energy, and her smile allows you to feel her heart and sense of appreciation for life. Congratulations to Priscilla Grant, who will enjoy a well deserved $1,000 Cash Bonus from GIA – Just Because!

Debbie Hoffman
Debbie Hoffman Jan 2015
One Star Presidential Director

It is with a great deal of pleasure that we congratulate One Star Presidential Director Debbie Hoffman with this month’s Just Because Award & $1,000 Cash Bonus. Debbie continues to lead by example by using proven activities to expand her dynamic GIA team. She is a present and compassionate listener, which genuinely allows her to meet the needs of her potential teammates. Debbie is also extraordinary when it comes to doing 3-way phone calls, as her communication is succinct, on target, and filled with a purpose to serve others. Authentically sharing her story of having worked on Wall Street, it is easy to see why Debbie was so successful there, as her work ethic and personal initiative are both rare and effective. Debbie has also often shared how GIA Wellness has empowered her to lead with her heart – and empowers others to do the same. One of her strongest attributes is her integrity – if Debbie says she’s going to do something, you know it will be done. Recently, amidst Holiday distractions, Debbie was steadfast in her goals, enrolling three new team mates onto her GIA team in less than 48 hours. This is just one of many examples of leadership that gives us such pleasure in congratulating Debbie as our Just Because Award & 1,000 Bonus earner this month! Great job, Debbie!

Kim Harrington
Kim Harrington Dec 2014
Junior Director

This month we are very, VERY happy to announce our Just Because Bonus Earner is Kim Harrington from Jackson, Wyoming. Kim’s refreshing, open communication and personality is fueled by a huge heart. When first meeting Kim in Jackson Hole, WY at the home of Presidential Directors Sue and Don Gronberg, we immediately knew she was a very special, warm hearted, hard working (and animal loving) woman. What we could not have known back then was just how dedicated she would be to her GIA Wellness Business. Kim has consistently sponsored new teammates, earned the Junior Director rank, earned a spot at the Arizona Luxury Retreat, as well as a very special place in our hearts. One of our favorite anecdotes about Kim is how she says she has formed a “new relationship with her mailbox”, and how she is consistently surprised when her “happy bonus checks” from GIA Wellness arrive. As the owner of Teton Electrolysis, Kim loves working with women, and empowering them to feel and look their best. Introduced by GIA Director Jenn Hawkes, Kim works closely with her team and enjoys the “family” atmosphere that GIA provides. Her passion around GIA Wellness was further fueled when she attended the GIA Conference in Orange County (CA) in April 2014, and she then joined us in Arizona at the September Peak Performance event. Her dedication is inspiring, and we know this is just the beginning of her long, successful career with GIA. Congratulations Kim, we hope you enjoy this $1,000 surprise “happy” check from GIA… Just Because!

Sue & Don Gronberg
Sue & Don Gronberg Nov 2014
Presidential Directors

Presidential Directors Sue and Don Gronberg are exemplary leaders. They have achieved every GIA incentive trip possible, and had a plan this year to qualify as soon as possible for the September 2014 Arizona Luxury Retreat, just so that they could help – as many members of their team as possible – to qualify also. And they did just that! They had the most number of team mates – from any GIA Team – earn the Arizona Luxury Retreat! Sue and Don are consistently helping their team set, strive for, and reach their goals. Uncompromising leadership is felt by everyone who works with them, and even the GIA Consultant Support Team comments on just how organized and “on top” of things Sue and Don are each time they are on the phone with GIA Corporate. Sue has an amazing balance of independence and initiative, combined with the awareness of when and how to seek advice or guidance. She gives credit where credit is due and is the consummate servant leader. Don has the ability to exercise patience, as well as providing valuable insights into business building strategy, while always having a high level of passion, enthusiasm and humor. Together, Sue and Don simply make a great team. They both are devoted to a healthy lifestyle and a drive to help others, while employing their own business skills and acumen. It is no surprise that they are true super-star leaders with GIA Wellness. It is with a tremendous amount of joy that we celebrate Sue and Don Gronberg with this month’s greatly deserved Just Because Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus!

Angela O’Brien
Angela O’Brien Oct 2014
Presidential Director

Our October “Just Because” earner is a well known voice in GIA Wellness. As a leader, Presidential Director and constant source of motivation and positive energy, Angela O’Brien has earned herself this heartfelt award from both the GIA Wellness Consultants from across North America, as well as every person in the GIA Corporate office. She is a flag-bearer for each the Breakthrough Principles, and lives every moment from a place of understanding, servant leadership, and genuine compassion. It is not just her positive energy that has earned her the nominations and ultimately this award – it is her continual success in growing her GIA Team, and as a leader. Angela, along with her husband Gary, sponsored 16 people during our initial pre-launch stage of the GIATrim Weight Management System, and she continues to both expand and support her team all across North America and beyond. Angela clearly understands that her “team” includes cross-line support as she has extended her time, insight, and wisdom to other leaders in different organizations, as well to each person who she comes into contact with each and every day. She not only leads the motivational moments on the wake–up calls each morning at 7:45AM, she also makes sure that anyone who is interested has access to these inspirational and thought provoking excerpts in an email. Angela is a passionate, powerful business woman, and an amazing example of leadership for us all. Congratulations to Presidential Director Angela O’Brien who will enjoy a $1,000 Cash Bonus from GIA – JUST BECAUSE!

Kedzie Morgan
Kedzie Morgan Sep 2014

Many people, both in and outside the GIA community know this month’s “Just Because” Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus Earner as a caring Holistic Health Practitioner and Nutrition Specialist. However, the truth is Kedzie Morgan is much more than that. While her unique experience and background has given her a true passion around the genuine need for the GIA Wellness products, her greater vision is directly connected to making a difference and to empowering others. A previous “Rookie of the Month” recipient, we’ve witnessed Kedzie personally sponsor many new GIA Consultants, and help her team grow in depth, which resulted in Kedzie reaching the Director Rank very quickly. Since then, Kedzie has continued to diligently work with her team, helping to coordinate two events in Phoenix/Scottsdale area, with another scheduled in September. When you speak with Kedzie, it is clear that she has a huge heart, and that she loves sharing the big picture of GIA with others. While Kedzie is extremely knowledgeable, and an excellent communicator, she also leverages the power of a team with her Senior Partner – One Star Presidential Debbie Hoffman, and the GIA Corporate Team. We are so thrilled for Kedzie to earn this very special Award and $1,000 “Just Because” Cash Bonus. Here’s to her continued success and ever expanding GIA organization!

Mackie Ramsay
Mackie Ramsay Aug 2014
Junior Director

It is an absolute pleasure to announce Mackie Ramsay (Santa Cruz, CA) as this month’s Just Because Award & $1,000 Bonus Earner. From the moment she discovered GIA Wellness, Mackie started sharing both her GIA vision, and her own enthusiasm with others. She quickly sponsored three new teammates and locked herself in to earn the $100 Team Expansion Bonus from there on out. She has been very active, participating in conference calls, attending GIA events, and even insuring her guests attend events in other States. Mackie was sponsored by her friend Bridget Bagley, after they both attended the Sun Valley Wellness Expo. Working closely with Presidential Director Sue Gronberg, Mackie has done numerous three-way phone calls and helped her growing team duplicate. In a few short months, Mackie has not only personally sponsored several people, she is modeling the simple process of initiating interest, effectively using GIA tools and three-way calls to help her new teammates begin building their own teams. When submitting her nomination, Sue Gronberg shared: “Mackie’s rapid grasp of the big picture – as well as the mission and vision of GIA – is uncanny and evident. Whether with a potential new teammate or with fellow [GIA Consultants] she meets on calls, she shares her discovery of GIA with enthusiasm and joy. Mackie is truly a bright light, wise and eager to participate in as many GIA calls and activities as possible, to help her spread the word about GIA and make a difference.” It is with tremendous JOY that we celebrate Mackie Ramsay with a $1000 “Just Because” Cash Bonus. We look forward to many more moments of celebration with your growing GIA team, Mackie!

Chantal Young
Chantal Young Jul 2014

Every once in a while we see a remarkable standout performance that warrants and then receives recognition through the GIA field leadership, the corporate team, cross-line friends, and teammates. This month’s “Just Because” Award & Bonus Recipient is a GIA Director with an impressive practice of her own, who has made quite an impact in a relatively short period of time, already earning a 7-Day GIA Luxury Cruise through gorgeous Alaska. As a dedicated wife and mother of three beautiful children, Chantal Young is striving to achieve balance, and is certain that GIA is the key to her ongoing health, happiness and growing prosperity. She has recently set a goal of consistently expanding her GIA team with passion and focus. That goal started with ensuring she “fill the room” for a visit from GIA Co-CEO Lynda Cormier-Hanser to Chantal’s hometown of Sudbury, Ontario. With the help of her upline and cross-line team, Chantal met her goal and had almost 40 personal new guests, as well as dozens of current teammates in attendance. She has been committed to follow up with her many excited guests, and has been growing her GIA team each day since. The planning, preparation and professional atmosphere at that GIA event made history, and we are thrilled to congratulate Chantal with an extra $1,000 as this month’s greatly deserving “Just Because” Earner!

Caren Knott
Caren Knott Jun 2014

Caren has been a truly devoted and consistent member of the GIA Wellness family for several years, and was recognized in our 2013 GIA Joy section. Her dedication and passion for health and wellness is illustrated by her devotion to sharing GIA Wellness with others. Her commitment is also evidenced by her actions; Caren will drive near or far – to not only participate, but also to greatly support GIA Wellness events. For example, while she lives quite a distance north of Orange County, Caren has often made her way south to Laguna Niguel to leverage and support GIA4life Transformation Events at Presidential Directors Angela O’Brien’s home. Another example is Caren having driven several hours to attend the most recent GIATrim Pre-launch event in April 2014. After this last event, Caren has gone on to sponsor at least 4 people in the the last 4 weeks alone. Her vision has expanded, her enthusiasm has been unleashed, and in her compassionate, caring way, Caren is creating tremendous momentum with her energy and passion. She was nominated for the prestigious “Just Because” Award not only by several GIA Wellness Consultants, but also by GIA’s own VIP Consultant Support Department. Caren is kind, consistent, and dedicated on all levels. We couldn’t be happier to recognize this amazing lady with both the $1000 Cash Bonus and GIA’s “Just Because” Award. Congratulations Caren …JUST BECAUSE!

Dr. Moira Forsythe & Bill Dobson
Dr. Moira Forsythe & Bill Dobson May 2014
Senior Directors

GIA’s JUST BECAUSE Award is a big honor and a lot of fun each month as an unsuspecting GIA Consultant receives a $1,000 Bonus Check, while not being aware that they’re even in the running for it! This month, our Just Because Award and $1,000 Bonus Earner has not only lived all of the breakthrough principles consistently, she has also exemplified – within the Personal Responsibility attribute – a tremendous amount of INITIATIVE. Along with her partner Bill, Dr. Moira Forsythe has taken it upon herself to create a campaign across America. The ROAAR (Reach Out Across America Road Trip) Campaign started in Los Angeles on April 3rd, 2014, and to date has traversed through Orange County, San Diego and Palm Springs in CA, then through Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas and Missouri, and then back to Colorado where Dr. Moira and Bill continue to support their growing team. Their campaign is far from over, as they are heading back out on the road with plans to head to Ohio, Philadelphia and potentially the Carolinas. But the example of initiative did not begin and end with a cross country road trip. Dr. Moira and Bill also created and used their own ROARR and GIA Wellness branding with stickers, T-shirts, glass water bottles and plan to share GIA Wellness with thousands of people in a very short period of time. Using, Skype, Conference Calls, Facebook, 3-way calls and the new GIATrim blog, Dr. Moira and Bill have been inspiring all of us with their passion and commitment. Many of us know and admire Dr. Moira for her expertise as a coach, naturopath, extreme athleticism and compassion for others, but today we honor both Dr. Moira and Bill for their initiative and example of INSPIRED ACTION! Congratulations and we hope you enjoy your unexpected $1,000 Cash Bonus …Just Because!

Linda Nelson
Linda Nelson Apr 2014

It is with great joy that we congratulate Director Linda Nelson for this month’s Just Because Award & $1,000 Cash Bonus. Linda has been and incredible example of consistency, determination, and heartfelt dedication in GIA. Yes, Linda is dedicated to GIA Wellness, but that dedication is also a direct reflection of a devotion to her goals, passion and vision for her life. While she has a strong, vibrant spirit and engaging personality, Linda has admitted that she doesn’t “love” getting up in front of the room to share – yet she does, in a beautiful and impactful way! When Linda speaks, people listen. She gives and shares of herself – her GIA testimonials, her desires and goals – with others and has consistently built her team, stretched herself and joyfully grows as a leader – every single day. Linda consistently attends GIA4life transformation events in addition to holding her own GIA gatherings, and has consistently had new front level team mates join her team – with as many as three of them joining in a single day in March alone! Linda has also worked closely with her cross-line GIA team, her upline Director Teri Balaska, as well as One Star Presidential Director Ming Lovejoy – all of whom soundly agree that Linda is greatly deserving of this month’s Just Because Award & $1,000 Cash Bonus! Congratulations Linda, keep up the great work!

Sherri Sullivan
Sherri Sullivan Mar 2014

This month we are thrilled to congratulate “Just Because Award & $1,000 Bonus” recipient Sherri Sullivan, GIA Diretor from Portland, OR. For starters, Sherri is one of the kindest, most caring people you’ll ever meet, and she exudes a tremendous level of authenticity and integrity regardless of with whom she interacts. Sherri fell in love with GIA Wellness for what the life-changing products could do for people, but also for what the GIA Abundance Plan can offer in the way of unlimited possibility and financial security. As a hairstylist, Sherri has so many clients and friends who appreciate how she looks after them – it’s that level of genuinely caring about people that has also noticeably translated into her GIA Business success. Ever since Sherri has been a part of the GIA Wellness team, she has been joyful and consistent in sharing her vision with and for others. Sherri is simply a wonderful leader – who gives her heart to her growing team, and also works closely with her upline mentor, One Star Presidential Director, Ming Lovejoy (Kalispell, MT). Naturally, we are excited to be honoring Sherri Sullivan not only with the “Just Because” Award, but also with her greatly deserved $1,000 Cash Bonus. Congratulations Sherri on what you’ve already accomplished so far, and – yes – congratulations in advance for all the future success we already know you will have in GIA!

Ming Lovejoy
Ming Lovejoy Feb 2014
One Star Presidential Director

Every month as we announce the Just Because Bonus earner, we are filled with joy as we read through each nomination. This month we are celebrating One Star Presidential Director Ming Lovejoy. Ming has been a dynamic firecracker in GIA WELLNESS from her very beginning, and has been unwavering in her devotion to her dreams and to GIA since the moment she decided to be a part of the GIA team.

While Ming has continued to build her large, strong organization, she has been dedicated to her own personal development, to her leadership skills, and to continually seeking to be a loving mother to three beautiful, accomplished young ladies. In 2013, Ming had the most new GIA Directors in her organization, and continues to expand her team while she supports her emerging leaders. She also makes herself available to other GIA Wellness teams, as she so eloquently shares the vision of GIA with the world.

As a Princeton Graduate, Ming brings to GIA a tremendous intellect, and even bigger heart. Ming, we hope that you enjoy your $1,000 Cash Bonus, as we honor you as this month’s deserving “Just Because” Award Recipient!

Laine & Chris Fabijanic
Laine & Chris Fabijanic Jan 2014
Senior Directors

It is with great JOY that we announce this month’s Just Because Award earners, Laine and Chris Fabijanic. From the very first moment Laine joined GIA Wellness, she made a huge difference. She has the wonderful combination of an open heart, and good old-fashioned drive to succeed. Her example of genuine love of others and passion for both physical and financial health has contributed to her growth as a leader and team builder with GIA. Along with her husband, Chris, who is an expert in health and wellness and has his own holistic practice in Colorado, they make a powerful couple dedicated to empowering others in the areas of Growth, Inspiration, and Abundance. Over the years as they have expanded their beautiful family, Laine and Chris have never wavered in their dedication to GIA, to their team and to their vision for the future. Recently, Laine has inspired us all with her clear passion and vision for expanding her growing, dynamic team and being an example of true leadership. Congratulations to Laine and Chris as they earn a well deserved $1,000.00 Cash Bonus …Just Because!

Susan Kibbey
Susan Kibbey Dec 2013

It is with GREAT joy that we announce this month’s “Just Because” Bonus Earner. Often when we have nominations, we experience such joy in doing what we call the “write up” on the special recipient. This month, however we are using, almost verbatim, one of the email nominations from the earner’s senior partner. Once you read it, you will see why:

“She has earned the Abundance Club! She accomplished the Gold Club! She has earned the GIA Joy Award! She has been to almost every conference! She has been on just about all the calls. She has overcome her challenges about follow-up. She is one of the most positive people on the planet. Her enthusiasm for GIA, network marketing and life, is HUGE! She has persevered and persevered and persevered. She is at the tipping point of soaring! She has been a featured guest on so many of the recent wake up calls. She is helping her team grow, and is doing GIA4life parties. She is on FIRE!!!”

The only thing we will add is – CONGRATULATIONS to Susan Kibbey, who in addition to all of the above, has been a tremendous crossline support, shining example, exemplary student and a true GIA GEM! Susan, we hope you enjoy your well-deserved $1000.00 cash bonus, and all of our heartfelt celebrations in your honor!

Jennifer Nelson-Hawks, CI, CMA, RPT
Jennifer Nelson-Hawks, CI, CMA, RPT Nov 2013

Jenn has been fascinated for many years by alternative modalities of healing and in assisting the body to be well and balanced by the most natural means possible. Her passion to help others and make a difference in their lives is received with great respect, appreciation, and love from her clients. As a Certified Medical Assistant, Certified Iridologist, and Asyra Pro BioEnergetic practitioner, Jenn is acutely aware of how the energetic systems of the body are influenced by our personal and physical environment. She was quick to see the value and power GIA brings to the wellness arena, and how that power can help people in the key areas of their lives including their financial health. From day one, Jennifer recognized and appreciated the “dynamic interaction with her team.” She began sharing GIA with a contagious enthusiasm and her work – with the help of her sponsor, Babs Melka and senior partner, Sue Gronberg – resulted in breakthroughs for her clients. She also earned Cash Bonuses for achieving Abundance Club and Junior Director within a 14 day period. Jenn excitedly attended GIA’s October 2013 Conference in Orange County and inspired us all with her energy and passion. She returned to Wyoming to continue building her GIA team quickly and – at press time – was on track reach Director and qualify for the prestigious GIA Gold Club. Jenn is clearly creating wonderful things with GIA. We are so proud to have her on our team and we congratulate her with this great award and a well deserved $1,000 Cash Bonus… Just Because!

Sue Johnson, aka “Hempy Sue”
Sue Johnson, aka “Hempy Sue” Oct 2013
Junior Director
Karen Beth
Karen Beth Sep 2013
Executive Director

It is with great joy that we announce this month’s “Just Because” Award & $1,000 Cash Bonus earner, Karen Beth. She has been a true leader with GIA Wellness for several years, always exemplifying every one of the Breakthrough Principals. Recently – on a call with two of her teammates, Karen’s ears must have been “ringing” as they were singing her praises of patience, leadership and dedication. You likely have received Karen’s recordings of the morning “wake up calls” that she consistently captures and sends to anyone who wants to listen to them again, or who can’t make it to the live call. Karen has participated in many GIA events, conference calls, meetings, Circle of Growth, and in every interaction she is present, graceful and intent on learning and growing. She is eloquent in writing, speech and song as she shares her passion for GIA and Wellness with others with grace and consistency. Karen always expresses her loyalty by her constant participation, and recently did a great job leading GIA morning calls while some of us where away on the Alaskan Cruise. Congratulations Karen, and we hope you have fun and do good with your well deserved $1,000 Just Because Cash Bonus!

Linda Patten
Linda Patten Aug 2013

We couldn’t be any more thrilled to honor GIA Director Linda Patten with this month’s “Just Because” Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus. Since joining GIA, Linda has shown consistent dedication to her dreams, to her family, to her team and to GIA Wellness. An entrepreneur at heart, Linda is accustomed to running her own business, and has applied much of her initiative to her growing GIA organization. Last month, Linda left the beautiful island of Maui – while on vacation – and flew to Honolulu to support her GIA team. Not only were they grateful and appreciative, but – while Linda was there – she inspired more than two dozen people by sharing GIA and her vision. Helping her team reach new ranks and staying true to her own goals, Linda has found joy and growth in the process. Linda is also a dedicated student of personal development and uses the power of visualization and affirmations to keep her on track and focused. This month we honor our future Presidential Director in GIA – Linda Patten – with the prestigious “Just Because” Award and $1,000 Cash bonus! Congratulations Linda, well done!

Dr. Moira Forsyth
Dr. Moira Forsyth Jul 2013

In honoring this month’s “Just Because Award & $1,000 Bonus Earner,” we are thrilled to share that Dr. Moira Forsythe has truly shown herself to be a stand out GIA Wellness Leader. Moira has consistently built her GIA Team with passion, dedication and grace. While she lives in the small, beautiful mountain top community of Crestone Colorado, Moira has reached far and wide to expand her team. As many GIA Consultants know, Moira has been a certified professional coach and naturopathic practitioner for over 30 years. It is Moira’s passion for the dynamic power of the GIA business, in conjunction with the GIA products that fuels much of her desire. As much as Moira knows about the human body, mind and spirit, she also knows that financial health is critical and ignites that understanding in her GIA team and potential teammates. You often hear Moira’s voice on many GIA calls and her insights and wisdom provide extraordinary contributions to the entire GIA Wellness community. Together with her partner Bill, they are creating a life of Inspired Wellness, in true GIA style. We are thrilled to honor and congratulate Dr. Moira Forsythe with this prestigious award and an extra $1,000 Cash Bonus …Just Because!

Akemi & Marlin Cardon
Akemi & Marlin Cardon Jun 2013
Senior Directors

What a joy to award Senior Directors Akemi & Marlin Cardon with the May 2013 “Just Because” Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus! This dynamic couple is a model of team-support, generosity of spirit, and consistency – in everything they do in GIA. They are on every GIA call – contributing with their great energy and insights – they consistently do GIA presentations, they are incredibly supportive of the mission of the company and their team, and so much more. Speaking of team, Akemi and Marlin not only have cultivated an inspired group of GIA team-members in the U.S., but their Canadian team is growing by leaps and bounds also, for example as a result of working with dynamic women such as April Rookie-of-the-Month Award Recipient Elsie Belcheff of Saskatchewan, Canada. Akemi and Marlin have also helped organize one of the most transformational “Roots and Wings” Breakthrough Programs for teenagers in Southern California and they are shining examples of GIA’s “servant leadership” philosophy. Congratulations to you – Akemi and Marlin Cardon – on the greatly deserved “Just Because” Award and $1,000.00 Cash Bonus and thank you for your continued support and leadership!

Dorje Root
Dorje Root May 2013
Junior Director

Congratulations to this month’s “Just Because Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus” recipient, Junior Director Dorje Root from Crestone, CO. Dorje has been a professional herbalist and energy healer for over 20 years and is a registered herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild. Dorje has been a source of inspiration and steadfast focus on growing her GIA business to the sustainable level she desires. Her systematic study of how networking can be graciously applied in a small town has been an inspiring model for those she is sponsoring. She has been instrumental in organizing wellness groups over the years and is a master at networking practitioners with one another. She has also spent many hours in study with Native American healers and Buddhist teachers over the years and brings a sense of true community building and servant leadership to everything she does. Dorje has been imminently coachable and a real gem to watch as she has stepped into ever increasing levels of leadership with her GIA team. She and her husband Don work collaboratively in several different business ventures in Crestone, Colorado and both see GIA as being a vehicle to afford them the time freedom to truly enjoy retirement in the not too distant future. A heartfelt congratulations from everyone at GIA to Dorje for her well deserved $1,000.00 Cash Bonus and Award – “Just Because”!

Chantal Young
Chantal Young Apr 2013

Congratulations to this month’s “Just Because Award and $1,000 Cash Bonus” recipient, Director Chantal Young from Sudbury, Canada. Chantal is a devoted wife and mother of three. To hear her talk about her family and the beautiful team she has developed with her husband, two daughters and son, you learn quickly that Chantal cares deeply and works diligently to keep her family thriving! The same care that goes into her own family has extended to her GIA Wellness family as well. Working full time in a Wellness Clinic, Chantal has found a way to fuel the fire of her quickly growing GIA team. Her expertise in the importance of detoxification and wellness led her to GIA Wellness. Since then, her passion for also empowering others with financial health has grown tremendously and she feels compelled to share the entire vision of growth in health and well being, inspiration and abundance with others. She has worked closely with her team to help them reach their goals and already achieved the GIA rank of “Director” herself early this year. Chantal is a loving woman of tremendous strength, courage and desire to make a difference. We honor and congratulate Chantal with the much deserved $1,000.00 Cash Bonus and Award – “Just Because”!

Patti Polinard
Patti Polinard Mar 2013
Junior Director

Congratulations to this month’s “Just Because Award & $1,000 Bonus” recipient, “Junior Director” Patti Polinard. As a Holistic Practitioner, Patti’s focus is – and always has been – to make a difference in the lives of others, especially when it comes to their health and wellness. She is passionate about empowering others to take ownership of their well-being, and uses the GIA Wellness products as an integral part of her practice. Patti has an extensive background in Dark-Field Microscopy and Metaphysics. In June 2012, she attended the GIA Wellness Regional Event in San Antonio, Texas, and then actively shared her vision around GIA with others, which resulted in her earning the 5-Star Arizona Luxury Retreat in September 2012. Throughout the last few months, Patti has continued to illustrate her beautiful spirit in sharing emails, calls and reaching out to GIA Corporate, expressing her gratitude for the personal development calls and support extended to the entire GIA Team. Patti even accelerated her efforts to qualify for the “Double Quick Start Bonus” and has shown to be an inspiring advocate of the business, as well as for the transformational GIA products. Congratulations again to Patti Polinard for earning the much deserved “Just Because Award & $1,000 Cash Bonus!”

Sue Pellerin
Sue Pellerin Feb 2013
Senior Director

Congratulations to Senior Director Sue Pellerin for earning the $1,000 Just Because Award & Bonus. One thing people immediately notice about Sue is her contagious energy. She is passionate, energetic, and effervescent. As a dedicated leader in GIA Wellness, she has grown a sizable team and recently re-dedicated herself to her business and her amazing team growing in her native Sudbury, Canada. Everyone who meets Sue is also impressed with her knowledge of health and wellness as she is a Registered Nutritionist and a Certified Blood Microscopist. Sue’s background further includes the study of biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, anatomy, physiology, nutrition and herbology, plus psychology and anthropology. All of her wisdom, insight and education are magnified by her huge heart that emanates pure joy and servant leadership. Sue is always positive and has continued to be a light of optimism while overcoming many life challenges. Her passion for the GIA wellness products and business fuels her activity, but Sue will tell you that it is also GIA’s “Roots-and-Wings” (RAW) Movement that keeps her inspired everyday. She has been a part of GIA Wellness since the company’s inception, and has earned many well deserved awards along the way. A Gold Club member, Circle of Growth Founding member and beautiful example of all the Breakthrough Principles, Sue Pellerin is a tremendous leader and we are very happy to honor her as this month’s Just Because Award and $1,000 Bonus Recipient!

Angela O’Brien
Angela O’Brien Jan 2013
Presidential Director

As a Presidential Director, Angela O’Brien is mastering the daily challenge of helping her existing team while continuing to personally expand her organization. You hear her joyful voice every morning on the “GIA Wake up calls” and chances are that you also receive her daily inspirational emails, which help everybody get centered and focused on all that’s powerful in life and GIA. Angela’s leadership style epitomizes all of GIA Wellness “Breakthrough Principles.” She happily helps “crossline” GIA friends with 3-way phone calls, she leads by example in her devotion to sharing the GIA business vision, she has earned multiple GIA Awards and Incentive Trips, and she has a constantly positive outlook on business and live. We hear Angela’s voice and insights on EVERY GIA Conference Call, and while she knows the “ins and outs” of our referral marketing industry thanks to years of experience, she’s always open to learning and seeking new insights in the spirit of constant improvement. Congratulations to someone very special who always “moves her feet” – enjoy your well deserved $1,000.00 Cash Bonus Reward… just because!

Sue & Gronberg
Sue & Gronberg Dec 2012
Presidential Directors

CONGRATULATIONS to Sue and Don Gronberg a highly dynamic GIA duo from Wilson, Wyoming who are deservedly the first GIA Consultants to repeat as “Just Because Award & Bonus” Recipients. Already having achieved this distinguished honor in 2010 as a result of their consistent growth, leadership and “going above and beyond” attitude, Sue and Don have since taken their leadership to an even higher level. They’ve since achieved the rank of Presidential Director and their list of accomplishments in GIA is both long and impressive: They are GIA Abundance Club Founders, Gold Club Members, earned the Director Consistency Bonus, are Members of the Circle of Growth, have hosted multiple large GIA Wellness events in Wyoming, they’ve earned the 2011 Caribbean Cruise, the 2012 GIA Luxury Retreat in Arizona and they were the first GIA Consultants to already earn the “Balcony Upgrade” – on their way to qualifying for the 2013 Alaskan Luxury Cruise! Also, in true spirit of servant leadership, Sue has worked closely with December 2012 “Rookie of the Month” Award Recipient Sandy Vehar, helping train and partnering with Sandy to hold a number of GIA presentations. A heartfelt congratulations from everybody at GIA to Sue and Don Gronberg as this month’s “Just Because Award & $1,000.00 Cash Bonus Recipients”!

Kurt Wilkins
Kurt Wilkins Nov 2012

Congratulations to Kurt Wilkins from Nampa, Idaho – this month’s “Just Because Award & $1,000.00 Cash Bonus” Recipient. Many in GIA know Kurt Wilkins’ voice from GIA Conference and Training Calls. Kurt recently joined GIA Wellness, yet has made a tremendous impact already. For several months Kurt worked on creating a system that fosters and enables business duplication with a comprehensive online program that helps people first learn about GIA Wellness, and then helps them launch and grow their business. Kurt has had many years of both experience and success in our industry, and we’re thrilled that after years of searching for the right company and income opportunity, he saw the power of GIA Wellness both products and in the abundance plan and jumped on board. As GIA Consultants learned and tried his system, the “JUST Because” Award nominations for Kurt came rolling in all month long. Congratulations Kurt, well done – we celebrate you as this month’s “Just Because Award & $1,000.00 Cash Bonus Recipient”!

May Fung
May Fung Oct 2012
Junior Director

Congratulations to May Fung for earning the Just Because Award & $1,000.00 Cash Bonus this month. May admits that in a very short period of time GIA has become a big part of her life. Her enthusiasm is clearly contagious as she has accomplished the GIA Abundance Club and Junior Director rank, has earned and enjoyed the GIA Luxury Retreat in Arizona, and continues to build a team by adding new team members throughout September. May has a very busy schedule, as she home-schools her children and tends to her family with joy and a sense of privilege. We recognize May as an emerging leader through all her accomplishments, and by meeting her in Arizona we got a chance to feel her heart and passion. This smart and talented woman has shared GIA Wellness primarily through her example of “joyful living.” She is quick to send a “Thank You” email to GIA Corporate, follows up on calls and – in a very balanced way – is continually growing her GIA team. May also takes the time to devote to her own personal growth, and education by reading and participating on as many GIA calls as she can. For all of this and so much more, we congratulate Junior Director May Fung as this month’s Just Because Award & $1,000.00 Cash Bonus Recipient!

Lorri Lockyer
Lorri Lockyer Sep 2012
Junior Director

Congratulations to this month’s “Just Because Award & Bonus” recipient, Lorri Lockyer. Lorri’s passion for helping others has been evident from day one. Many of us know Lorri from her consistent participation on conference calls and GIA events. What you may not know is Lorri is an avid equestrian who successfully competes with her beloved horse. She also has tremendous determination, conviction and compassion for others. Despite her schedule, Lorri has always made time to be a student of personal growth, leadership development and of the referral marketing industry. Since all of us at GIA have known her, Lorri has grown into a wonderful leader and example to others, most recently earning the Junior Director position and the Luxury Leadership Retreat in Arizona. Lorri’s joy and laughter is contagious, as her energy is felt by everyone who meets her. Congratulations again to Lorri, we hope you enjoy your well deserved $1,000 “Just Because” Cash Bonus!

Mary Ann Schultz
Mary Ann Schultz Aug 2012

From the beginning, Mary Ann has been a true product of the GIA products – using them, sharing the impact they’ve had on her health and “looks,” as she continues to grow her team in NY. Even with a full time job in a law firm – Mary Ann NEVER misses a GIA wakeup call, and she’s on every evening call also. She even does GIA meetings before her day job begins, makes calls on her lunch hour and does presentations after work in the late evening and on Saturdays. Mary Ann has done more 3-way calls in her short time with GIA than many people do in a year. She seeks coaching with joy and implements it immediately to grow her business. Her vision is clear for herself, her family and EVERYONE she invites to GIA. Mary Ann is also a true servant leader, as she learns about the dreams of others and helps them achieve them. Congratulations to Mary Ann – who always has and shares a positive attitude – for earning the $1,000.00 Cash Bonus as a result of being selected this month’s “Just Because” Award Recipient!

Dan Perry
Dan Perry Jul 2012

Dan Perry joined GIA on the last day of April 2012 and was passionate about his decision from day one. Dan is a wonderful gentleman who caught the GIA vision from his sponsor Johanna Rohde. He had amazing results with the GIA products and shared the gift of GIA with many – in one day alone Dan had two people join his team. Even more exciting – of those two people who joined his team that day, one has already sponsored a new GIA teammate, who in turn sponsored someone else! This “leg” of Dan’s organization is already four levels deep, and a great example of duplication. Dan’s vision is clear: While he loves the GIA products and results, he is thrilled to communicate the financial benefit of sharing the GIA vision! Having just recently sold his Café, Dan is now seeking to put even more effort into expanding his growing GIA Business. We would like to send our heartfelt congratulations to Dan Perry for earning the $1,000.00 Cash Bonus as a result of being selected this month’s deserving “Just Because” Award Recipient!

Kebra & Dave Stapp
Kebra & Dave Stapp Jun 2012
Presidential Directors

Both Kebra and Dave Stapp have a strong passion to make a difference. While they started their GIA Wellness career with a high level of emphasis on the efficacy and importance of the GIA products, both Kebra and Dave will tell you that it’s the combination of products, personal development, and prosperity that drives them now. Dave will be the first one to share with others his admiration of Kebra’s effective, compelling communication style. Truth is they both share a commitment to serve others that shines through in every conversation. Since rising quickly to the prestigious rank of “Presidential Directors,” the Stapps have been devoted to their goals, their team and their vision by always staying connected to GIA calls, meetings and events. It is with great joy that we celebrate Kebra and Dave’s long standing loyalty to GIA Wellness and their continued mission to make a difference on this planet. They are true ambassadors of vision, belief, personal responsibility, team, gratitude and desire. Congratulations to Kebra and Dave Stapp – enjoy your $1000.00 Cash Bonus – “Just Because!”

Teri Balaska
Teri Balaska May 2012

Teri Balaska has represented GIA Wellness with all her heart for as long as she has as been enrolled, and what a beautiful heart it is. You have heard Teri on conference calls, and met her at GIA Events. Recently, Teri stepped into a new level of passion and reached the Director rank .As her friend and sponsor One Star Presidential Director Ming Lovejoy says, “She is a heart based leader and is sharing GIA with compassion, servant leadership and confidence and is serving her team in so many ways! You should see her in action… Focused, articulate, a good listener, and so coachable. I am so proud of her.” All of us at GIA Wellness have been inspired by Teri and her enthusiasm, commitment, and dedication to her personal growth and business development. We honor Teri and celebrate her as she enjoys her $1000.00 Cash Bonus “Just Because”!

Kat Juarez
Kat Juarez Apr 2012

When a new GIA Wellness Consultant catches the vision and creates a whirlwind of activity, it is a very thrilling thing to witness. In Kat Juarez’s case, this GIA Wellness bundle of energy left the February 2012 event in Orange County with a mission and purpose. She shared GIA, then shared some more, then even shared some more – until she was on track to qualify for the prestigious GIA Abundance Club, the Gold Club AND achieving the “Director” rank – all of it in less than 6 weeks. Kat is passionate, a specimen of health, with a heart of GOLD and just starting her highly promising GIA Wellness career. We know that Kat Juarez will continue to grow and rise up the GIA ranks because she cares about helping others, she cares about health, and about inspiring others, as she inspires us simply by being who she is! Congratulations to Kat Juarez for earning the $1,000.00 Cash Bonus as a result of being selected this month’s “Just Because” Award Recipient!

Linda Patten
Linda Patten Mar 2012

Congratulations to Linda Patten for being the March 2012 “Just Because Bonus” Award & $1,000 Cash Bonus Recipient. From the moment she enrolled in GIA Wellness, Linda has exemplified a focused entrepreneurial spirit combined with true servant leadership. Her GIA team expansion and momentum materialized quickly, as she accomplished Abundance Club, Gold Club, the Director position and membership in GIA’s “Circle of Growth” in her first 90 days! Linda has also traveled from Northern California to attend every GIA Conference since – including Wyoming and Orange County – and we all hear her voice and valuable input on many GIA Conference calls. Linda has a beautiful spirit and always expresses her gratitude and dedication to her fellow GIA team members. Congratulations again Linda to your “Just Because” Award & 1,000 Cash Bonus – enjoy it, it’s well deserved!

John Williams
John Williams Feb 2012
One Star Presidential Director

What an honor to congratulate One-Star Presidential Director John Williams with the February 2012 “Just Because” Bonus! Clearly John has been an example of tremendous leadership for years. However, if you were to ask John the most important element to building a team, building a GIA Business and building a life – he would tell you – it’s VISION. John has an ability to hold the vision for himself, as well as others. As a great coach and communicator, John is relentless in his pursuit of freedom and empowering others to experience the same. Hosting the morning Wake Up calls EVERY morning started as a nice way to connect the entire team, and has become a staple force within GIA, and platform for inspiration, training and communication for every GIA Independent Consultant. Thank you John for your leadership and we hope you enjoy your well deserved $1000.00 cash bonus – Just Because!

Yoon Ahn
Yoon Ahn Jan 2012

Yoon has been such a tremendous help to all of her GIA team, and she’s always encouraging and inspiring those around her. As her team has said, she works with EVERYBODY and “Yoon reminds us of all promotions so we can make use of them in our business. Her diligent work in making our presentations better and better is amazing. Yoon will pick you up out of a bad mood with her smiling face.” Yoon is an example of servant leadership in GIA, as she seeks opportunities to help others fulfill their physical and financial dreams. Congratulations Yoon to all your success and for earning the greatly deserved “Just Because” Award and $1,000.00 Cash Bonus!

Carol Leitner (Award & Bonus Co-Recipient)
Carol Leitner (Award & Bonus Co-Recipient) Dec 2011

Carol has been a passionate advocate of the GIA Wellness products and business for several years. Upon meeting Carol, you immediately feel that she cares about people – a lot. In addition to holding an MBA and being an entrepreneur, Carol is also very spiritual and wellness focused. Her life is about balance, peace and continual growth. As a yoga instructor, Carol has a thorough understanding of the mind/body connection and has always been a beautiful ambassador of the GIA vision and mission. She participates and contributes her insights on many GIA conference calls, and has been working closely with her team and expanding her organization with intention and purpose. Congratulations Carol on being our second December 2011 “Just Because” Award and $1,000.00 Cash Bonus Earner!

Cathy Courtenay-Smith (Award & Bonus Co-Recipient)
Cathy Courtenay-Smith (Award & Bonus Co-Recipient) Dec 2011

Cathy brings her loving presence, warm smile, and thoughtful insights to each GIA Wellness Event and Conference Call. While Cathy has moved across the country and gone through many transitions, one thing has never changed – her “immovable” spirit and dedication to sharing GIA Wellness with others. Cathy is a Director with GIA, a member of the “Circle of Growth,” and an extraordinary example what it looks like to both lead and be a team player, at the same time. As a massage therapist, she has an intuitive sense of what others need. She believes in, and admirably represents the GIA Wellness culture of servant leadership. Congratulations Cathy on being one of our two December 2011 “Just Because” Award and $1,000.00 Cash Bonus Earners!

Denise & Bryon Moseley
Denise & Bryon Moseley Nov 2011

It is with a tremendous amount of joy and celebration that we congratulate Denise and Bryon Moseley from Utopia, Texas as our November “Just Because” Bonus earners. From their first days in GIA, both Denise and Bryon have led with their heart. They share their vision and hope for the future with passion and grace. As Directors and “Circle of Growth” members, Denise and Bryon ALWAYS lead by example. It is their consistent effort in presentations, participation on conference calls, team expansion, goal setting and dedication that inspires us as well as their growing team. Congratulations for all your success and for earning the greatly deserved “Just Because” Award and $1,000.00 Cash Bonus!

Babs Melka
Babs Melka Oct 2011

A warm “GIA Congratulations” to Babs Melka, who is this month’s “Just Because” Award Recipient. Babs is a widely known and highly respected Compounding Pharmacist and a key member of the fast growing GIA Team in Wyoming. One attribute that definitely describes Babs is PASSION. She has a passion for health and wellness, as well as a passion for helping others feel and be their best. There is a certain wonderful quality that Babs exudes right alongside that passion, and that is confidence in her ability and knowledge. Babs has mentored, inspired and contributed her expertise to many colleagues, to her community, and to many Independent GIA Consultants. As a Director and Circle of Growth member, Babs continues to be an eager student of Personal Growth and a short while ago, was an incredible example of servant leadership in helping tremendously with the success of the most recent GIA Wellness event in Jackson Hole. Congratulations again to Babs for earning the greatly deserved “Just Because” Award and $1,000.00 Cash Bonus!

Akemi & Marlin Cardon
Akemi & Marlin Cardon Sep 2011
Senior Directors

A warm, heartfelt congratulations to Senior Directors Akemi and Marlin Cardon who are our most recent “Just Because” Award Recipients and Bonus earners. Most GIA Consultants know Akemi and Marlin as great leaders who participate actively on all the GIA Wellness Conference Calls and lend their helpful hands at every possible occasion. They are also “Circle of Growth” Members who both live and represent every Breakthrough Principle as they build their GIA Wellness business. Knowing Akemi and Marlin very well, we know that their driving purpose is providing the inspirational “Roots and Wings” Program for as many young adults as possible. Both Akemi and Marlin always lead by example, as illustrated – yet again – by them having been among the very first GIA Consultants to register for the September 2011 Wyoming event. Congratulations to you – Akemi and Marlin – on the greatly deserved “Just Because” Award and $1,000.00 Cash Bonus!

Clive & Martha Gurwitz
Clive & Martha Gurwitz Aug 2011
One-Star Presidential Directors

As One-Star Presidential Directors, 2009 Co-Consultants of the Year, and 2010 “Team” Award earners, Martha and Clive Gurwitz have earned every award, incentive trip and rank advancement possible. This month, after concluding a GIA Wellness road trip that took them across the country, Martha and Clive Gurwitz can now add the “Just Because” Bonus to their list of accomplishments. They are tireless in their commitment and it shows in the strength of their team. They have a dedication to their team that is unparalleled; Martha and Clive are both propelled to make a difference in the lives of others both physically and financially. We are thrilled to celebrate Martha and Clive with this additional $1,000.00 “Just Because” Cash Bonus. From all of us at GIA Wellness, we congratulate you.

Ming Lovejoy
Ming Lovejoy Jul 2011
Presidential Director

Congratulations to GIA Presidential Director Ming Lovejoy, whose example of leadership, commitment, and dedication defines her business mindset. Ming has always led with her intention to serve others. As a tenacious student, she continues to grow personally as she expands her GIA team. Ming’s success in continually qualifying as a Presidential Director and representing GIA as a “Roots-and-Wings (RAW) Ambassador” happens as a result of her heart, her passion, and her tremendous team. Congratulations Ming, on the well-deserved “Just Because” Award and $1,000.00 Cash Bonus!

Yun Chon
Yun Chon Jun 2011
Senior Director

Congratulations to Yun Chon who exemplifies servant leadership each and every day. Yun has reached the Senior Director level, earned her position in Circle of Growth, supported her team in all time zones, helped share the GIA vision in multiple languages, and recently supported the RAW movement with her daughter in Montana. Congratulations to Yun Chon who earns an additional one-thousand dollar cash bonus “Just Because.”

Asha Stokes
Asha Stokes May 2011
Senior Director

We are thrilled to honor GIA Senior Director Asha Stokes with this month’s “Just Because” Award & Bonus. From the time she started her GIA Wellness Business, Asha has been a beautiful example to us all. She paved the way by earning the rewarding “Forever Bonus”, reaching her goals, qualifying for the Caribbean Cruise, earning membership in the “Circle of Growth” Founding Members Club, and most recently was honored with the prestigious “Gratitude” Award at the “Bridge to Abundance” Celebration in January. Asha has a great love for life, for people, and for GIA. Her compassion is felt by everyone who is fortunate enough to know her. Asha’s dedication and commitment are unwavering and we congratulate her for earning this $1,000.00 Cash Bonus… “Just Because!”

Angela O’Brien
Angela O’Brien Apr 2011
Presidential Director

Angela O’Brien has lived every one of the “Breakthrough Principles” from the moment she started her GIA business. Her Vision is fueled with contagious optimism, and her Belief and conviction define her. Angela’s Personal Responsibility is felt by her immediate GIA Wellness Team, by her extended and cross line team, as well as by the corporate office. In every conversation and interaction, you can feel Angela’s Gratitude for life. She has supported GIA’s North American growth, as well as illustrated her unwavering devotion and commitment to the Australia and New Zealand organizations. Thank you, Presidential Director and RAW Ambassador, Angela O’Brien for your example of true servant leadership.

Tracy Hillis
Tracy Hillis Mar 2011
Senior Director

Congratulations to Tracy Hillis out of Utopia Texas!!! Tracy has always represented the essence of what GIA stands for – Servant Leadership. Tracy has a passion for health, seen clearly in her radiant smile filled with love and compassion. She has consistently built her team with a JOY that is contagious. Tracy has earned her second cruise, a consistency bonus, and a place in the Circle of growth. Recently, she has hosted large events in Texas, and continues to expand her team with beautiful leadership. We honor Tracy Hillis “just because!” Tracy, we have only one question for you… “What is going on?”

Eleanor Kibrick
Eleanor Kibrick Feb 2011
Senior Director

Eleanor Kibrick has earned the $1000.00 “Just Because” bonus for February 2011. Eleanor has been a longstanding, joyful GIA Independent Consultant, and is a beautiful example of consistency, dedication and commitment. The one thing you’ll notice immediately when you meet Eleanor is that SHE CARES. She cares about people, she cares about health, and she cares about making a difference. Eleanor’s voice brings enthusiasm to every conference call and event. As a standout leader, and caring individual, we are happy to Congratulate Eleanor Kibrick “Just Because.”

Karen Beth
Karen Beth Jan 2011
Executive Director

We are thrilled to announce Executive Director Karen Beth as the FIRST “Just Because Bonus” earner of 2011. Karen Beth has received more cumulative nominations than any ONE recipient since the inception of the bonus in mid 2010. Karen not only is an incredible leader to her own team, she is also a wonderful example to all of us at GIA Wellness. Her contributions, insights and participation on conference calls, in the Circle of Growth and at GIA Events is a constant source of inspiration and encouragement. She is a perpetual student dedicated to increasing her skills so that she can be the best mentor and leader to others. Karen, we think you ARE the best! Thank you and congratulations – “Just because!”

Jen Bach
Jen Bach Dec 2010

Congratulations to Jennifer Bach! As a wife and mother of two young boys, Jennifer has her hands full – Full of JOY that is! In the short time Jen has been a part of GIA Wellness, she has reached Director, Gold Club, and Elite 100 Abundance Club. She has earned a spot on the 2011 Caribbean Cruise, helped others on her team reach Director, facilitated training calls, presentations, participated on virtually every conference call, been invited to Circle of Growth and as a result of all this and more… Jennifer is now the December 2010 “Just Because Award,” adding another well deserved $1000.00 to her GIA income. Congratulations to Jennifer and Bryant, her husband, whose support has been instrumental.

Laine & Chris Fabijanic
Laine & Chris Fabijanic Nov 2010
Senior Directors

Laine and Chris have been working and building their GIA Wellness business consistently for several years. They are on all the GIA conference calls and have done weekly outdoor displays, meetings, and networking. We all benefit from Laine’s warmth and inspiration each time we hear her valuable contributions. Laine and Chris have embraced building their business in the same joyous way they have embraced parenting their beautiful baby Lotus. Congratulations on earning GIA’s $1000.00 November “Just Because” Bonus!

Sue & Don Gronberg
Sue & Don Gronberg Oct 2010
Executive Directors

CONGRATULATIONS – Sue and Don Gronberg have earned the JUST BECAUSE bonus because of their consistent growth, leadership and “above and beyond” attitude. In the last 6 months Sue and Don have become GIA Abundance Club Founders, Gold Club Members, earned the Director Consistency Bonus, Members of Circle of Growth, hosting a large GIA Wellness event in Wyoming AND they have earned the 2011 Caribbean Cruise!!! CONGRATUALTIONS again to Sue and Don Gronberg.

Glenice Green
Glenice Green Sep 2010
Presidential Director

Glenice Green put every one of the GIA Breakthrough Principles into action last month. She had the Vision of going to Presidential Director in August, she believed this was possible even though she had a to accomplish a HUGE jump in volume. Glenice took Personal Responsibility and coordinated a huge GIA Wellness event with special guest speaker Dr. Sherill Sellman and invited, along with her team, hundreds of guests. She helped 3 people on her team reach Director levels in August, expressed Gratitude in every moment to her upline and for the corporate support, and allowed her Desire to serve others fuel her actions. Congratulations to Glenice for QUADRUPLING her group volume, qualifying as Presidential Director, AND for the many nominations that earn her this month’s JUST BECAUSE Bonus! Glenice, you are an inspiration to us all!

Deanna Cross
Deanna Cross Aug 2010

Deanna Cross joined GIA Wellness in May of 2010. In less than 3 months, Deanna has exemplified tremendous enthusiasm, dedication, consistent team expansion and leadership, all of which resulted in many nominations for Deanna to be the August 2010 Recipient of the “Just Because” Award and $1,000 Bonus. Deanna, we honor you as a fast rising star in GIA Wellness, and we are proud of your accomplishments – sponsoring 3 new Business Builders in your very first month in business, completing the “Elite 100 Club” requirements, reaching the Director level, and much more! A heartfelt “Congratulations” from all of us at GIA Wellness Corporate, as well as from your fellow GIA Consultants – you DESERVE it! Enjoy your $1,000 Bonus and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU!

Debbie Hoffman
Debbie Hoffman Jul 2010
Presidential Director

Debbie Hoffman has consistently planned, prepared for and held meetings in the Northern California area. Her dedication to expanding her team AND supporting her team has resulted in a beautiful example to us all of true servant leadership. Debbie is committed to her own personal growth and we honor and congratulate her dedication.

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