The “Rookie-of-the-Month” Award & Bonus

In January of 2012, GIA implemented the “Rookie-of-the-Month” Award & Bonus. With a record number of new GIA Consultants having joined GIA in the recent months, it was time to create a special award and recognition for those who make a fast and inspired impact on their GIA business right out of the starting blocks!

Nicky Laurin
Nicky Laurin Aug 2019
Jr. Director

We are excited to honor this Month’s Rookie of the Month, Nicky Laurin of Sudbury (Ontario, Canada). People say that if you want to get something done, let a busy person handle it. That is precisely the case with Nicky. She is the proud owner of a very busy salon, and has mastered the balancing act required to create multiple sources of income. Having had her own tremendous experiences with GIA Wellness products, Nicky Laurin couldn’t help but start sharing GIA with others. She understands the importance of time management and has incorporated GIA into her life with absolute ease! Nicky represents one of the countless people who first enjoy a great GIA product experience, and then realize the power of sharing GIA with others. First, Nicky was compelled to offer information about how our physical health, wellness, and energy levels are so positively impacted that others feel how she authentically cares about them. Secondly, as a smart business woman, Nicky also sees the advantage of building a GIA team and earning another stream of income that will eventually not require her full time effort.

Nicky is known to be a very inspiring woman who has such a positive outlook on life. Her contagious energy is taking the world of GIA Team Sudbury by storm. She eagerly shares the GIA Joy with family members, friends, and clients. Congratulations to Nicky on also reaching the Junior Director rank and earning the coveted Team Expansion Bonus. GIA Junior Director Jenna Jacklin, who is Nicky’s direct upline leader, says, “Nicky is a perfect example of growth, inspiration, and abundance and I am so excited for her and the team. “ Her senior partner, Executive Director Sue Johnson says, “It is so much FUN working with Nicky as she is growing her GIA business. I am happy to be along for the ride on her awesome GIA journey!”.

We congratulate both Nicky for earning this month’s “Rookie of the Month” and $350 Cash Bonus, and Jenna Jacklin, who earns $150 as Nicky’s direct GIA sponsor! Great job, ladies!

Delise Tipton
Delise Tipton Jul 2019
Senior Consultant

Our August 2019 Rookie-of-the Month came on board with GIA Wellness last month, after discovering GIA Wellness at a booth during a professional Conference in June. Delise Tipton who hails from Indianapolis (IN) has been navigating a serious, life-threatening health journey. Fortunately she is on the health rebound from that journey, reinvigorated with an authentic desire to help others have and to maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit. As a mom of both a daughter and a son in their 20’s, and as a colon hydro-therapist, Delise was quick to see the value in GIA Wellness solutions helping people thrive in today’s wireless world, plus help create an additional stream of income, as well as provide access to new key wellness essentials to add to her personal and professional protocols – both for herself, and for her clients. Delise exudes enthusiasm and a sense of fun that is contagious. She is truly a bright light of joy and has tremendous appreciation for life. GIA Presidential Directors Sue & Don Gronberg are very excited that Delise has joined their GIA team. Delise has been on several GIA Zoom calls already, reaching out for upline support and discovering as much as she can in a short period of time, and connecting her potential teammates to the many GIA resources. Delise has also committed to attending the September 2019 GIA Conference in Palm Springs (CA) and is in the process of expanding her GIA Team with preferred customers and fellow Consultants. Congratulations Delise for your Rookie-of-the-Month Award and $350.00 Cash Bonus, and to your fearless upline leaders Sue and Don Gronberg, who will receive a $150.00 Cash Bonus! Welcome to the GIA Wellness family, Delise, glad to have you on board!

Michelle Pitt
Michelle Pitt May 2019
Jr. Director

This month’s GIA Rookie-of-the-Month Award & $350 Cash Bonus earner – Michele Pitt – is an accountant and administrator for a respected psychiatric practice in Tustin, California. She is a bright, organized, dynamic, health-conscious and loving woman and mother.  Michelle joined GIA Wellness at the Environmental Health Symposium in Scottsdale, AZ in mid April of 2019.

In very impressive fashion, Michele then fast-tracked the achievement of three significant milestones for new GIA Consultants starting their business from scratch. By the end of April 2019, as a result of her passion and enthusiastic sharing of GIA’s Inspired Wellness message with others, Michele had expanded her quickly growing GIA Team with three new Managers and Business Builders, earning herself the earned the coveted Team Expansion Bonus. In addition, she qualified for GIA’s Abundance Club, and accomplished the Junior Director rank, another important step towards building a dynamic GIA Team of fellow Consultants and Customers and all the rewards associated with doing so.

Michelle is very excited about sharing GIA Wellness  and all the company has to offer in even broader fashion, as she is already planning GIA related events when she returns from Jamaica, where many of her family still reside. Congratulations Michelle for being awarded your well deserved Rookie-of-the-Month honors and a $350 Cash Bonus. Congratulations also to Ming Lovejoy, who, as Michelle’s GIA sponsor, will receive a $150 Cash Bonus! Keep up the great work, ladies!

Cheryl Hayes
Cheryl Hayes May 2019

“Passionate, smart, fun, competitive and caring” are just some of the adjectives GIA’s One-Star Presidential Director John Williams uses to describe his new friend, GIA team mate and now GIA’s Rookie of the month, Cheryl Hayes. She has one of the most amazing, rewarding and stressful jobs one could ever experience: As a neonatal ICU nurse she puts everything she has into her 12 hour days because the youngest of lives are at stake, every minute of every day. When she’s away from work she turns into a powerful, skilled kick boxer and pickleball player as she strives to be the very best at everything she does.

One day while playing pickleball Cheryl suffered from a nagging hip problem that was having a negative impact on her very active life. John Williams gave her a GIA Smart Strip Circle to try out and the rest is history, as they say. As Cheryl will tell you, the results she achieved with GIA were nearly miraculous and definitely life changing.

Now Cheryl is on a mission to tell the world about GIA Wellness and the truly transformational wellness solutions we get to share with the world. She’s already making a positive impact with her friends in Henderson, Nevada as she shares the good news of GIA with everyone she cares about.

Congratulations Cheryl for your well deserved GIA Rookie of the Month honors and $350 Cash Bonus, and to your GIA upline leader Lauren McDade, who receives a $150 Bonus as Cheryl’s sponsor. Great team work, you two!

Tonya Riggins
Tonya Riggins Mar 2019
Sr. Consultant

Tonya Riggins from Turnersville, NJ just pressed the GIA Wellness reset button. She came on board last July intending to get started by bringing additional income into the household, but life circumstances and her recent pregnancy took priority. With a degree in Art Education, Tonya has taught art to a variety of age groups including “at risk” kids. Tonya was driven to the wellness arena by personal and family health needs, which landed her into the expert hands of her GIA sponsor and certified NAET practitioner, Carylann Bautz.

When you meet Tonya, her light shines brightly. Her sense of presence is notable. Tonya’s friends and family say she is community oriented, inquisitive, a ton of fun and always in the mindset of helping others be their best.

Tonya has been aware of the concerns surrounding electropollution/EMF and its negative impact on health for quite some time. GIA Wellness’ solutions made a lot of sense to Tonya as practical, effective tools to support her friends’ and family’s health and wellness. She reconnected with GIA this month, was ready for a GIA restart, and immediately enrolled two new team mates. Tonya is a mother of six children, ranging in age from 3 months to 10 years old! Her husband’s job has him gone two weeks and home for a short time, then gone again for two weeks. To say that Tonya is busy, would be an understatement.

GIA Wellness is Tonya’s plan to work from home to create income with less disruption to her family time and responsibilities, which is a challenge for her as an employee working for someone else.

We are so glad Tonya is part of our GIA family and equally excited to be working with her to keep her momentum going and experience all that GIA has to offer.

Congratulations Tonya for starting off your GIA career with awesome momentum! We are excited to send you a well deserved $350 Cash Bonus as this month’s Rookie of the Month Award. Congratulations also to Carylann Bautz, your GIA sponsor, who earns a $150 Cash Bonus. Great job, you two, looking forward to your continued growth in GIA!

Melony Hinkson & Kent Hinkson
Melony Hinkson & Kent Hinkson Mar 2019

You won’t meet a more loving woman than Melony Hinkson! She and her husband Kent have created a legacy of health and love, and they have touched thousands of lives over the years, beginning with their own 12 now-grown children, and 25 grandchildren. Melony and Kent put in full days and busy weeks. Their phone rings all day and they are always willing to help the thousands of people who have asked them for valuable advice over the last 20 years.

Kent, who is not only a great husband and father, but also a brilliant man, a detailed researcher, and an iridologist, is known as the “answer man”.  Having lived abroad – Melony and Kent met while both working in the Middle East – Kent not only had his own battle with Lymes and parasites, etc, but he has also counseled many who medical doctors were unable to help, including many who simply wanted to achieve optimal health.

As to Melony, their health counseling practice isn’t the only way she serves. She is a great friend and neighbor, serves in her church for many hours a week, is the humanitarian committee chairperson and with her neighbor/best friend of 28 years, they are leading a group that is putting together kits to outfit the kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms of an apartment complex that will be used for those newly arriving in the USA.

Melony and Kent have done so much to help so many over the past 20 years and once they studied and experienced the benefits of the GIA i-H2O Activation System, they immediately changed their own choice of water, experiencing the power of single file aligned (SFA) GIA Wellness i-H2O, and they began educating those in their large circle of influence about the power of GIA’s products and income opportunity. Congratulations Melony and Kent, you have started off your GIA career with tremendous momentum and we are excited to send you the well deserved $350.00 Cash Bonus as this month’s Rookies of the Month, and to Katelon Ray-Grant your sponsor who earns a $150.00 Bonus. Great job all around, very much looking forward to your continued growth in GIA!

Lisa Feiner
Lisa Feiner Feb 2019

In GIA Wellness, we only break tradition when it serves our growing family of GIA Consultants. In that spirit, we may occasionally bestow the award of Rookie of the Month to somebody who may have had their GIA enrollment date longer than 90 days ago, but who recently ignited their GIA business to take action and deserves to be honored for that initiative. Lisa Feiner is a shining example of just that journey. She is a Holistic Health Coach from Connecticut with many years of assisting her clients to achieve a healthier quality of life. Lisa came on board with GIA Wellness for personal wellness support and quickly recognized that the electromagnetic toxicity connection to mental focus/clarity and how it fits with her desire to educate how restoring and preserving memory can be assisted through natural means. Lisa is the co- founder of the Non-Profit “Sharp Again Naturally.” Sharp Again is on the forefront of helping people with memory loss and mild cognitive impairment, dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease, and do so through natural means. Lisa says: “Our dream is to get this important message out and to prevent the heartache and toll this issue takes on families.” She has begun to incorporate the EMF topic and TerraGIA Inspired Energy products into her educational speaking engagements with practitioners, dentists and medical doctors. GIA was very excited to provide Lisa with a product donation for a charity event a few months ago. Lisa is happy to provide GIA Wellness solutions to her own family and now for the “Sharp Again” community. She is even donating proceeds generated by GIA Wellness orders that will come in by way of a promotion in next month’s Newsletter. Lisa is an intelligent, kind and exceptionally caring woman who is truly making a difference in the lives of many people. She is a joy to work with and we are so grateful to have her on our ever expanding GIA team. Lisa, GIA is thrilled to honor you with a $350.00 cash bonus, which of course you have the option of donating yourself to your “Sharp Again” community if you so wish. Congratulations also Dr. Sherrill Sellman, who will receive a $150.00 cash bonus as Lisa’s direct GIA sponsor. We always feel privileged here at GIA Wellness when we have compassionate doctors, health care advocate and wellness experts who align themselves with our company, transformational products, a worthy mission and a global vision for change. Congratulations ladies, keep up the good work!

Karen Lauber
Karen Lauber Jan 2019

Karen Lauber started with GIA Wellness just a few short months ago and has already ignited great enthusiasm with her growing team. Karen owns a store called “The Health Stop”, which is really a one-stop shop for organic, handmade, top-of-the-line wellness essentials. It is very easy to see why and how she would be interested in the GIA Wellness technologies. Karen’s passion clearly lies in helping and empowering others with their health and wellness and finding the best possible solutions for them. She understands the powerful nuances of subtle energy and the mind/body connection. As her GIA sponsor Kedzi Morgan was running an errand for her mother who lives in New Jersey, she felt compelled to stop in the Health Stop. Karen had just been wondering what she was going to do about 5G Wireless Networks being rolled out. And the rest – as they say – is history.

Fortunately, Kedzi was in town for a while and helped Karen get off to a fast start in GIA and now has several new teammates and customers already enjoying the benefits of all GIA Wellness products. It is so exciting to imagine the ripple effects that Karen has started, as one of her new team mates, Linda Solomon, works at five separate OB/GYN clinics and therefore can make a difference for pregnant women and new parents who can benefit from learning about how to best care for their infants and families with the help of GIA Wellness. We are so very excited for “New Jersey Karen” to be honored as this month’s GIA Rookie of the month and to suprise her with a well deserved $350.00 Cash Bonus, and for her sponsor Kedzi Morgan, who earns a $150.00 Cash Bonus also! Congratulations Ladies, well done!

Peggy Williams
Peggy Williams Nov 2018
Junior Director

It’s always exciting when a new team member joins the GIA Wellness community and quickly sees the big picture of what is possible with GIA! That is exactly what happened with Peggy Williams of McKinney, Texas, who is passionate about health and wellness, as well as about educating others! As a faith-filled wife and mom with a degree in fitness & nutrition, Peggy embraces both the GIA Wellness products and the business opportunity. She is a health advocate, entrepreneur and enthusiastic networker who loves connecting people with health education and Inspired Wellness solutions. Peggy is tireless in her pursuit of helping families flourish. She has already expanded her GIA team with several new teammates during November on her way to earning the GIA Team Expansion Bonus, as well as qualifying for the prestigious GIA Abundance Club.  Another great aspect of Peggy’s early journey in GIA is the impressive teamwork that has evolved from it. She is a champion for her growing GIA team and works with her upline Senior Partners to ensure both leverage and duplication of efforts. Simply put, Peggy is passionate, tireless and sweet! Congratulations, Peggy for earning the $350 Cash Bonus as GIA’s Rookie of the Month, and to her sponsor Kristen Maurer, who will earn a $150 Cash Bonus. Congratulations ladies, keep up the good work!

Shelly Walker
Shelly Walker Nov 2018
Junior Director

We are so excited to honor this powerhouse of a woman! While Shelly Walker has been affiliated with GIA Wellness for more than three months, she really decided to begin her GIA business just recently. Shelly is truly a beautiful woman inside and out. She is married to Seth Walker and is a loving mother to Logan (12) and Emily (8). She lives in Uvalde (you-val-dee), TX. Shelly is is a hardworking woman for First State Bank of Uvalde, impressively having worked her way from Cashier to Assistant Vice President in the Capital and Investment department. Shelly loves everything GIA Wellness has to offer and has had such great results personally with GIA products (losing over 45 pounds since she joined GIA) that everyone around her is noticing her transformation, and is helping her get the word out about GIA Wellness. The most important experience for Shelly has been the transformational changes she has seen in her children when she created her GIA Inspired Wellness Home and her children began wearing GIAlife pendants. Her son Logan in particular has benefited in a big way as the pendant has helped him to be calm and focused – so much so that even his teachers at school are very happy with the results. Shelly sees the potential of creating an additional stream of income with GIA Wellness and realizes there is no glass ceiling with this company. After the September 2018 Success Conference, Shelly has hit the ground running, expanding her team with new teammates, promoting GIA’s popular Operation Hydration Program and creating tons of business activity.  Her dream is to be financially free and travel around the country with her family and see all the wonders the world has to offer. We are excited to honor Shelly Walker as our GIA Rookie of the Month, which will earn her a $350.00 Cash Bonus, and her GIA sponsor – Senior Director Tracy Hillis – also earning $150.00! Congratulations ladies, amazing job!

Brenda Wakefield
Brenda Wakefield Oct 2018

As we congratulate this month’s much deserving GIA Rookie of the Month, we undoubtedly have to recognize the number of responsibilities on her plate: Brenda Wakefield is the owner of Better Health & Wellness in Rowlett, TX. She is also is a holistic practitioner, a Certified Health Coach, specializing in CranioSacral Therapy and Lymphatic drainage. Additionally, Brenda is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Aromatherapist. We are so very proud to honor her service as a retired Msgt from the United States Air Force, where she was a Financial Manager and a Military Trainer. Brenda balances being a wife, the mom of three adult children, and a proud grandmother to seven grand-kids. This loving and highly principled powerhouse woman is a master strategist when it comes to helping her patients heal. Joining GIA Wellness in July, when Rose Mary Simmons invited her to view Generation Zapped screening, Brenda saw the potential very quickly and started sharing GIA with passion, heart, organization and gusto! In August 2018, she expanded her GIA Wellness team quickly, earning the Team Expansion bonus, qualifying for the Abundance Club and advancing to the Junior Director rank! Brenda has continued her GIA momentum into the month of September and we are so excited for her future as a rising star in GIA Wellness. Congratulations to Brenda who earns a $350 Cash Bonus, as well as to Rose Mary Simmons, who earns $150.00 as Brenda’s sponsor. Awesome job, ladies, keep up the inspiring work!

Janet Eckmann
Janet Eckmann Aug 2018
Jr. Director

We are excited to honor this Month’s Rookie of the Month as she represents the very reasons this award exists. An advocate of all things GIA, Janet Eckmann has incorporated GIA products in her own life, shared them with friends, family and clients and in doing so, she has gotten off to a very fast start with her GIA Wellness business. Janet who is from Sun Valley, Idaho, and is a mom of four young adults ages 20-28, is a bundle of infectious enthusiasm. Having studied Kinesiology at the University of Washington, she is very familiar with the importance of good energy in our environment. Her entrepreneurial networking has taken her adventurous spirit in many directions – in service to others. She is a professional organizer and loves to help people re-create their spaces. As a long-time serious recreational athlete and advocate of health and wellness, Janet was quick to see the value of ultra-hydrating i-H2O Activation System and the need for GIA’s electropollution solutions as a part of our 21st century healthy lifestyle choices. Janet has been sharing GIA Wellness since she joined the company in July 2018, discovering that not only is she helping people with their health and well-being, but that GIA also offers a great way to create income. She has earned the Team Expansion Bonus in each of her first two months with GIA, she qualified for the prestigious Abundance Club, reached the Junior Director rank in July and also re-qualified as Junior Director during her second month with the company. As her GIA Senior Partner, Presidential Director Sue Gronberg says: “Janet’s enthusiasm and sense of humor is a delight to be around. My husband Don and I are so excited to work with Janet and her growing GIA team.” Congratulations Janet for earning this month’s $350.00 Bonus that comes with the Rookie of the Month Award and to Sue & Don Gronberg, who earn $150.00 as her direct sponsor. Great job everybody, keep up the good work!

Paula Ray
Paula Ray Aug 2018

Paula Ray from Linden (CA) came on board at the I-ACT Conference in Las Vegas in June 2018 as an Inspired Wellness Home Gold Package enroller. Paula is a Wellness Practitioner and a delightful and committed entrepreneur who owns and operates two businesses, including the Healthy Vibrant Living Wellness Center in Stockton, CA. She is also a caring mother to 14-year-old son. As a certified Nutritionist, Colon Hydrotherapist, Massage Therapist, Lymphatic Therapist and Iridologist, Paula strives to help people get on a path to better health. Paula saw the value of adding GIA Wellness to her own Wellness Center and was ready to jump right into sharing GIA with her clients, friends, and fellow practitioners when just days after coming on board she was sidelined by a fall that broke her pelvis. After some much needed recovery time, Paula discovered that the coveted GIA Team Expansion Bonus was still within her grasp and that it was also a fast track to the Junior Director rank. With her great attitude and desire to share GIA with many others, she accomplished both! Paula has a keen business sense and she noticed that she was already halfway to the GIA Director Rank. So of course she decided to go for that as well. Two days later, she accomplished that goal also! All of this happened within six short days … From Manager to Team Expansion Bonus earner, to Junior Director, to GIA Director with one Abundance Club completed and a second already in the works! Simply amazing! Paula is loved and trusted by her friends and clients who say that she only shares what she wholeheartedly believes in and that she acts with kindness and patience driven by a force that comes from her heart. GIA also congratulates Paula’s sponsors, Presidential Directors Sue and Don Gronberg with a $150 Cash Bonus, and Paula with her own $350 Cash Bonus as this month’s much deserved Rookie Award recipient! Sue and Don have said they are just delighted to have Paula on their team and know she is excited to meet fellow GIA Consultants as she has made the commitment to join the GIA Success Conference in Palm Springs in September 2018! Great job Paula, so proud of your success!

Kristin Maurer
Kristin Maurer Jun 2018
Jr. Director

Our latest GIA Rookie of the Month is from Texas and definitely going to be one to watch! An outgoing, networking people lover and a fast moving and organized multiple business-owing entrepreneur, she is bright, magnetic, warm and focused. She is a loving mom, passionate about holistic wellness and personal development. As a professional organizer, she has combined her passions to help people create their heart’s desired by running a business that is a perfect fit and complement with GIA Wellness. As the creator of Sunflower Connections, Kristin Maurer creates vision board workshops. Introduced to GIA Wellness by her sponsor Dagmar Fleming, Kristin caught on with her characteristic heart-centered, quick-witted savvy and has found a new entrepreneurial “home” in GIA Wellness. Quickly jumping in and participating in multiple Generation Zapped documentary screenings and booth opportunities, Kristin expanded her GIA team at a rapid rate, enrolling a number of great individuals interested in growing their own GIA businesses. Kristin quickly earned the GIA Abundance Club and qualified at the Junior Director rank. A team expansion magnet, Kristin has already almost qualified for the GIA GOLD Club in just her second month with the company. We are so excited to welcome Kristin Maurer to the ever-growing GIA family and congratulate her for her great accomplishments in such short period of time. As the GIA Rookie of the Month, she earns a Cash Bonus of $350.00, and her sponsor Dagmar will earn $150.00 also. Congratulations lady, impressive work!

Jenna Jacklin
Jenna Jacklin Jun 2018

Congratulations to our GIA Rookie-of-the-Month, Jenna Jacklin! Jenna leads a very busy life and – as they say – she ‘lets no grass grow under her feet ‘ especially when it comes to her GIA Wellness business! In her first week of becoming part of the GIA family, Jenna enrolled as a Manager, had a GIA presentation at her house, held two more GIA events at a local gym and also registered to attend the September 2018 GIA Conference in Palm Springs (CA). Needless to say, she earned her GIA Team Expansion Bonus and is looking to continue build on her success. Everyone at GIA is excited to meet Jenna and her GIA sponsor Sylvie in Palm Springs in September, as they will be traveling all the way from Ontario, Canada. Jenna is no stranger to the field of health and wellness: As a registered massage therapist she is certified in hot stone therapy, therapeutic ultrasound and aromatherapy. She also gets a chance to witness a tremendous amount of love in her life as a licensed wedding officiant for the past eight years, as she marries people in both civil and spiritual ceremonies. Jenna is also a mom who enjoys kettle ball and yoga, likes to fish and takes Latin dancing lessons. She is a true lover of life and we are thrilled that she has taken on the additional desire to share GIA Wellness with so many people, coupled with her passion to enrich lives. Congratulations to Jenna who earns a $350.00 Cash Bonus as this month’s Rookie of the Month, and to her sponsor Sylvie Binette, who earns a $150.00 Cash Bonus! Well done ladies, proud of you!!

Dr. Alice W. Lee
Dr. Alice W. Lee May 2018
Junior Director

We are so excited to honor this month’s GIA Rookie of the Month who embraced GIA Wellness as a resource for herself, for those she cares about, as well as for her many patients. Dr. Alice W. Lee, is a medical doctor and holistic psychiatrist who learned about GIA Wellness at the Integrative Health Symposium in New York earlier this year. Upon learning about the patented and proprietary GIA technologies, she quickly connected the dots with what she does as a holistic psychiatrist. And as many health care practitioners have discovered, GIA Wellness solutions offer people an important piece to their health and wellness puzzle. Coming on board with GIA as a Manager, Dr. Lee quickly started sharing GIA Wellness with the many people she cares about. Her enthusiasm enabled her to earn both the Team Expansion Bonus and qualify for the prestigious GIA Abundance Club in her first 30 days with the company. Dr. Lee also achieved the Junior Director rank by helping to educate and ensure that as many people as possible have access to the energetic solutions that GIA provides. Her GIA sponsor, One-Star Presidential Director Ming Lovejoy says this of Dr. Lee: “She sees the big-picture-need for our GIA products. I am so happy to support Dr. Lee and I’m excited that GIA fits so well into her desire to make a difference for as many people as possible.” So to both Ming and to Dr. Lee, we say a heartfelt congratulations! Dr. Lee, have fun enjoying your $350 Cash Bonus as Rookie of the Month, as Ming will enjoy her $150 Cash Bonus (as Dr. Lee’s sponsor)! Great work, ladies!

Kathy McCommon
Kathy McCommon Apr 2018
Junior Director

When a new GIA team mate jumps into their GIA business venture with both feet and makes a big splash right out the gate, people notice! That definitely can be said for this month’s Rookie of the Month, GIA Junior Director Kathy McCommon, a native of Longview (TX). She joined GIA Wellness on March 16th, 2018 and on her very first day in business, she already expanded her team by three team-mates and immediately locked herself in for the lucrative GIA Team Expansion Bonus! Kathy also completed the GIA Abundance Club requirement in her first week! She is a respected Holistic Wellness Specialist, who has been in practice for over 30 years, and she specializes in advanced areas such as Reiki, Theta, and Theo Kinetic Mudra Technology. She has dedicated her career to holistic remedies for serious health ailments, and passionately pursues natural cures for optimal health.

Clearly Kathy identified with the mission and vision of GIA Wellness and understands the need for all GIA product lines. Her passion to empower people with information, education, and resources to live a healthy life now includes sharing the power of GIA’s 360-degree Inspired Wellness approach and she has had great success sharing the brand-new Inspired Wellness Home packages with others. Kathy is part of a powerful, growing GIA team to which her sponsor Dagmar Fleming has provided tremendous support. We know that this is the just beginning of Kathy’s exciting career with GIA and we excitedly honor her with a well-deserved $350.00 Cash Bonus, as well as Dagmar with a $150.00 Bonus! Congratulations Ladies, very inspiring work!

Ann Donovan
Ann Donovan Mar 2018
Junior Director

What an exciting few months it has been for our most recent GIA Rookie of the Month! Ann Donovan has more than 30 years of experience as a licensed clinical nutritionist and an expert in health and wellness. She enjoys the beauty and healing nature of Colorado Springs (CO), where she lives. While Ann only recently enrolled with GIA Wellness in January 2018, she has already grown her GIA team by at least 7 new team mates in a very short period of time! Which of course means that Ann earned the GIA Team Expansion Bonus, plus a number of other great rewards along the way. In addition to that, Ann completed the GIA Abundance Club requirements and already reached the advanced GIA rank of Junior Director. Always wanting to do the very best on behalf of her clients, Ann decided to attend the recent GIA ‘Super Sunday’ Event in San Antonio (TX) in February and received a full day immersion into the uplifting spirit and culture of GIA Wellness. Her sponsor, GIA Director Chris Beaman paved the way for Ann by being awarded last month’s GIA Rookie of the Mont Award and Cash Bonus! Today, we are thrilled to honor Ann with the same award – for this month! Now that is what we call ultimate duplication! We are thrilled for Chris, who will receive a $150 GIA Cash Bonus as Ann’s sponsor, and we congratulate Ann who will be receiving her well deserved $350 Cash Bonus as this month’s well-deserved GIA Rookie of the Month! Congratulations, ladies, well done!

Chris Beaman
Chris Beaman Feb 2018

To say that GIA’s Rookie of the Month is a woman on a mission would be an understatement. To say that she is passionate about health and wellness, would also be an understatement. She has been devoted to being a student, teacher and health advocate for most of her life. She has been in Holistic Health since her 20’s and she is currently 68 years young. Yes, we are talking about you, Chris Beaman. Since late November 2017, Chris has already developed a thriving GIA team of more than 17 people and reached the GIA Director Rank, and she enthusiastically shares that GIA is her “24-7” mission. A big part of what inspires Chris is the realization that despite her many years of study and accomplishments in the health arena, she now fully realizes the impact of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). She has seen and felt the impact of GIA’s Inspired Wellness products on her own health and is committed to honoring her life’s purpose, which is to first learn, and to then help others with their health and wellness. There simply is not enough room to list all of Chris’ amazing accomplishments and fields of study. What we can share with all our hearts, is that all of us at GIA are beyond inspired by her passion and commitment. Chris’ upline leader, Executive Director Karyn Grant, was kind enough to share with us what Chris sent her in an email, in which she said: “I feel I have found the most homeostatic health-promoting product on the planet! I am so GRATEFUL!!!”. Well Chris, we are grateful to have you be part of the GIA family and we are thrilled to honor you with an extra $350.00 Cash Bonus, as well as your GIA sponsor Carlene Roberts, who will earn an extra $150.00 also. Congratulations to the both of you – well done ladies!

Dagmar Fleming
Dagmar Fleming Jan 2018
Junior Director

This month’s GIA Rookie of the Month is a Business Coach who knows a great opportunity when she sees one. She immediately recognized the power of GIA’s bio-energetic solutions at a booth at the eWomen Network Conference in Dallas (TX). A success coach and mentor for personal transformation, she is the founder of the “Unlock Your Success Program” and the creator of “Triple Quantum Reset”. She is also an entrepreneur and the founder of DBF International, a global consulting firm offering a unique blend of international marketing solutions, global team management, and executive acumen. After joining the GIA Wellness Team in October 2017, Dagmar quickly studied the power of the GIA Abundance Plan and set about building her team, enrolling six new GIA Consultants in very short order! Diligent about encouraging the power and rewards of GIA’s Automatic Reorder Program (ARO) and exposing everyone to valuable business resources which are necessary for building a thriving GIA business, Dagmar Fleming earned her GIA Team Expansion Bonus and qualified for the Abundance Club, earning her the upgrade to permanent 10% front-level commissions! She is already gathering her team to make it a powerful training weekend at upcoming GIA events such as the San Antonio (TX) “Discovering Destiny” and GIA training event February 10th – 11th, 2018. Her GIA upline leaders, One Star Presidential Director Ming Lovejoy says the following about Dagmar: “It has been so much fun to work with someone who has such great business acumen, and understands the energetics of people and their need for GIA Products.” As GIA’s newest Rookie of the Month, Dagmar will be earning an additional $350 Cash Bonus and her GIA sponsor Ming Lovejoy, will be also receiving a check for $150! Congratulations ladies, keep up the great work!

Pat Clements
Pat Clements Nov 2017
Junior Director

Pat Clements has been an advocate of health and wellness for many years. Upon hearing about the GIA Wellness products, she knew they would be a great fit in her life, and she was excited to share them with others. She has got off to an amazing start with her GIA business. With great timing on her side, shortly after she enrolled with GIA Wellness, Pat was able to leverage the participation of GIA’s Co-CEOs Lynda and Alfred at their GIA presentation in St. George (UT) last month. Knowing this was a rare opportunity, she brought four guests with her, with all of them coming aboard Pat’s GIA Team shortly thereafter. Pat completed her GIA Team Expansion Bonus and qualified for the Abundance Club within her first 10 days. Pat and her sponsor – GIA Senior Director Kim Harrington – are working on her rank advancement, as Pat has enjoyed leveraging GIA events, working with her team, and participating on a number of insightful 3-way phone calls. In short, Pat is clearly well on her way to being a great leader in GIA Wellness. Congratulations Pat, we are excited to honor you with a $350.00 Cash Bonus as this month’s Co-Rookie of the Month, as we also honor Kim Harrington – as Pat’s GIA sponsor – with a Cash Bonus of $150.00! Congratulations to the both of you – so well deserved!

Cheryl Winkelhorst
Cheryl Winkelhorst Nov 2017
Junior Director

Cheryl joined GIA Wellness on October 25th, 2017 and instantly embraced the transformational products, especially the patented i-H2O Activation System. She started passionately sharing GIA with her friends right away, and has already had six Managers come on board with her fast growing GIA Team. Senior Director Sue Johnson says: “It has been such fun, spending many hours on the phone building our friendship, getting to know each other, and getting introduced to Cheryl’s new team mates. She is just so much FUN to work with, her beautiful heart, her gentleness, and her attitude are just a perfect fit here in GIA.” Cheryl is a retired nurse who still loves to make a positive difference for others. She enjoys spending time with her family and is very respected by her friends. She has shown her dedication and enthusiasm by earning her GIA Team Expansion bonus twice, qualify for the GIA Abundance Club, and advancing to the Junior Director rank – all during her first month! Congratulations Cheryl, GIA is very excited to honor you as this month’s Co-Rookie of the Month with a $350.00 Cash Bonus, and your sponsor Sue Johnson with her $150.00 Bonus! Great job, ladies, proud of you!

Kayree (“Gigi”) Wong
Kayree (“Gigi”) Wong Nov 2017
Junior Director

We are very excited to congratulate Kayree Wong as this month’s GIA Rookie of the Month. As the GIA community recently learned, Kayree also goes by the name of “Gigi” and she is very happy to have found the GIA Wellness opportunity. She joined GIA on September 26th, 2017 and midway through October, she had already qualified for the GIA Abundance Club, secured her ongoing GIA Team Expansion Bonus, and had achieved the rank of Junior Director. In short, Gigi who lives in Elmhurst (NY) has been very busy in her first 30 days with GIA Wellness. Her native language is Cantonese, and she has worked closely with our Canadian office and bi-lingual VIP Consultant Support team member, Susan Wang, who has helped Gigi gain valuable insights into all the products and Abundance Plan, as well as sharing Chinese-language flyers with her. Gigi has already shared the GIA opportunity with many people in just a few weeks and she and her team are loving the i-H20 Activation System, while learning about – and using – all other GIA Wellness Products also. In addition, Gigi is enthusiastically sharing and expanding her team as a result of being very excited about the “A” – the Abundance part – of GIA.  She loves the fact that the patented and proprietary products are needed more than ever in today’s toxic age, and she can build residual income while growing her GIA team. Her GIA senior partner, Executive Director Karen Beth, says of Gigi, “She is a bright shining light, and an inspiration to all people who meet her.” We honor Karen as Gigi’s GIA sponsor with a check for $150.00, and will be sending Gigi her well deserved $350.00 check as this month’s Rookie of the Month! Congratulations ladies, we know that this is just the beginning of a very bright GIA Wellness future!

Dr. Katie Kangas, DVM, CVA, CVCP
Dr. Katie Kangas, DVM, CVA, CVCP Oct 2017

Introduced to GIA Wellness by her friend and professional associate – GIA Senior Director Debe Gwynn – we are proud to announce that this month’s GIA Rookie of the Month is Dr. Katie Kangas. Dr. Kangas owns and operates Integrative Veterinary Care, a private practice in San Diego, California. Offering holistic and integrative health care options for pets, Dr. Kangas’ expertise includes nutritional and herbal medicine and veterinary orthopedic manipulation and acupuncture. Highly esteemed among her peers, and much loved by her patients, Dr. Kangas works to create resilience to disease in beloved four-footed family members and offers tools to help them overcome toxins and stressors. This August, Dr. Kangas joined GIA Wellness as a Manager and and started sharing GIA’s Inspired Energy radiation protection and the GIA i-H2O Activation System. In and around a busy veterinary practice, Dr Katie immediately started sharing GIA related information and solutions and also sponsored her enthusiastic administrative assistant, Teresa Martain, who helps her at their busy office. Dr. Kangas rocketed to the rank of GIA Junior Director in a very impressive three weeks, while earning the well deserved GIA Team Expansion Bonus and qualified for the prestigious GIA Abundance Club along the way! As an author of several articles published in veterinary journals, Dr. Kangas also enjoys sharing her passion for pet wellness education by lecturing and presenting locally, nationally and internationally. This month, at the National Holistic Veterinary Association Annual Conference, Dr. Kangas will be speaking on the stressful effects of Electromagnetic Radiation and innovative solutions offered by GIA Wellness! Her proud GIA sponsor, Debe Gwynn will enjoy a $150.00 Bonus, and Dr. Kangas will receive her well deserved $350.00 Bonus as our Rookie of the Month. Great job, ladies!!

Brenda Defour-Lee
Brenda Defour-Lee Sep 2017

We are very excited for this month’s GIA Rookie of the Month and her well deserved award! Brenda Defour-Lee is a bundle of loving energy and has a desire for continued learning and making a difference for others. Her and her husband, Dean, lead a very busy life between California, Phoenix, and the high country of Northern Arizona. Brenda has a deep passion for both health and wellness and entrepreneurship, so it’s no surprise she has had such quick success with her GIA Wellness business. Since her start with GIA in early June 2017, Brenda has already expanded her team by personally enrolling nine team mates! She accomplished reaching the rank of Junior Director in her first month with GIA, as well as qualified for the Team Expansion Bonus. Brenda is knowledgeable, humble, engaged and we can tell she just loves life and is a wonderful example of discipline and service. We are so proud of Brenda for her participation in the Women in Synergy Coaching Program, her contribution on GIA Zoom calls, staying connected with GIA conference calls, her tremendous initiative and infectious enthusiasm. We congratulate Brenda who, in addition to all her GIA commissions, quick start bonuses, team expansion bonuses, and more will earn an additional $350.00 as this month’s GIA Rookie of the Month, and we also congratulate Senior Director Carol Gutierrez, who will earn $150.00 cash bonus as Brenda’s direct sponsor. Very proud of you, ladies!

Marie Monast
Marie Monast Aug 2017

Marie Monast joined the GIA Family at the end of May and it was the GIA i-H2O Activation Unit that first caught her attention. When Marie discovered that GIA was so much more than just a patented water technology, she became extremely excited to share all of GIA’s technologies and wellness products with everyone she knows – and everyone she meets. And Marie has done just that! She has already made a significant dent on the map in Southern Ontario, Canada. In her first month, she earned the coveted GIA Team Expansion Bonus, as well as reached the Junior Director rank. Marie’s dedication was noted across the GIA community as she participated in GIA conference calls, 3-way calls, and immediately registered for the upcoming GIA Success Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona in September 2017. As her GIA sponsor, Senior Director Sue Johnson says: “Marie has such a wonderful, vibrant personality. Her love for people is so real and inspiring.” Marie has had many different careers. At present, she has just sold her most recent, successful business … a Montessori pre-school. Yet she is eager to embrace her next career choice – inspired health and wellness – and making a positive difference in all the lives she touches. What a perfect fit with GIA! We congratulate Marie Monast on all her accomplishment and now honor her with a $350.00 Cash Bonus as our Rookie of the Month and an additional Congratulation’s to Sue Johnson who earns an additional $150.00 as her director GIA sponsor! We know this is the only the first of many GIA accolades for Marie – great job ladies, keep up the great work!

Carol Gutierrez
Carol Gutierrez Jul 2017

This month’s GIA Rookie-of-the-Month this just started in May 2017, enrolling four new team members onto her quickly expanding GIA Team during her first month, and she hasn’t stopped since. In addition to earning the Team Expansion Bonus, she has been doing all the right activities. Well deserved congratulations to Carol Gutierrez, from Chandler AZ, who is a respected Wellness Coach and Aroma therapist, as well as a Reflexologist. While balancing her busy practice, she has been very active working with GIA Director Kedzi Morgan, to share the vision of GIA Wellness. Her desire to help others is at the core of everything Carol does. Kedzi says the following of Carol: “Even though she has been with GIA for such a short time, she is already hitting it out of the park. I know that she has already reached the Junior Director rank and by month end will even reach the Director rank. We are working closely together with her new members, with Zoom calls, live presentations, more 3-way calls than I can count, and we do it all with such joy and devotion! She is such a great partner to have on my GIA Team!” We are sure that this is just the beginning of a thriving career with GIA, and we are so excited to honor Carol as our Rookie of the Month, send her the well deserved $350.00 Cash Bonus with another $150.00 going to Kedzi Morgan as Carol’s sponsor in GIA! Awesome job, ladies, well done!

Suzann Crooks
Suzann Crooks Jun 2017

Once Suzann Crooks – this month’s GIA Rookie of the Month Suzann – learned of the unique need for and effectiveness of GIA Wellness products, she did not hesitate in sharing her enthusiasm with others. One great advantage of sharing her passion was realized as Suzann completed her Team Expansion Bonus requirements and earned the extra one hundred dollars. Doing so has also positioned Suzann to earn the extra one hundred dollars every time she expands her team by three new team members in any upcoming 90 day period. This milestone was a perfect way for her to start earning a new stream of GIA income as she recognizes the more people enjoy the many GIA Wellness benefits, the more Suzann develops her supplemental income opportunity. This momentum in her first 30 days also helped her reach the Junior Director rank – the first rank advancement on her path to continued GIA success. Suzann loves helping people with their health and wellness. As an esthetician and a health coach, she is a natural supporter and offers amazing guidance for her clients. She works with Naturopath, Dr. Todd Cameron in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has already welcomed onto her GIA Wellness team one of her peers in her office, who also happens to be a Naturopathic Doctor. GIA Senior Director multiple GIA award recipient Kim Harrington says “Suzann has everything it takes to be very successful in GIA, and we are so happy to have her as part of the growing team.” Congratulations to GIA Junior Director Suzann Crooks who earns $350 as our Rookie of the Month and to Kim Harrington as her GIA sponsor, who will enjoy a $150 Cash Bonus also. Excellent job, ladies!

Siobhan O’Malley
Siobhan O’Malley May 2017

Siobhan O’Malley owns and operates CORevolution Fitness, a specialty Pilates and Fitness Studio in Saratoga, CA. Featuring innovative fitness technologies such as the Megaformer, TRX Suspension and specialized nutrition programs, Siobhan’s studio also offers education in popular areas such as Autism awareness – much needed in the high tech communities she serves. Retired from a 20 year marketing career in corporate Silicon Valley, Siobhan has found congruence with her passion for health, wellness and education in the programs that CORevolution Fitness offers its’ Silicon Valley clientele. Introduced to GIA Wellness by childhood friend and GIA Director Dr. Susan Clinton, Siobhan came on board with GIA as a Business Builder, outfitting her studio and home with GIA’s Inspired Wellness solutions. Over the past few weeks, many of her clients have noticed and remarked on a new sense of tranquility and calm felt in her facility. Siobhan has shared that with the GIA products she sleeps better at night, is calmer, more energetic, and has noted a greater sense of her own well being. Passionate about education and marketing, Siobhan launched her GIA business, assisted by Dr. Susan Clinton, with two informational talks. Siobhan has already enjoyed a flood of interest and some fabulous team expansion in her fast growing GIA Business. Quickly earning the GIA Team Expansion Bonus and qualifying for the GIA Abundance Club, plus moving quickly to reach Junior Director, we are excited to see what the future holds for Siobhan and so happy to bestow an honor she well deserves: So without further ado, Siobhan O’Malley, a BIG GIA Wellness congratulations on earning yourself the $350.00 Cash Bonus as the Rookie-of-the-Month, and to your sponsor – GIA Director Dr. Susan Clinton – who earns $150.00. Great job, ladies!

Robin Parrot
Robin Parrot Apr 2017

Robin Parrot has jumped into her GIA Wellness venture with both feet! After having joined last month, she has already qualified for the Team Expansion Bonus, the GIA Abundance Club, and is well on her way to the Junior Director rank. She has also enrolled for the upcoming “Team ATM” event in early May in Henderson (NV), as well as registered for GIA Co-CEO Lynda Cormier-Hanser’s “Discovering Destiny” training on September 14th, 2017 in Scottsdale (AZ), and the GIA Wellness Success conference the three days thereafter. Clearly there is no lack of commitment in Robin pursuing her dreams with GIA Wellness. Working closely with all of her senior GIA partners, Robin worked side-by-side with her sponsor Senior Director Kim Harrington at a booth she secured in Loveland (CO), after driving for more than six hours (!) from New Mexico, detouring to avoid a blizzard! Kim says Robin shared the GIA products and opportunity with all the participants and did so with grace and ease. “Robin is a magnet for people who want to improve their health and finances”, says Kim. Robin is a hard working, single mom to four year old Dakota, an animal lover, a horse woman and an outdoor enthusiast. She has a huge heart, and is very passionate about helping people get their health on track. She is also a wedding photographer and travels between Santa Fe (NM) and Jackson Hole (WY) for her business. Congratulations to Robin who will earn $350.00 as our Co-Rookie of the Month and to her sponsor Kim Harrington, who earns $150.00! Way to go, Robin & Kim!

Dr. Hillary Smith
Dr. Hillary Smith Apr 2017

This month everybody at GIA Wellness is very excited to announce two Co-Rookies of the Month! In a race that was too close to call, we feel compelled to recognize two standout Rookies who recently started their GIA Wellness journeys! While Dr. Hillary Smith was able to attend the GIA Wellness Success Conference in Palm Springs in October 2016, it wasn’t until this month that she was able to focus on sharing GIA with others. She is a kind and caring practitioner with a great sense of fun woven into her desire to educate and empower women to be well. It is no wonder that she is loved and trusted by her patients. Dr. Hillary Smith has maintained an Integrative Wellness and Chiropractic practice in the Los Angeles area since 1985, incorporating mind-body therapies, Homeopathy and Clinical Nutrition into her practice. In 2006, she added Advanced Medical Thermography, with the Breast Thermography Center being an important new focus in her office. Because of her dedication and excellence in the field, Dr. Smith received the highest Clinical Thermographer certification. Dr Hillary has long known of the harmful effects of Electro-pollution on people’s well-being. She was introduced to GIA Wellness by her good friend and best-selling author Dr. Sherrill Sellman, ND. This month Hillary hosted three GIA presentations in 48 hours to kick start GIA’s presence in her community – what a great example of team work! Within one short weekend, Dr. Hillary advanced from GIA Manager to Director and helped her friend, Cathey Painter, graduate from GIA Manager to Jr Director also. We have no doubt that Hillary and her team will be helping many more people with the GIA Wellness products and opportunity in the future. Congratulations to Dr. Hillary Smith who earns a $350.00 Rookie of the Month cash bonus, and to Dr. Sherrill Sellman, who receives $150.00 as her direct sponsor! Amazing work, ladies!

Rachelle Evitt
Rachelle Evitt Mar 2017

Our GIA Rookie of the Month is a true super star! Among her many accomplishments, she is a certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Fitness and Training Coach, currently in classes for Kinesiology and Body Talk, a business owner, a professional seamstress who specializes in antique reproductions, and most impressively a mother and home-schooler for 20 years to her five children – two of which have Cystic Fibrosis. Needless to say Rachelle has always had a full plate. Having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia at age 27, Rachelle did not let that stop her or get her down. Quite to the contrary – she became an avid student of health, constantly taking classes and researching for new ways of working with her children’s and her own health challenges. Rachelle became a part of GIA Wellness just a few short months ago and noticed a marked improvement in her own health as she layered the GIA Wellness Technologies into her existing wellness regimen. Once she started using the GIA products and enjoying them herself, she assisted her friend and business partner Shar Durkart to become a GIA Junior Director, while Rachelle reached the rank of Director herself. They put on a spa day in North Dakota, advertised through Facebook, and created substantial business volume in a short amount of time! Rachelle truly expresses the heart of GIA, working tirelessly to support the members of her group to actualize their financial goals as well as their personal goals and dreams. Rachelle loves that GIA has chosen Referral Marketing as the method of product distribution and feels it’s the most fabulous opportunity out there to create wealth with great products! She loves assisting people in becoming healthy and opening up the GIA opportunity for them to help improve their lives. We proudly honor Rachelle with a $350 Cash Bonus as our Rookie of the Month, and her awesome sponsor Donald Toomim with his own $150 Cash Bonus! Great work, you two!

Ethan Leeds
Ethan Leeds Feb 2017

The power of what GIA Wellness can offer was captured quickly by this month’s GIA Rookie of the Month, Ethan Leeds. We know that the Wellness Community has embraced ‘all things GIA’ and our newest Rookie is not only a member of the Wellness Community, he is also a true leader. He has tremendous reach, as well as desire to make a difference. Ethan Leeds is a cancer and natural health coach. His research and guidance helped his wife’s cancer be eradicated within 6 months, using no conventional treatments and now he has followed his heart in his desire to help others achieve the same results. His Facebook group, which is called “Empower Your Body to Fight Cancer Naturally” has over 14,500 members and is growing every month. Once Ethan discovered the revolutionary GIA Wellness technologies, he wasted no time in leveraging and sharing all the valuable information. He qualified for the GIA Abundance Club, earned the Forever Team Expansion Bonus during the first half of his first month with GIA, and within two months he achieved two Abundance Clubs, the GIA Director Rank and became a member of the GIA Gold Club. Ethan is excited about adding optimal hydration with the GIA i-H2O Activation System, the patented SFA technology and the TerraGIA electropollution solution products into his wellness protocol and is already seeing tremendously positive testimonials and results. We honor and congratulate Ethan with his well deserved $350 Rookie of the Month Bonus, and we also give a big GIA ‘shout out’ to Senior Director Jeanna Clifford, who has worked with him every step of the way and earns a $150 Special Bonus as Ethan’s sponsor! Awesome work, you two!

Holly Steindl
Holly Steindl Jan 2017

This month’s GIA Rookie enrolled with GIA Wellness on October 5th, 2016 as a Consultant, taking a leap of faith by simply investing in a $49.95 membership fee with the desire to share GIA with others and setting the intention of earning enough GIA bonuses and commissions to eventually pay for her own i-H2O Activation System. She jumped right in and offered to help with a booth at a Holiday Showcase and eagerly shared GIA with the other health-focused booths, as well as the attendees. Holly Steindl works one day a week at Grace’s Nutrition, owned by Michelle Garcia, who is her direct GIA sponsor. When Michelle told Holly she ordered the GIA i-H2O Activation System, Holly was ecstatic. With her working that one day a week in the store she was instrumental in setting up their GIA display and handing out samples to customers. Michelle has been a very supportive sponsor to Holly, and her positive attitude has helped Holly step into her new GIA Wellness venture with great teamwork. Holly already added six people to her fast growing GIA team in the month of November. Whenever Holly has a question, she shows tremendous initiative by reaching out to her upline team, new GIA Director Sue Kittrell, new Senior Director Kim Harrington, Presidential Directors Sue & Don Gronberg and One Star Presidential Director Ming Lovejoy. Holly has shared that “Everyone I talk to is interested in GIA Wellness and I just love knowing that I am helping others.” Congratulations to Holly who earns $350 Cash Bonus as GIA’s Rookie of the Month, and to Michelle Garcia, who will earn $150 as Holly’s sponsor. Great job ladies!!

Jen O Sullivan
Jen O Sullivan Dec 2016

GIA is very excited to honor our new Rookie of the Month – Jen O Sullivan – as she has already set records. In addition to being a loving wife, mother and passionate wellness advocate, she is certified in French Medicinal Aromatherapy through the East-West School for Aromatic Studies. She has been a professional educator since 1999, at both the collegiate and high school levels. Jen simply loves life and has a gift of sharing complicated science, and research about essential oils in a very simple way. Her passion and enthusiasm in helping others may explain why in such a short period of time with GIA, Jen already has more than two dozen new front level customers and more than a dozen GIA team mates on her quickly growing team. Jen has been with GIA for less than eight weeks and has already reached the Director Rank, earned the Team Expansion Bonus, as well as the prestigious Abundance Club. Jen learned about the TerraGIA Inspired Energy products and the GIA i-H2O Activation System, she understands their significant wellness benefits and she feels compelled to share this information with her friends, family and fast-growing group of customers. Jen has tremendous credibility, has studied health and nutrition for close to decade, and she has empowered others by educating them on health and wellness in a tremendously inspiring way. GIA congratulates Jen – as our GIA Rookie of the Month – with a $350.00 Cash Bonus and honors her GIA sponsor – Executive Director Caren Knott – with a $150.00 bonus as well! Congratulation Ladies, keep up the outstanding work!

Sue Kittrell
Sue Kittrell Nov 2016

We are excited to share a sneak peek into what makes a great GIA Rookie of the Month! It is someone who is not just willing, but eager to drive hours to be a part of a GIA Wellness Presentation. It is someone who enthusiastically shares their passion around health, wellness, inspiration and abundance, EVEN though they are new and do not yet have every answer to questions that may come up. It is someone who calls and talks to their sponsor often, and who meets the corporate team by participating on 3 way phone calls. It is someone who calls into the GIA headquarters and shows initiative if they have a quick question and their GIA upline is out of town. It is someone who expands their team with customers, as well those who are interested in sharing GIA with others. It is someone who sees the window of opportunity to align themselves with GIA and make a difference in the world. And that someone’s name is Sue Kittrell. She is a wife, mother, a Quantum Reflex Integration Specialist, and passionate advocate for health and wellness for children and adults. Sue recently joined GIA Director Kim Harrington’s team and has a strong desire to share GIA for the many wellness benefits, as well as to empower others to create a stream of residual income. We are so happy to have Sue honored as our GIA Rookie of the Month and to send her a bonus check for $350, as well as celebrate Kim Harrington, her upline Director, with a $150 check. Well done, ladies, very proud of you!

Brenda Lea Sarinana
Brenda Lea Sarinana Oct 2016

Congratulations to Brenda Lea Sarinana for being awarded the prestigious “Rookie of the Month” Award and $350 Cash Bonus this month! Brenda is a great example of how GIA Wellness can make a huge difference in people’s lives. Since joining the GIA team in May of 2016, she has consistently shown her passion for GIA products and her drive for success. Brenda earned her first Team Expansion Bonus within one month of joining the GIA team and already had six new teammates join her fast growing organization in her first 90 days. Brenda achieved the Junior Director rank in July 2016, and was also awarded $150 in June for qualifying for the GIA Abundance Club! Brenda is caring, has a lot of initiative and is very passionate about health and wellness. Tragically, shortly after Brenda joined the team, her sister, Maggie and her brother-in-law were involved in a horrible accident that sadly took the life of her brother-in-law. Maggie survived and has shared a testimony about how the GIA products have helped her recovery tremendously. Despite Brenda’s own loss of her husband, and this recent, extremely difficult life event, Brenda focuses on making a positive impact on others and is an inspiration to many. A special thank you and congratulations also to Senior Director Debe Gwynn who earns $150.00 as Brenda’s GIA sponsor and of course congratulations to Brenda, who will earn a $350.00 Cash Bonus as our well deserved Rookie of the Month!

Beth Gentry
Beth Gentry Sep 2016

We congratulate this month’s GIA Rookie of the Month – Beth Gentry – who has embraced the benefits all that GIA Wellness offers, from the very beginning. She was introduced to GIA through her long term friend of 17 years, Heather Parris, who earned the Just Because Award & $1,000 Bonus a month ago! Heather describes Beth as sweet, loving, and FUN! As a devoted mother of four hard working boys, Beth has also been a successful realtor in the Middle Tennessee area. Once Beth understood the need for GIA Wellness products, she wasted no time in sharing the products and income opportunity with others and quickly started expanding her GIA Team. Within less than two months, she has personally enrolled six new GIA team mates and helped put on a fabulous GIA event in Nashville earlier this month. We have a feeling this is just the beginning of her bright career with GIA, as Beth has captured the vision of it creating the life she wants and deserves by helping others. Congratulations again to Beth who in addition to her GIA Rookie of the Month award also earns a $350.00 Cash bonus, and to her friend and GIA sponsor Heather, who will earn $150.00! Congratulations to the both of you, ladies!

Debra Sykes
Debra Sykes Aug 2016

Debra is an amazing Yoga Teacher in Polson (Montana) and has a large following of students who admire and look up to her. On May 13th, 2016 she broke her arm but still showed up for a GIA presentation and jumped on board as a GIA Business Builder that very same day! Having to deal with her broken arm did slow Debra down a bit and she just barely missed the Team Expansion and Abundance Club Qualifications. However, she did not let obstacles stop her in any way, as she is already creating an unstoppable GIA team. While Debra is still so new with GIA, she is a living example of how to build a team with momentum right out the gate. She is working hard to achieve the GIA Junior Director rank in August and has tons of people rooting for her! Debra listens in on GIA wakeup callls, has hosted several GIA Presentations, has attended the GIA Las Vegas “Team ATM Event” in early June, and will also attend the GIA Palm Springs Conference in September. Debra loves being part of GIA and changing lives, as she enthusiastically shares GIA with others! Congratulations to Debra who earns an additional $350.00 Cash Bonus as this month’s GIA Rookie of the Month, as well as to Breanna Rowe, who earns an extra $150.00 dollars as her sponsor. Congratulations ladies, well done!

Jennifer Steward
Jennifer Steward Jul 2016

Jennifer has started her GIA Wellness career with LOTS of momentum, aalready chieving the Jr. Director rank! This has all occurred in her first full month on the GIA Team. As a Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Life Coach, Jennifer has been considering and wanting to align herself with GIA Wellness for quite a while. Once she did, there has been no slowing her down! She clearly has a strong desire to serve others, and has done exactly that in many different ways. One exciting thing about Jennifer’s team is that one of her first GIA team mates has already enrolled two new team mates herself! This type of quick team expansion has helped her GIA business take off in a great way. Living in the beautiful state of Montana, Jennifer appreciates gorgeous nature, her four children, the last of which has just graduated high school, and lives her life with an inspiring intention of joy and courage. We are very excited to honor Jennifer with her $350.00 Cash Bonus, and look forward to sending her sister and GIA sponsor Carol Lane her well deserved $150.00 Bonus check! Congratulations to you both!

Donald Toomim
Donald Toomim Jul 2016

Donald lives in Beaverton (OR) with his lovely wife Roberta. He is a healer and a specialist in Foot, Hand and Ear Reflexology, Raindrop Technique, Emotional Cleansing, Applied Kinesiology, Visualization, CranioSacral Therapy and Shiatsu. Donald is also a full time learner and workshop leader. As his GIA team says:

“Donald is a joy to work with. He has the perfect balance of having a passion for helping people live a vibrant healthy lifestyle along with the mind of an entrepreneur who fully understands business timing. He is a true people magnet, attracting the best of the best to GIA Wellness.”

Donald has already enrolled six new GIA team mates onto his GIA Team, and – at press time – has already achieved the Director rank. We are so thrilled for Donald, as he is impacting so many lives with GIA in a short period of time. He also enjoys the health benefits of all the GIA products, as an avid bicyclist having toured in England and the vast expanses of Los Angeles, he definitely knows first hand of the need for athletes to use all the GIA Wellness technologies! Congratulations Donald on your $350.00 Cash Bonus, as well as congratulations to your sponsor Bonnie Henderson, who will earn $150.00! Great job!!

Brianna Rowe
Brianna Rowe Jul 2016

Brianna has dedicated her life to helping people. Right after high school, she went to college for massage therapy and became a Licensed Massage Therapist. After 12-plus years she started looking for a new direction, considering an average massage therapy career lasts seven years due to the physical demands. Fortunately, Brianna was introduced to GIA Wellness – she enrolled as a Business Builder, accomplishing the Jr. Director rank, the GIA Abundance Club, and Team Expansion Bonus – all in her first calendar month. She didn’t hesitate to attend GIA’s ATM Event in Las Vegas in June and even brought her new teammate, Debra Sykes to that event also. Brianna has shown great leadership in planning local GIA meetings, organizing and making travel arrangements for the Polson team for the GIA Conference in October in Palm Springs, and has shared amazing GIA testimonials, as well as shown up for cross-line support at other GIA presentations in the area. On top of all of that, she is a phenomenal wife and a mother of two young and energetic girls, she an all-around thoughtful and caring person, and a great spokesperson for GIA Wellness’ inspiring culture. Congratulations Brianna on your $350.00 Cash Bonus as part of your Rookie-of-the-Month honors, and to GIA Manager Cyndi Elliott, who earns $150.00 Cash Bonus as Brianna’s sponsor! Well done, ladies!

Geri Ostendorf
Geri Ostendorf Jun 2016

One of the most wonderful characteristics of building a GIA Wellness Business is the fact that on any given day, in any given month you can decide that “Today is the day that I start treating my GIA business as a business.” With that “fresh start” mindset, this month we honor a very special GIA Rookie of the Month, who has been a part of the GIA team for more than 90 days. While she has been plugged into GIA calls, and even attended several GIA meetings, she decided to implement a business expansion action plan just 30 days ago, and because of her impressive results and special circumstances, we are proudly recognizing her as this month’s GIA Rookie. So without further ado, heartfelt congratulations to Geri Ostendorf, who jumped in with both feet 30 days ago and set out to follow a very specific GIA business expansion plan, reaching out by mail to friends and family, following up with a call, doing 3-way phone calls, and one-on-one appointments. Geri’s plan has definitely worked as she has expanded her team with three new team mates in just 30 days, qualifying her for the GIA Team Expansion Bonus as well as bringing her very close to Junior Director rank. With two new Business Builders and one new Manager joining her now fast growing team, Geri has proven to herself and her upline GIA partners, that she has the devotion, desire and commitment to pursue her dreams. The best part of it all is that Geri is kind, caring, and open hearted, a true example of all that GIA Wellness stands for – each and every day. Congratulations to Geri who earns $350 as this month’s well deserving GIA Rookie of the Month, and to her sponsor Lori Weiner, who will earn $150.00! Great job ladies!

Annette Giles
Annette Giles May 2016

As often happens in GIA Wellness, once people discover the power of GIA’s patented technologies and the business possibilities, they share that enthusiasm with the people they know and love. Our GIA Rookie of the Month, Annette Giles, who hails from beautiful New Zealand, has known her GIA sponsor for nearly 30 years. Her good friend and upline describes her as “honest, caring, and someone who just loves to look after everyone!” While Annette clearly cares about impacting the health and well-being of so many people, as an accountant, she is also referred to as a “financial healer”. We at GIA Wellness think that is a great term, considering how many people on the planet are also in need of financial healing. We are very happy for Annette who just joined GIA in March 2016, but has already welcomed five team members onto her fast growing GIA Team, and who had more than $7,000 in business activity by the third week of April. All of us at GIA Corporate know that this is just the beginning of a tremendous GIA journey for Annette. We also congratulate Annette’s good friend and sponsor Jocelyn Oades, who expertly leads the GIA charge in New Zealand. We honor Annette with a $350.00 Cash Bonus for being voted GIA’s Rookie-of-the-Month, and Jocelyn who receives $150.00 as Annette’s direct GIA sponsor. Congratulations ladies, so well deserved!

Tiphany Gayheart
Tiphany Gayheart Mar 2016

Just a month ago, Tiphany Gayheart started receiving GIA Wellness commission checks in the mail. She had been using and loving the GIA i-H2O, GIATrim Cleanse and i-Thrive that her good friend and sponsor – Director Kim Harrington – had encouraged her to use. As Tiphany’s friends were noticing her increased energy and radiance, they asked her what she was doing? As a result, Tiphany decided to share GIA Wellness with a concerted effort and in the last month alone, she has earned the Team Expansion Bonus and is headed for the Junior Director rank. Having spent several days in Jackson and Alpine (Wyoming) and getting to know Tiphany, all we can say is Wow! She is dynamic, high energy, happy, sweet, and a tremendous achiever. As a successful realtor, Tiphany has a great business head on her shoulders, while connecting with people with her authentic, bubbly personality. It is such a pleasure to watch her build her GIA team alongside her life long friend Director, Kim Harrington. Kim has been a rising star with GIA in her own right, and her work ethic and passion are inspiring. This team of fun, smart, and passionate women have made a big difference in many lives in a very short period of time. Working closely with their mentor and friends, Presidential Directors Sue and Don Gronberg , they are creating a lot of momentum in a very short period of time. Sue specifically has made a dedicated effort to support this team and cherishes the friendships and experiences. We honor Tiphany as this month’s Rookie of the Month with a $350.00 Cash Bonus, and her sponsor Kim Harrington, who will earn $150, in addition to all their other GIA commissions and bonuses this month. Well done, ladies!

Dr. Jana Green
Dr. Jana Green Mar 2016

Dr. Jana Green ND has owned her practice, The Theocentric Healing Center, for nearly 30 years. She is a deeply caring practitioner who believes in true holistic healing of the whole being. She is well loved and respected by her family, friends and patients. Combining her professional knowledge as a naturopathic physician and her keen gifted sense of intuition with practical testing, she has found that Electro-pollution is a common health issue for her patients. After hearing about results that people were getting with GIA i-H2O Activation System, Dr. Jana turned to her good friend – and GIA sponsor – Dr. Sherrill Sellman to find out more about GIA Wellness. She decided to host a presentation to educate more people about the need for the patented and proprietary technologies that power the GIA products. Dr. Jana went into quick action and in one week – with her team’s support – had six excited people create the start of her fast growing GIA Team, she completed Abundance Club, earned the Team Expansion Bonus, reached the rank of Junior Director and registered for the upcoming April GIA Conference in Phoenix. Dr. Jana has become so passionate about educating people about GIA Wellness solutions for thriving in our wireless world, as we close the month of February, she has already set up a weekend in early March for two more GIA Wellness Presentations, along with a morning of training for those who want to share GIA with the intention of creating a home-based business livelihood. Congratulations to Dr. Jana who earns an additional $350.00 Cash Bonus as this month’s GIA Rookie of the Month, as well as to Dr. Sherill Sellman, who earns an extra $150.00 dollars as her sponsor. Congratulations ladies, well done!

Sister Briana
Sister Briana Feb 2016

We are thrilled to congratulate Sister Briana, currently living in Lakeside, CA as our GIA Rookie of the Month. Sister Briana has devoted her life to living out purpose in her faith and in making a difference in the lives of others. Like all of us, as we experience the wonders of life, we feel called to pursue our purpose and that calling can move us into new directions. We are thrilled that Sister Briana immediately understood the vision of GIA Wellness, to positively impact others, and that she embraced GIA technologies, and shared them immediately with others. Her sponsor – Mary Hills – is in Acupuncture school, and introduced Sister Briana to GIA Wellness, who then turned around and expanded her team with several team mates within her first few days. In addition to her growing GIA Commissions, Sister Briana will enjoy a $350.00 Rookie of the Month Bonus, and Mary will receive her $150.00 Cash Bonus for enrolling Sister Briana onto her great team. While Mary is busy studying, Sister Briana has leveraged her upline Director Kedzie Morgan who has been thrilled to get to know her, and help her live out her goals as she strives for Abundance Club and the Junior Director rank. Kedzie has shared that both Mary and Sister Briana are planning on attending the upcoming GIA Conference in April 2016, and we are very excited to honor Sister Briana as this Month’s well deserved GIA Rookie of the Month!

Jeanna Clifford
Jeanna Clifford Jan 2016

Jeanna is an integrative practitioner, specializing in a progressive and increasingly popular healing modality called “Holographic Kinetics”. She is bright and passionate about helping people and has been “lit up” by GIA Wellness. While Jeanna had heard about GIA from One Star Presidential Director Ming Lovejoy for quite some time, it was the viewing of the documentary “The Truth about Cancer”, in which two of GIA’s patented technologies were prominently featured, that caused her take action and pursue the GIA Opportunity. Jeanna had Ming’s business card and went to her website and enrolled herself as a GIA consultant for $49.95 online during the documentary airing. She then began responding to posts and on Facebook groups where people were discussing complementary health issues. She began building her business in record time and earned a GIA check for over $300 in retail profits in two short days, earning a 6-fold (!) return on her GIA enrollment investment! From there, she dedicated herself to serving others seeking solutions and diligently shares information with friends, family and online. Her talent for and combination of digital relationship building and personal follow up in phone calls has built her GIA business quickly. Jeanna achieved the GIA Abundance Club in her first 30 days, which moved her up to a permanent 10% frontline commission and has achieved the prestigious Director rank in her first (!) month. Congratulations to Jeanna for receiving a $350 Cash Bonus as this month’s well deserving GIA Rookie of the Month, as well as to her GIA sponsor Ming Lovejoy, who will earn a $150 Cash Bonus! We have a feeling that this is just the very beginning of Jeanna’s long, successful career with GIA Wellness!

Kathleen Kenneally
Kathleen Kenneally Dec 2015

We are very happy to celebrate Kathleen Kenneally from Santa Clarita, CA as this month’s GIA “Rookie of the Month” Award Recipient. Kathleen is an amazing person, acupuncturist and intuitive healer as well! She has consistently been voted best acupuncturist in the Santa Clarita valley. Although Kathleen joined GIA several years ago, the timing just wasn’t right. Now the energy has shifted and she has re-engaged and is on a mission. She is on fire with the GIA business and wants to share the importance of what is it we bring to a world that so desperately needs GIA’s groundbreaking wellness technologies. Kathleen recognizes the work she is able to do is enhanced when her patients incorporate GIA’s wellness solutions into their daily lives. Kathleen is building a GIA team of wonderful, compassionate like-minded people who are all committed to sharing GIA’s life-changing changing products. She has already achieved the rank of Junior Director and we know that is just the beginning. Kathleen also is thrilled to see her GIA commission checks come rolling in. Kathleen’s GIA sponsor Caren Knott says that she is “so proud to call Kathleen my friend as well as my teammate!”. We congratulate Kathleen for her well deserved $350 Rookie-of-the-Month-Bonus, and are also very excited for Caren Knott who – as Kathleen’s sponsor – will receive a $150 Cash Bonus also! Great job ladies!!

Suzy Meszoly
Suzy Meszoly Nov 2015

We joyfully celebrate and congratulate Suzy Meszoly as this month’s GIA Rookie of the Month! Suzy Meszoly reinstated with GIA on October 26th, and by the 29th she had already hosted a presentation and welcomed two new GIA Managers on her team! She is on fire about GIA, and is passionate about helping other people. Suzy has a comprehensive background in the Wellness Field, gathering her knowledge throughout her world travels. She is a spiritual teacher, an energetic channel and healer, intuitive counselor and professional homeopath as well as a certified holistic health counselor, and a Reverend. Suzy runs the Art of Energetic Healing School in New York and via international webinars. In 2011, She published her first book, “Infinite Universe – A simple Guide for Being Here Now”, and has recorded a number of meditation CDs. A native of Australia, Suzy now lives in the Catskill Mountains of NY, with her family and dogs. She loves the country, where she grows vegetables and herbs and prepares various herbal formulas for wellness. In addition to her well deserved “Rookie of the Month” honors, Suzy will also receive a $350 Bonus Check, with her GIA sponsor – Pamela Cucinell – enjoying a $150 check. Well done ladies!

Mike Casey
Mike Casey Oct 2015

We are very happy to celebrate Naturopathic Doctor, Mike Casey from Yucca Valley, CA as this month’s GIA “Rookie of the Month” Award Recipient. Mike first learned about GIA Wellness from GIA Director Bonnie Henderson and while he is very health conscious himself, Mike is particularly dedicated to improving the health and wellness of others. Mike shares his wisdom and insights with great care and operates a great wellness facility called “Restoration Ranch”, which is a lifestyle balancing and cleansing retreat located in the beautiful high desert of Southern California. He began his career in Queensland, Australia, where he studied and trained in the field of alternative health. After having worked with terminally ill patients, Mike has been devoted to helping bring others to their optimal state of wellness. Bonnie has worked directly with Mike on his GIA business by hosting GIA events, both in Yucca Valley, as well as Oakhurst, CA. Mike has enjoyed his own profound results with the patented GIA i-H2O Activation System, and he understands the need to offset the stress associated with electromagnetic radiation by using the TerraGIA Inspired Energy products. In the course of his first 90 days with GIA, Mike has already expanded his team of GIA devotees and continues to share GIA Wellness while working with people looking to improve their quality of life. We congratulate Mike for his well deserved $350 Rookie-of-the-Month-Bonus and are also very excited for Bonnie Henderson, who – as Mike’s sponsor – will receive a $150 Cash Bonus also! Great job you two!

Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown Sep 2015

We celebrate and congratulate Ryan Brown as this month’s GIA Rookie of the Month! Ryan is a young, energetic 23-year old entrepreneur who was introduced to GIA Wellness by his good friend Patrick Kingston. Ryan was excited to receive and try the GIA products and once he did, there was no holding him back from him sharing them with the world. Ryan felt he had found what he was looking for and to quote one of Ryan’s text messages, his “excitement is growing like a fire.” While sharing the GIA Joy with everyone he knows, he also spent a lot of time educating himself on how to grow a large business organization to a path of financial freedom. Ryan’s commitment to learning and understanding how Referral Marketing works is truly inspiring. He eagerly joins in to as many GIA conference calls as he can. He has truly embraced all that is GIA – Growth, Inspiration, and Abundance… and a strong community. His enthusiasm around all that GIA represents is very evident in every encounter he has with others. In the week leading up to Ryan driving across Canada to his new home in Montreal, he earned the GIA Team Expansion Bonus, and now has a growing team that literally reaches from coast to coast across Canada. In short, Ryan is a true vision of all that is possible with GIA. He has shown in itiative every step of the way and is grateful to Patrick, his GIA sponsor, and to Sue Johnson his senior partner in GIA. As Sue says: “I know that Ryan’s passion for all that is GIA is going to help him lead a younger generation on a path to growth in their health and well being, inspiration to live their best lives, and finding the path to financial freedom. It is an honor and pleasure to work so closely with Ryan and his growing GIA team!” We congratulate Ryan on earning an additional $350 Cash Bonus as GIA’s Rookie of the Month, and his friend and sponsor Patrick, who’ll enjoy $150 in extra GIA cash! Great job done by these two young leaders, we are sure we will be hearing lots more about your exciting GIA journey to the top!

Koleen DeLeon
Koleen DeLeon Aug 2015

This month we are very excited to announce Koleen De Leon as our “GIA Rookie of the Month”. Talk about duplication! Koleen’s sponsor, Junior Director Angie Stevens, was “Rookie of the Month” just last month! Their GIA senior partner, Director Kim Harrington says that Koleen has been an absolute “rock star”. She enrolled in GIA just a few short months ago, and as happens with so many people, right after she joined GIA, life got hectic! But Koleen did not let that stall last long. Once she started sharing GIA with others, she has not stopped since. Her team has beautifully come together, as evidenced by Director Kim Harrington who drove 5 hours to help Koleen with one of her first GIA gatherings. And from then on, Kolleen has been hosting GIA meetings at her house every week. While she started with just one guest, she was very intent in her desire to grow her team and share the many facets of GIA Wellness. And through persistence, those meetings have translated into a team of eight, with the possibility of another one or two more teammates before the time of you reading this. Her direct sponsor Angie is very happy for Koleen because in a short time, Koleen has qualified for the Team Expansion Bonus, the GIA Abundance Club and the ongoing ARO Bonus. Koleen works full time and also with her husband Pete, as they run a ministry together. They are a truly dynamic duo, and they are spreading the good word and the good news all over Riverton and Lander in Wyoming. So congratulations to Kim and Pete for earning the well deserved $350 “Rookie of the Month” Bonus, as well as to Angie for earning an additional $150 Cash Bonus as her sponsor!

Angie Stevens
Angie Stevens Jul 2015
Junior Director

This month we honor and congratulate Angie Stevens as our GIA Rookie of the Month! Angie is full of initiative and heart! She came on board with GIA, and within her first 60 days earned her ongoing Team Expansion Bonus, Abundance Club Bonus, and reached the Junior Director rank. She has absolutely jumped into GIA with both feet and has enjoyed both the benefits of the products, and the GIA Abundance Plan. Angie has been working diligently to build her GIA business by having gatherings at her place of business, by doing booths, and by doing three way phone calls. She is a wonderful faith-filled woman with tremendous passion who lives in a very small community in Wyoming, so she reaches out into other communities in order to expand her business. As her friend and GIA sponsor Kim Harrington, says: “We are so excited for Angie’s expanding team, to welcome new business builders Koleen and Pete from Riverton (WY), and Cyndi from Big Piney, who plans to introduce GIA to Rock Springs (WY). With Angie and her team, we will be covering the state of Wyoming like a warm blanket in winter!” Angie found out about the upcoming GIA event in Costa Mesa on October 16-18th, 2015 and has already put it “in her calendar” as a must-attend event. These are the type of proactive practices that has earned Angie her $350 Rookie of the Month Bonus! Congratulations again Angie, and also to Director Kim Harrington, who earns $150 as Angie’s sponsor!

Maurene Mongan
Maurene Mongan Jun 2015

Maurene recently joined GIA Manager Bonnie Henderson’s team, after them initially meeting at the Healthy Living Festival in Del Mar, CA. Maurene is a Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Nutritional Consultant and loves helping people, but is very new to the referral marketing industry. On May 16th, 2015 – at GIA’s first ‘Latin Wellness Fiesta’ held at the corporate headquarters in Carlsbad, CA – Maurene enrolled the first person on her team – Consuelo, an excited and passionate Naturopathic Doctor. Maurene’s sponsor Bonnie Henderson is thrilled to have Maurene as part of her dynamic GIA Team. She says: “Maurene is eager to ‘learn the ropes’ of referral marketing, and she’s starting to step out more and more to share all the wonderful things of GIA. I believe she will do some amazing things with GIA. Maurene is a friendly, outgoing person and is a joy to work with and I feel so blessed to have her on my team!” We send heartfelt congratulations to Maurene for earning this month’s “Rookie of the Month” Award and $350 Cash Bonus, and to Bonnie for also earning a $150 Cash Bonus as Maurene’s sponsor. Great job, ladies!

Brenda Smith
Brenda Smith May 2015

Congratulations to this month’s Rookie of the Month, Brenda Smith from the beautiful Coachella Valley. Brenda just recently joined GIA Wellness, yet has started off her career with flying colors! Within only 24 hours of her coming on board with GIA, she already had a new team mate join her, and she hasn’t stopped since! Brenda has sponsored several new GIA team mates since, participated on conference calls, training calls, 3-way calls, team events and GIA Presentations! Brenda is a health and empowerment coach who teaches specific stretching and movement classes and cares deeply about helping others in their health and wellness. She is an absolute advocate of the referral marketing industry and has the intention, passion and enthusiasm to build a large GIA team. If her first month is any indication of the energy she plans to put into her GIA Wellness business, we know there is lots in store for Brenda as she continues to grow her business. We congratulate Brenda with a $350 cash bonus, with another $150 bonus going to her upline sponsor and friend, Junior Director Bonnie Henderson!

Jodi Parker
Jodi Parker Apr 2015

We are very excited to honor Jodi Parker as this month’s GIA Rookie of the Month. Jody found out about GIA from her good friend and GIA Director Kim Harrington. When Kim called Jody, she was enthusiastically chatting about the GIA i-H2O Activation System, and Jodi was quick to trust her intuition and jump on board with GIA. It served her well, as she has achieved a lot in her GIA business in a short period of time. In her first two months she accomplished her permanent Team Expansion Bonus qualification, and also qualified for the GIA Abundance Club.  Jody has a 17 year old daughter at home, and a full time job at the local school in order to stay close to her grand kids.  She was widowed two years ago when she lost her husband to cancer. Jody’s beautiful heart and courage is felt by all who meet her. As her sponsor Kim says When Jodi speaks, you can actually feel her heart beat.  She is so full of love and compassion; she draws people to her. Jodi is such an amazing person, we are truly blessed that when I told her about GIA, she said it was divine intervention. There was no question that GIA and Jodi are meant to be. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Jodi, who earns an additional $350.00 as her Rookie of the Month Bonus, as well as to GIA Director Kim Harrington, who earns an additional $150.00 as Jody’s sponsor!

Rich Peters
Rich Peters Feb 2015

Congratulations to Rich Peters for receiving the GIA Rookie of the Month Award this month! Rich joined GIA Consultants Kathy Coffey, Jennifer Lawson, and Sherri Sullivan – of GIA’s dynamic Portland team – a short time ago. His dynamic personality, as well as Rich’s passion for personal development, health and wellness, already has Rich making quick strides in GIA. With a background in the service, as well as a military contractor, Rich has been a great entrepreneur, enjoying successful businesses and real estate ventures. Looking years younger than he really is, Rich has focused much of his life on educating himself in wellness, including the important mind-body-spirit connection. His life is full of friends and wonderful relationships that he cultivates with joy. Rich brings presence, compassion, and understanding to all of his interactions with people. He loves to make friends and does so easily. An engaging and wonderful spirit, we are very excited to have Rich as a new member of the GIA team! Rich joined GIA on December 1st, 2014, he works closely with Senior Partner and 1-Star Presidential Director Ming Lovejoy, uses three way phone calls frequently, and he also participates on GIA Wellness Conference Calls. He has already accomplished the Team Expansion Bonus, the GIA Abundance Club, and earned his earnings upgrade to a permanent front level commission amount of 10%! Way to go, Rich, who’ll earn an additional $350 as his Rookie of the Month Bonus, with Kathy Coffey enjoying a $150 Cash Bonus as his sponsor!

Gretchen & Josh Brown
Gretchen & Josh Brown Jan 2015
Junior Directors

Congratulations to Gretchen Brown and her husband Josh, as this month’s GIARookies of the Month. Gretchen has exhibited her passion and desire to share the vision of GIA with enthusiasm, initiative, and a compelling sense of urgency. Her upline mentor Presidential Director Sue Gronberg shared that when she calls Gretchen to touch base, Gretchen typically says: Oh, I was just talking to somebody about GIA, do you have time to give them a call back with me? As a result of her initiative, three-way-phone-call consistency, and genuine zest for sharing the power of GIA with others, Gretchen has earned the Team Expansion Bonus and is on her way to reach the Junior Director rank. Another very impressive thing about Gretchen is she is a loving mother of four young children, ranging from 6 months to 11 years old. She has done an exceptional job balancing her role as a young mother who home-schools her children, while starting a thriving GIA business. Gretchen even agreed to help with the Corporate Team Expansion Conference Call, while having a houseful of Christmas guests! Along with her supportive husband Josh, Gretchen is looking forward to reaching her goals professionally, as well as helping to enrich the lives of many others through GIA. Gretchen has worked closely with her upline new Director Kim Harrington, as well as Presidential Director Sue Gronberg. Gretchen and Josh will earn the $350 Rookie of the Month Bonus, while Amy Bassett will earn $150 as their direct sponsor. Congratulations you two, well done!

Jean Brinkman
Jean Brinkman Dec 2014

Jean Brinkman is an icon in the world of training and breeding of top quality dressage and performance horses. She has earned herself and her program accolades from the United States Dressage Federation, and is considered a top performance breeder, having been rated first and second in the United States and abroad for multiple years. At the ripe age of 74, Jean has had fabulous results using the GIA Wellness products, and even boasts that she recently started riding her mare bareback! She and her husband, Roy, a retired veterinarian who is thriving in his 80’s, have always been progressive, health oriented, forward thinking visionaries. Married over 50 years, they are more in love than ever and beautiful examples of personal development, commitment and generous spirit. To her resume of great accomplishments, Jean also adds the building of successful organizations in referral marketing companies. She loves the referral marketing model, and has made tremendous strides in GIA Wellness in a short period of time. Jean has consistently sponsored and leveraged 3-way phone calls with her sponsor, One Star Presidential Director Ming Lovejoy. Congratulations to Jean who will earn an additional $350.00 Cash Bonus, and to Ming, who will earn an additional $150.00 Cash Bonus as her sponsor. They both embody all that GIA represents – congratulations ladies!

Elaine Lewis
Elaine Lewis Nov 2014

Congratulations to Elaine Lewis, this month’s GIA Rookie of the Month! Elaine was already recognized last month in our GIA Joy Award section, and her momentum has not stopped since! Close friends know her as “Sunshine” and it is not hard to figure out why, considering she lights up every room she enters. Her sponsor – Presidential Director Angela O’Brien – says “Sunshine warms and lights up the hearts of every person, anywhere she goes.”  Elaine is a VERY successful, experienced realtor and is sought out by many agents for coaching.  She is the consummate entrepreneur and has had many successful ventures in the past number of years. Elaine’s success in all she does is really not surprising, as her belief is to live each day with positive joy, which comes from deep inside her heart, with a focus on helping others.  Elaine definitely knows how to use the many GIA tools! She is on many calls herself, has invited guests to listen to GIA Conference Calls, works closely with her sponsor Angela, and as a result, she locked herself in to the Team Expansion Bonus, completed the GIA Abundance Club, and reached the Junior Director Rank in September, and then advanced to the Director rank in October 2014. And she has already taken her first step to earning the new GIA Luxury Car Bonus! We congratulate and honor Elaine with a $350 Rookie of the Month Bonus, with her sponsor Angela earning a well deserved $150.00 Cash Bonus also! Great job Elaine and Angela!

Lori Hart
Lori Hart Oct 2014

Lori Hart is an anti-aging specialist with a real “heart”! She absolutely loves helping people feel and look their best, and has recently incorporated GIA Wellness products into her expert recommendations. Her non-invasive treatments have helped women and men throughout Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Marina del Rey – empowering friends and celebrities alike. Lori has made quite a splash in GIA within a very short period of time. With August 2014 having been her first month in GIA, she wasted no time getting the word out and quickly sponsored several team members. Lori’s passion and enthusiasm is palatable when you speak with her. What comes across loud and clear is her genuine joy in helping people feel their best, and help them reveal a refreshed confidence that comes from feeling young and healthy. Lori has continued her GIA momentum into September, and along with her sponsor – One Star Presidential Director Debbie Hoffman – held a very successful GIA Wellness event in Los Angeles. As a new GIA Jr. Director, Lori is well on her way to becoming eligible for the amazing new GIA Luxury Car Bonus. We celebrate Lori and are excited to reward her with a $350 Rookie-of-the-Month Bonus. And Debbie will receive a $150 Bonus as Lori’s sponsor! Congratulations to the both of you, well done!

Donna Anderson
Donna Anderson Sep 2014
Junior Director

Donna Anderson is no stranger to the wellness industry. As an energy healer, she has a long and rich history of helping others achieve a better quality of life and reach their desired dreams. Donna is a shining example of what is possible immediately upon joining GIA. She was sponsored mid-month by “GIA Joy” and “Just Because” Earner, Junior Director Mackie Ramsey. In July 2014, Mackie encouraged Donna to attend a GIA Wellness Event in Sedona, Arizona. By enthusiastically recommending GIA to others, she enrolled 3 front-level Managers and one Business Builder. One of her Managers then enrolled another, earning Donna both portions of the Quick Start Bonus. In this process, she introduced GIA to enough people to qualify for the Abundance Club AND she achieved the Junior Director rank – all by the end of July 2014! Also, by enrolling three teammates, in her first month Donna also earned the new Team Expansion bonus – so now every time she enrolls three people in any 90-day period she earns another $100 Cash Bonus. Donna is fearless and enthusiastic when sharing GIA. She truly “opens her mouth and heart at the same time”. In addition to using three-way calls to leverage her upline for support, she also takes advantage of GIA events all over the country, inviting her contacts to events in their area. Donna is demonstrating to her growing organization and the whole GIA field how – with a small investment – a significant income can be earned immediately with GIA. Additionally she is well on her way to earning the Arizona Luxury retreat as of the end of August. All this while helping others with their physical and financial health even while engaged with a very busy travel schedule. Her cheerful manner makes her a joy to work with. She, like her sponsor Mackie, quickly grasped the unique value of the mission and vision of GIA and unapologetically and abundantly shares goodness from her heart. Donna is an inspiration to all and we look forward to more success for Donna on her GIA journey.

Donna’s July 2014 earnings with her $350 initial investment:

Quick Start Bonuses Part I:
Quick start Bonuses Part II:*
Abundance Club Bonus:
Junior Director Rank Bonus:
Team Expansion Bonus:
Additional July Commissions:
Donna’s Total July 2014 Earnings: $1,350

*Donna’s team is currently working to help Donna expand her team on her second level, likely earning $300 more in “Part two” July Quick-Start Bonuses by month end.

Now, Donna can add her much deserved $350 “Rookie of the Month” Bonus to her earnings list, and Mackie Ramsey gets to enjoy her $150 Dollar bonus for enrolling Donna into GIA! Congratulations to both Donna and Mackie, well done ladies!

Lou Ann Kane
Lou Ann Kane Aug 2014

This month’s GIA Rookie of the Month – Lou Ann Kane – was originally drawn to the unique and effective GIA Wellness Products. After re-engaging just a few month ago, she has been captured by the BIG GIA vision and is actively sharing that big picture with others. Her sponsor Kedzie Morgan says: “Inspired is the word and the feeling that comes to mind when I think of Lou Ann Kane. She has a B.S. degree in Psychology, a PH.D in Esoteric Studies, and for over 30 years Lou Ann has Integrated into her Private Healing Practice, Therapeutic Massage, B.E.S.T., Applied Physiology, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and has instructed all levels of ‘Touch for Health’, to name just some of her offerings and studies.” Lou Ann raised her daughter as a single mom, met Paul – her husband of 10 years -, is extremely active in her Church in Leadership Positions and even sings in the choir – a lifelong desire come true! Lou Ann by far exemplifies forward motion and transformation. She was instrumental in helping Kedzie put on a fabulous GIA Wellness event in Phoenix in July, and Co-CEO’s Alfred and Lynda Cormier-Hanser were both impressed and inspired by her commitment and enthusiasm. She has sponsored several people onto her GIA team, is doing three-way phone calls and closely works with her upline One Star Presidential Director Debbie Hoffman. We congratulate Lou Ann with a $350.00 Rookie of the Month cash bonus check, and Kedzie – as her sponsor – will receive $150.00! Congratulations ladies, well done!

Laurie Murray
Laurie Murray Jul 2014
Junior Director

Laurie Murray is many things: a Registered Nurse, Educator, avid Natural and Alternative Health Advocate, Author, a vibrant and energetic resident of upstate New York, and a very busy mother of four. As the founder of Health Revelations Education Center she recently ran for public office, and as a result was chosen be the Upstate NY Representative for the National Health Federation, dedicated to improving legislation regarding the access of Natural and Alternative Health Therapies. There is much more we could share about Laurie’s accolades and dedication to enhancing wellness, however we want to honor her impressive efforts in building her GIA Wellness team as well.

In her first month, Laurie reached the rank of Junior Director, and her sponsor Kedzie Morgan says, “I am thrilled to have such a powerful woman as part of our GIA Wellness family. Laurie told me that she sees GIA Wellness products and concepts as the Crown Jewel of Health and Abundance. I admire Laurie deeply for all that she has accomplished and all that she has yet to conquer! With all she has going on as you can see, her strong passion and belief carried her forward to a strong beginning!” Congratulations Kedzie, who earns an extra $150.00 as Laurie’s sponsor, and of course to Laurie who earns $350.00 as our Rookie of the Month! Great job ladies!

Kedzie Morgan
Kedzie Morgan Jun 2014

Kedzie has been quite busy in the month of May 2014! As a Holistic Health Practitioner and Nutrition Specialist, Kedzie understands the genuine need for the GIA Wellness products – to enrich the health and well-being of her patients. In her first week of sharing GIA Wellness, she has expanded her team with dedication and passion. Initially, she sponsored a GIA Business Builder, who then – in turn – sponsored a GIA Manager. Over the course of the month, Kedzie continued to help her team expand – by both personally sponsoring, as well as by helping her team grow in depth. Her upline partner, One Star Presidential Director Debbie Hoffman refers to Kedzie as a “fireball, who is full of energy and passion,” gushing: “She’s so much fun to work with and is just such a delight.” During May 2014, Kedzie has reached the GIA Jr. Director requirements and went on to reaching the Director rank by the end of the month. Along the way – and in addition to the monthly commission and Quick Start Bonuses, Kedzie has earned the new $100 Bonus for sponsoring 3 people at $250+, as well as the $200 Jr. Director Bonus – plus now, an additional $350 for being chosen as June 2014’s GIA Rookie of the Month. Congratulations Kedzie! We are excited to continue supporting your success with GIA Wellness!

Riddey Holly
Riddey Holly May 2014

We are thrilled to congratulate Riddey Holly as our Rookie of the month! Riddey joined GIA Wellness with a combined desire of feeling and being her healthiest, best self, and creating reproductive residual income. As a nurse in the neo-natal units, Riddey is accustomed to 12 hour shifts, back to back. The mother of two beautiful girls, Riddey was looking for a way to have more freedom, and time to spend with her children. And then she found it GIA! Or we could say GIA Wellness found her. Having met her sponsor One-Star Presidential Director John Williams, Riddey caught the GIA vision and jumped right in. In her first week on the GIATrim Weight Management Program, Riddey already lost 10 pounds. She happened to have the week off work and while she was “GIA-Trimming”, using the i-H2O, and the HydraGem Age-Defy Serum Duo, you can imagine the transformation that happened when she went back to work just 10 days later. Of course her peers wanted to hear what she had been up to, and she enthusiastically shared GIA Wellness and GIATrim with them. As a result, Riddey arranged to do a special conference call for those who were interested in learning more, and as a result, she has sponsored three new teammates and locked herself in for the extra 100 Team Expansion Bonus. We also congratulate John Williams, who will receive a $150 bonus check as Riddey’s sponsor, and – of course – Riddey who will receive a $350 Bonus check as our well deserved GIA Rookie of the Month! Cheers to a great beginning of a long successful career with GIA Wellness!

Julie Lamoureux
Julie Lamoureux Apr 2014

Congratulations to Julie Lamoureux, for earning this month’s well deserved “Rookie of the Month” Award & Cash Bonus! Julie is a wonderful wife, mother and dear friend to many. As an aesthetician, she has seen, felt and shared the profound GIA Wellness Products with her clients – as well as with her friends and family. When Julie scheduled her first GIA4LIFE in-home presentation, five guests were there, with four of them having joined Julie’s GIA team already. Sponsored by Jeff Lamoureux – and in true Sudbury Team form – her Senior Partner – GIA Director Chantal Young – has been instrumental in supporting Julie in her GIA growth. In the spirit of duplication and team expansion, Chantal, Jeff and Julie have been following the GIA4LIFE guidelines and met with their guests using the effective “Getting Started Training and Registration Package.” Julie has also been doing three-way phone calls, following up and enjoying the team spirit of GIA. As a result, Julie is has already completed the GIA Abundance Club and will earn $150.00 in addition to all other bonuses and commissions for this great accomplishment. Congratulations to Jeff, who – as Julie’s sponsor – earns an additional $150.00, and of course to Julie herself, for earning the $350.00 Rookie of the Month Bonus! That means that from the last week of March alone, Julie is earning an additional $500.00 in GIA Bonuses – and that doesn’t even count her Quick-Start Bonuses or monthly commissions yet. Well done, Julie, you are definitely on the path of Growth, Inspiration, and Abundance!

Arlene Ehritz
Arlene Ehritz Mar 2014
Junior Director

This month’s “Rookie of the Month” – Arlene Ehritz – earned the GIA rank of “Junior Director,” completed the GIA Abundance Club, earned free registration for the April “Going to the Top” GIA Conference, and she impressively did all of that during her first 60 days of re-engaging with GIA Wellness. As a colon hydro therapist, Arlene has a tremendous appreciation for all the GIA Wellness products and technologies. It’s been her own personal experience in helping her son, who lives with autism, that compelled Arlene to also share all that GIA Wellness has to offer, with others. In addition to utilizing all she could nutritionally throughout her son’s journey, it was the GIA i-H2O Activation System, the GIAlife Pendant and the TerraGIA products that seemed to be the missing link in that journey. Today Arlene’s son in college in Vermont, enjoying a beautiful life. Arlene shares all of GIA with every family she works with, knowing what adding GIA to their lives will undoubtedly do for them. Now Arlene is also very excited about the financial possibilities with the GIA Abundance Plan and is sharing that aspect of GIA with her growing team. As GIA’s “Rookie of the Month”, Arlene will not only get to enjoy the prestigious award, but also an extra $350 Cash Bonus – with her direct sponsor Presidential Director Angela O’Brien also earning an additional $150 Bonus. Congratulations Arlene (and Angela) to this well deserved award/bonus – keep living your very best, every day!

Teri Billingham
Teri Billingham Feb 2014
Junior Director

Teri Billingham caught the vision and value of being a part of GIA from her sponsor – GIA Director Jenn Hawks – in early January 2014. Teri jumped into GIA with both feet and has been running with excitement and enthusiasm ever since, doing all the right activities to launch her business. Besides getting coaching with Industry Expert Eric Alexander and being on as many calls and webinars as possible, she has also successfully hosted GIA4Life events and parties.

Teri’s desire to learn and willingness to be coachable, combined with her genuine kind and caring demeanor has resulted in the start of a growing successful GIA team. As her GIA Senior Partner – Presidential Director Sue Gronberg – shared with us: “Teri is truly a bright light and a joy to work with.”

Teri is on track to finish out the month with having earned a free registration for the April 2014 GIA Conference, for herself and two of her new teammates. She also has already three new Automatic Reorder (ARO) Enrollments, which automatically earns her a $100 ARO for free in February 2014, plus Teri has benefited from the Double Quick Start Bonus all of January. We congratulate Teri Billingham on her fast start with GIA and are very excited to follow her growing success in the future! Keep up the good work, Teri!

Wendy Steinberg
Wendy Steinberg Jan 2014

We are excited to share a very warm Congratulations to this month’s Rookie of the Month, Wendy Steinberg. Wendy was just sponsored into GIA in November 2013 – personally by her sister Sue Wiebe – and she’s very excited about GIA. One of her Senior Partners, GIA Director Sherri Sullivan has been inspired by Wendy’s enthusiasm, and worked with her on presentations and planning and felt that passion as she noted that Wendy shared GIA Wellness with others even while on vacation in Hawaii. Wendy not only opens her heart to others, but participates on training calls, coordinates three-way phone calls and as One Star Presidential Director Ming Lovejoy says, “Is doing everything right!” We know that Wendy looks forward to expanding her team, and sharing GIA with a genuine joy that is contagious. We are thrilled to honor Wendy with a $350.00 Bonus Check, and for her sister and sponsor, Sue Wiebe, we’re happy for her to receive a well deserved $150.00 Bonus Check.

Lee Anne Lefebvre & Andy Geseron
Lee Anne Lefebvre & Andy Geseron Dec 2013
Senior Directors

Tremendous Kudos and Congratulations to couple, Lee Anne Lefebvre and Andy Geseron for this month’s Rookies of the Month! It is not often that nominations for Rookie of the Month are received from both upline and crossline. Lee Anne and Andy were recommended by their own team, and by One Star Presidential Director Ming Lovejoy, who got a chance to got to experience their passion while travelling to Sudbury in support of leader Sue Pellerin’s growing team. Both Lee Anne and Andy see the vision of GIA Wellness and know that it is the vehicle to achieve all their personal and financial goals. LeeAnne is a former teacher who even taught in Korea for a few years. She now works in her home town in a servant leadership role, so she sees GIA as a perfect fit for her. She has two boys, while Andy has three girls. Lee Anne is a soul mate to Andy, who has been working in underground mines for over 20 years (Africa and US and Canada). Within one year, they aspire to have Andy out of the mines and to give the Lee Anne the freedom be a stay at home mom. Their goal is to build a large, successful Canadian team and make GIA their “plan A.” Their sponsor Sue Pellerin says, “They are tenacious! Their goals are bigger than their fear of not achieving them. They have the vision, and are taking all the right actions towards continued growth.” Congratulations to Sue, who earns $150.00 as their sponsor, and to Lee Anne and Andy who earn $350.00 as this month’s Rookies of the Month!

Gail Dagenais
Gail Dagenais Nov 2013

A heartfelt “congratulations” to Gail! She has worked many retail jobs in her life. Throughout her career, she always knew she wanted to make a difference in the world and help make it a better, and healthier place. While sharing the vision of GIA Wellness and expanding her team, Gail also finds the time to volunteer, sharing her joyful demeanor and making an impact on others – in hospitals, with seniors, and with animals. Members of her team and senior partners in GIA describe Gail as loving, compassionate, committed, and FUN – which is great news, since her GIA sponsor – Sue Johnson – wants to build a team of fun-loving, caring people who light up with joy. Gail, has embraced GIA on all levels and she participates in as many conference calls as possible, does 3-way phone calls, and has expanded her team in a short period of time. Gail sees GIA as the way to provide a comfortable, secure future for her family. It is what gives her joy and drives her to continue growing. The best part for Gail is that by growing her GIA network, she knows she has helped and will continue to help many in living a life of growth, inspiration and abundance. We congratulate our Rookie-of-the-Month Gail Dagenais with a well deserved $350.00 Cash Bonus, and her inspiring sponsor “Hempy Sue”” with a $150.00 bonus check! Great work, ladies!

Linda Nelson
Linda Nelson Oct 2013

Linda is a passionate proponent of health and transformation in herself and others. She is an emerging entrepreneur, successful network marketer, dedicated wife, mother, and grandmother as well as a committed friend who is loved and respected by so many. She is known for a refreshing and very funny characteristic: Linda calls it like she sees it. And when she saw the vision for GIA Wellness, she felt compelled to let the world know! Already a two-time Director with GIA Wellness, on track for her $1000 Consistency Bonus, a GIA Joy Award winner, Abundance Club winner, Gold Club winner, winner of the FREE GIA conference promotion (winning free airfare and registration to the October GIA Conference), as well as a qualifier for the special “Night out on the Town” dinner at the upcoming Conference, and now – with her “Rookie of the Month Award” – Linda is an example of the kind of commitment to personal breakthrough that it takes to create amazing success in one’s life. Linda has done all of the above in a short period of time holds the door open for others to follow her amazing example. Linda’s One Star Presidential Director upline, Ming Lovejoy, says of her: “Linda, you are an absolute GEM!” Congratulations to Linda Nelson for earning the $350.00 Rookie of the Month Cash Bonus, and to Teri Balaska for earning the $150.00 Cash Bonus – as Linda’s visionary sponsor.

Cecelia Jurgens
Cecelia Jurgens Sep 2013

Cecelia Jurgens, this month’s GIA Rookie of the Month is from central Canada and is an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolor. She is also and Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. An internationally renowned artist and educator, Cecilia will soon be teaching a workshop in Amsterdam. As we’ve discovered in GIA, while art is her passion, she also spent many years as a Sales and Marketing Director. While new to referral marketing, she became enamored with the GIA products and vision, and found a little time to make a number of big things happen in GIA in a short period of time. As so many people do, Cecilia has had great results with the GIA i-H2O System and has a desire to share both the GIA products and the income opportunity with others. Cecilia has a wonderful, graceful energy that transfers even over the phone, as many of us at GIA Corporate have had the chance to meet her through three-way phone calls. On a recent call Cecilia mentioned that she wished that she had more time to spend on her GIA business. Well, we are thrilled with the tremendous activity she has been able to do – even with the little time she has! In August Cecelia decided that she wanted to upgrade to the “A”(bundance) Path, and have all the GIA products, plus enroll on an ARO Reward Program. She became very excited with the numerous incentives such as bonuses for sponsoring Managers, up-ranking, and the August promotion for new Directors to earn free airfare and registration to the October event. Cecilia has had great results with iH2O and has sponsored 8 GIA Managers with the “A” Path and most of them with a $100 ARO Reward Program. She’s also very close to qualifying for the prestigious GIA Gold Club. In addition to all that, she has also just earned $350.00 as Rookie of the Month, with Elsie Belcheff – her inspiring sponsor – earning a $150.00 Cash Bonus. We also congratulate GIA leaders and Senior Directors, Akemi and Marlin Cardon for traveling to Saskatoon, meeting Cecilia in person and helping her see GIA’s global vision!

Sandra Sitzmann, M.S., C.M.T., C.N.A.
Sandra Sitzmann, M.S., C.M.T., C.N.A. Aug 2013

Sandra Sitzmann, M.S., C.M.T., C.N.A., is well respected as a practitioner, consultant and lecturer in the alternative healing arts field. Sandra has degrees, trainings, and practical ‘hands-on’ experience in education, counseling, energy-medicine, massage therapy and numerous other health-related modalities. As Sandra caught the big GIA vision at a local event in Kalispell (MT), she was intent in capturing as much information as possible, as she also captured the enthusiasm to share GIA with others. When talking to Sandra, it is very clear that she has a huge passion to make a difference in the lives of others, while simultaneously enjoying the generous GIA Abundance Plan. In less than 45 days, Sandra has enjoyed the special Cash Bonuses of reaching “Junior Director” by mid-month, has reached the GIA Abundance Club, the GIA Gold Club, and finishing the month of July as a brand-new GIA Director. She has worked closely with her senior partner Ming Lovejoy who refers to Sandra as a “force of nature,” and who is directly sponsored by Dan Kesky. Congratulations to Sandra for earning the $350.00 “Rookie of the Month” Cash Bonus, and to Dan for his well deserved $150.00 Cash Bonus! GIA is very proud of you both, keep up the good work!

Trish Schaf
Trish Schaf Jul 2013

Considering Trish successfully leads an innovative integrated health practice in Montana and is a widely respected Colon-Hydro-Therapist, it comes as no surprise that she is passionate about bringing GIA’s life-changing wellness products to her clients. Trish has successfully grown a loyal following of clients and supporters in her area, and she’s been able to do the same with her GIA business within a short period of time. A caring mother of four, Trish is described as being “authentic and genuine”, and as always being open to new ideas and concepts that help improve people’s lives on all levels – in growth in health and well-being, on an inspirational level, and through empowerment in abundance. Speaking of abundance, Trish qualified for the prestigious GIA Abundance Club in the month of May 2013 – a great achievement and a sign of outstanding things to come in Trish’s GIA career. Congratulations to Trish for her $350 Cash Bonus, and “Rookie-of-the-Month” Award, and to One-Star Presidential Director Ming Lovejoy – Trish’s inspirational sponsor – who will earn an additional $150 for Trish’s “Rookie of the Month” honors!

Jana Bartz
Jana Bartz Jul 2013

We congratulate Jana Bartz, from Sussex (NJ) as our deserving GIA Rookie of the Month. Jana is a health care practitioner and owner/operator of “Total Happy Health” who specializes in Energetic Synchronization. She is a certified Morter Practitioner whose exuberance and joy is felt by all. Jana is a life-long learner and advocate for healthy alternatives. Clearly the vision and mission of GIA and Inspired Wellness felt like a great match for her, and Jana fell in love with all that GIA has to offer. She has been eagerly expanding her team, and has already sponsored more than 8 people – from Oklahoma to Ohio. Jana has 5 grown children, and a thriving practice, yet she still found the time, energy and desire to build her GIA Wellness business. We are so excited to have such a team oriented, passionate, and educated voice to help share the power of GIA Wellness. Jana, we congratulate you and honor you with a $350.00 Rookie of the Month Cash Bonus, as well as your sponsor, Director Dr. Trisha Tymczyk, a consistent leader herself, who will earn an extra $150.00 in cash. Heartfelt congratulations to the both of you, well deserved!

Barbara Woodhouse
Barbara Woodhouse May 2013

Barbara Woodhouse has been a massage therapist for 13 years and is highly respected and dearly loved by her clients. Previously a pre-school teacher, Barb brings a true love of people, joy in living, as well as a great ability to listen, tremendous compassion, and her deep intuition to every interaction. She is thrilled to be a part of the fast growing GIA team. She sponsored her first teammate immediately upon coming on board with GIA and has continued a streak of enthusiastic team expansion in the first few weeks of her GIA business. Her GIA team recently spread to Canada when she reached out to a wonderful woman at a Montana airport and sponsored Kelly as an excited new Manager in Salt Lake City. Barb was so thrilled to get her first GIA commission check and shared that she could “see thousands of dollars in future GIA checks” as she builds her team! Her wonderful husband of 29 years, Vince, is also getting excited about GIA and loves to see Barbara so enthusiastic about the GIA income opportunity! Recently Barbara made it a point to be at her first possible GIA event in Pleasanton, CA. She is a fabulous servant leader, a great student of the industry and sees great things in her GIA future! Congratulations to Barbara for her well deserved $350 Cash Bonus, and to One-Star Presidential Director Ming Lovejoy – Barbara’s dynamic sponsor – who will earn an additional $150 for Barbara’s “Rookie of the Month” honors! Great job ladies, keep up the good work!

Elsie Belcheff, Natural Plantation
Elsie Belcheff, Natural Plantation Apr 2013

Congratulations to this month’s Rookie of the Month, Elsie Belcheff. The momentum with which Elsie has started her GIA Wellness Journey is remarkable, to say the least. As an expert in wellness, Elsie has been enriching people’s health and wellness for over 20 years. She is an author, lecturer, practitioner, Certified Herbologist and Lymphologist and she’s a very passionate advocate of wellness. She enrolled with GIA on the March 4, 2013 and returned to her home town of Saskatchewan, Canada on March 18th. By the end of March, she had completed the prestigious GIA Abundance Club THREE times, achieved the “Director” Rank, Gold Club, enrolled at least 8 GIA Managers and expanded her team by even more, and it looks like she’s also qualified for the Alaska Luxury Cruise. Elsie is always searching for solutions to enhance wellness, is described as having a heart of gold, and is thrilled with the GIA Wellness products and amazed at the results she and her clients have been seeing in such a short period of time. Her sponsor – Pam Stephens from Riverside, CA – had a strong desire to share GIA when Elsie started, and could only have imagined her team expanding so quickly. Congratulations to Elsie for her additional $350 Cash Bonus and to Pam, who will earn an additional $150 – as a result of Elsie being named “Rookie of the Month”. There’s lots of excitement in GIA around Pam and Elsie’s growing team whose passion is evidently contagious, and yet, this is just the beginning! Go Elsie!

Emilie Sarazin
Emilie Sarazin Mar 2013

Congratulations to Emilie Sarazin, this month’s GIA Rookie of the Month. As of the end of February, 2013, Emilie has been with GIA Wellness for less than 14 days! What she has accomplished in that short time frame is a clear reflection of her decision to start strong and earn the GIA “Forever Bonus” permanently. After experiencing the GIA Products and really “getting” the importance of optimal nutrient absorption, she became excited about the possibilities with GIA. Emilie has a great understanding of referral marketing and jumped in – with both feet – as a Business Builder on February 12th. Two weeks later, she had already personally enrolled 3 Business Builders and became a brand new GIA Director in the process! Sue Pellerin, Emilie’s vivacious sponsor has said that Emilies motto is “If I am going to use these amazing products, then I may as well share them with others!” Emilie’s enthusiasm and passion are contagious, and we have learned that Emilie also loves to tend to her flower garden in her free time. Considering building a GIA Wellness team is a lot like nurturing a garden, we are convinced that she will continue to grow a large, beautiful blossoming GIA Wellness team. Congratulations to Emilie for earning the $350.00 Rookie of the Month Cash Bonus, as well as to Senior Director Sue Pellerin for earning the $150.00 Cash Bonus – as Emilie’s well deserving sponsor!

Cara Golden
Cara Golden Feb 2013

Congratulations to Cara Golden, who has already made quite an impact within GIA Wellness in a short period of time. While Cara only just joined GIA in December 2012, she has already started expanding her team, participated on many GIA conference calls, has implemented the power of 3-way calls AND has demonstrated great follow up activity. Cara definitely understands the power of leverage, is very coachable, seeks advice when needed and has a beautiful passion about GIA and her professional future. Cara was sponsored by Annata Black, who has been leading by great example by already qualifying for the GIA Abundance Club twice (!), achieving the Junior Director rank, and being honored as last month’s “Rookie of the Month”. A few of the attributes that Cara has already shown are both a genuine desire to serve others with grace, in addition to implementing personal responsibility and initiative to build her GIA team. We are very much looking forward to Cara’s continued success and expect her team to grow in Colorado where she is from, but also to hopscotch around the country, as she is inviting people from all over the U.S. to discover GIA Wellness. Congratulations to Cara for earning a $350.00 Cash Bonus for being named “Rookie of the Month”, as well as to her sponsor Annata Black, who will earn an extra $150.00 Cash Bonus.

Annata Black
Annata Black Jan 2013
Jr. Director

Congratulations to Annata Black, a Julliard trained classical pianist who currently teaches music to children throughout Colorado and occasionally gives concerts when she can find space for her grand piano. In addition to her music, Annata is passionate about wellness and supporting others in finding holistic solutions to maintaining high levels of vitality as they age. She is a high energy and high intensity individual and a “wiz” at staying in touch with friends. A former 20-year resident of Jackson Hole, Wyoming she found her way to beautiful Crestone, Colorado through detours around the Southwest, including Taos and Santa Fe. Since connecting with GIA she, Annata become deeply energized by the values and mission shared on calls. Her sponsor Dr. Moira Forsythe has said that Annata is “particularly moved by the authenticity of One Star Presidential Director John Williams, GIA President Lynda Cormier and other GIA leaders” and she feels like she has “finally found the home” that will take her into the abundant retirement phase of life she has been striving to create for herself (and which will let her share her joy of music with others more freely!). Annata enrolled with GIA Wellness in mid-November 2012, has achieved the Junior Director rank and already has 10 teammates (and counting) on her team. She has really taken on the challenge of learning the business, being very coachable about using the GIA tools and embracing the wisdom of that philosophy as a business building strategy. It is a joy to work with Annata as her enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring. Congratulations to Annata for earning the $350.00 dollar Cash Bonus for being named the GIA “Rookie of the Month”, and also to her inspirational sponsor, GIA Director Dr. Moira Forsythe, who also earns a well deserved $150.00 Cash Bonus!

Sandy Vehar
Sandy Vehar Dec 2012

Congratulations to Sandy Vehar, a recent GIA Manager on the fast-track to success. Sandy’s longtime interest in health and wellness for herself and her family lead her to GIA in early November 2012. What she discovered struck a chord with her – not just because of the power and uniqueness of GIA’s products – but also because Inspiration and Personal Growth are an integral part of GIA Wellness and Sandy’s life. Sandy believes that “when you find something good it is natural that you want to share it with others”. Ignited by the desire to share the value that GIA offers, Sandy was quick to recognize that GIA Wellness presented a great way to create an income while making a significant difference in peoples’ lives. Armed with desire, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, Sandy reached out to her GIA team to find out how to get started. And getting started she did – listening to and participating on GIA calls and getting connected to team resources. In less than a month, Sandy has hosted 3 GIA presentations, sponsored new Consultants and is on track to achieve the GIA Abundance Club. Congratulations to both Sandy – a true inspiration and a great example to her fellow GIA Rookies – for earning the well-deserved $350.00 Cash Bonus that comes with the “Rookie-of-the-Month” Award, and also to Sandy’s dynamic sponsor Squirrel Rork for receiving a $150.00 Bonus!

Moira Forsythe
Moira Forsythe Nov 2012
Jr. Director

We honor and congratulate Moira Forsythe, ND as this month’s GIA “Rookie of the Month”! Moira has a passion for making a difference in the lives of others. As the Co-founder of “gameCHANGE”, a revolutionary Life Coaching program for elite athletes, Moira empowers athletes to make the transition to life outside of the athletic arena. As a certified professional coach and naturopathic practitioner for over 30 years, she has been a living example of wellness and possibility. Moira’s passion for GIA’s transformational products comes from personal experience and the results her clients and team members are enjoying. Even more exciting is her vision for GIA’s future. Timing is everything and Moira says that “the time for GIA’s is right now”. Her enthusiasm is evidenced by her recent statement, when Moira said: “I can hardly wait to get started on November and the next “GIA Abundance Club” cycle for myself and others in my group…”. Congratulations again Moira, we hope you enjoy the well deserved $350.00 dollar Cash Bonus that comes with your “Rookie-of-the-Month” Award!

Karen Kampfl
Karen Kampfl Oct 2012

As a working mother with two children, owner of a popular women’s boutique in Southern California and participating in community and her children’s sporting activities, Karen does not have “loads of time.” However, once she saw the business opportunity with GIA Wellness, she has found a way to fit GIA into her busy life. Her belief in the GIA products sky-rocketed after the first week of her starting to experience the benefits of the products – both for herself and her family. Karen has participated on GIA conference calls, expanded her team and has had “GIA Breakfast Parties” as a way to share the vision and mission. A firm believer in multiple streams of income, Karen sees the power of GIA’s residual income opportunity as a source of financial freedom. One of the things that caught Karen’s attention were GIA’s result-oriented, consumable products. Karen’s sponsor – One Star Presidential Director John Williams – says of Karen: “All any one could ask for is to have someone like Karen on their team. She is smart, enthusiastic and has a ‘go-for-it’ attitude that will take her as far as she wants to take the GIA business.” We congratulate Karen Kampfl for her Rookie-of-the-Month Award and $350.00 Cash Bonus, as well as John for earning his $150.00 bonus – as her sponsor. Have a blast growing your GIA Team together!

Anita Fink
Anita Fink Sep 2012

Anita Fink is a powerhouse in a small package. She attended her first GIA meeting at the beginning of August 2012 and based on what she saw and heard, joined GIA as a Manager on the spot. Already then people could tell that Anita would be a fireball. In her first few weeks, she attended another GIA meeting and right away sponsored her first GIA Consultant with Manager Pack and a 12 month ARO. Anita’s goal is to help everyone she knows to have better health and have the opportunity to create freedom through them being part of GIA. One thing you get from Anita right away is that her sights are locked in on taking her GIA business to the top. We celebrate Anita as GIA’s “Rookie of the Month,” and congratulate her on earning an extra $350.00 Cash Bonus as a result. We also celebrate Anita’s sponsors, Akemi and Marlin Cardon, who are tremendous leaders, deserving and committed GIA Wellness Consultants, and who will earn a $150.00 Cash Bonus! Congratulations!

Dr. Tricia Tymczyk
Dr. Tricia Tymczyk Aug 2012

Dr. Tricia Tymczyk is one determined woman. After raising 5 kids, at the age of 40, she changed careers and went back to school to get a new degree and accomplish her license as a holistic chiropractor. Dr. Tricia wasted no time jumping into GIA with both feet. After meeting One Star Presidential Directors Ming Lovejoy and Debbie Hoffman at a women’s network event in Dallas, Dr. Tricia felt compelled to share GIA Wellness with her friends and family. Her sponsor, Ming Lovejoy says, “She is an unusual combination of knowledge and nurturing. She is a ‘HEART’ in constant motion helping others with an unstoppable passion and energy. Her life motto is ‘Find a way or make a way!'” In her own words, Dr. Tricia “had so much fun” sharing GIA, and it snowballed. In her first month she already qualified for the prestigious GIA Abundance Club, secured the Forever Bonus and reached the Director position. Congratulations also to One-Star Presidential Director Ming Lovejoy for having sponsored Dr. Tymczyk. “Rookie of the Month,” Dr. Tricia will earn a well-deserved $350.00 cash bonus, and Ming Lovejoy – as her sponsor – will receive a $150.00 bonus. Congratulations Ladies!

Elisha & Marshall Burns
Elisha & Marshall Burns Jul 2012
Junior Directors

Elisha & Marshall Burns came on board with GIA less than 60 days ago, and have already put the proverbial “pedal to the metal.” They are so excited about GIA, having had life changing results with the products, especially Elisha, who recently shared her moving story on a GIA wake-up call with tears of joy! They are exceptionally passionate about sharing GIA with everyone. Sponsored by Nancy Rugo, who is a bundle of joy, light and passion herself, Elisha & Marshall are truly heart-based people, and are having fun as they build their GIA team. At “press time”, the Burns’ had qualified for both the prestigious “GIA Abundance Club”, and at the “Junior Director” rank. They are bright lights and are on their way to becoming great leaders within GIA! They want to grow a team and create an income so they can travel, own a ranch out west and start a foundation to give back! Congratulations also to Nancy Rugo for enrolling Marshall and Elisha. As this month’s “Rookies of the Month,” we congratulate the Burns family for earning the $350.00 cash bonus, and Nancy Rugo for earning a $150.00 bonus as their sponsor.

Sherri Sullivan
Sherri Sullivan Jun 2012

Sherri Sullivan is a true dynamo who bubbles over with enthusiasm and passion for helping and serving others. She is an entrepreneur who owns her own beauty salon and treats her many loyal clients like family. Sherry is a joy-filled example of health and beauty and a powerful advocate for health and wellness. Sponsored by her mother Betty Rogers, Sherry has already sponsored several people and is building her GIA team with dedication. We are very excited that Sherry has joined GIA and is opening up the Portland area with her wonderful example of servant leadership. We celebrate Sherry as GIA’s “Rookie of the Month,” and congratulate her on earning an extra $350.00 Cash Bonus. Betty – as Sherry’s visionary upline leader and sponsor – will also earn an extra $150.00 Bonus! Congratulations ladies – well deserved!

Bonnie Taub
Bonnie Taub May 2012
Junior Director

Congratulations to Rookie of the Month Bonnie Taub. Personally sponsored by Presidential Directors Sue and Don Gronberg, Bonnie is a very gifted massage therapist and certified Holistic Health Counselor. Sue has said of Bonnie that she “immediately recognized GIA Wellness as a great vehicle to further assist her clients to reach a new level of health and well-being as well as support her desire to create additional income.” She is consistently tuning into conference calls and training calls and has a wonderful sense of personal responsibility. In her second full month as a GIA consultant she has achieved Abundance Club, Jr. Director and is on track to Director and Gold Club. Congratulations to Bonnie for earning the $350.00 cash bonus and to the Gronbergs for their $150.00 bonus as her sponsor.

Betty Rogers
Betty Rogers Apr 2012
Junior Director

We are thrilled to share the exciting news of our March Rookie of the Month. Betty Rogers joined GIA Wellness on March 19th, 2012 and in two short weeks she’s become a member of the prestigious GIA “Abundance Club.” Together with her sponsor GIA One-Star Presidential Ming Lovejoy, Betty has been sharing her passion about health, wellness and GIA for just a few weeks, yet she’s already started assembling a growing team. According to Ming, Betty’s quiet nature is balanced by a passion, radiance and thoughtfulness that speaks volumes. We celebrate Betty as GIA’s “Rookie of the Month,” and congratulate her on earning an extra $350.00 Cash Bonus. Ming – as Betty’s upline leader and sponsor – will also earn an extra $150.00 Bonus.

Kwan Ho “Ken” Park
Kwan Ho “Ken” Park Mar 2012
Senior Director

Congratulations to our most recent Rookie of the Month, Ken Park. Toronto-based Ken started with GIA in January of 2012 and his business has been on fire ever since: Ken has personally sponsored more than 10 people in 5 weeks, has already qualified for the prestigious “GIA Gold Club”, has already reached the rank of Senior Director in February, and has shown tremendous leadership qualities right from the start. He is extremely self-motivated and has gone way beyond the expected in his pursuit of learning everything he needs to know to be able to present GIA’s products and business to his prospective team members. Of course, we also honor Ken’s sponsor – Bo Young Kim – who is a servant leader and fast growing GIA leader in her own right. With appreciation and joy, we honor Ken Park with a $350.00 dollar check and Bo Young Kim with her $150.00 bonus.

Rachel Vice
Rachel Vice Feb 2012

Congratulations to our most recent Rookie of the Month, Rachel Vice. Rachel has started her GIA Wellness business with one key ingredient: passion. We applaud her enthusiasm and desire as she has already expanded her team. Rachel is eager and willing to learn and has shown dedication to her dreams, and to GIA Wellness. Of course, we also honor Rachel’s sponsor, Asha Stokes, who coaches her with commitment and servant leadership. With appreciation and joy, we honor Rachel with a $350.00 dollar check and Asha with her $150.00 bonus.

Christine Hardy
Christine Hardy Jan 2012

Christine officially enrolled with GIA Wellness on November 23rd, 2011. In less than 60 days, Christine personally sponsored 10 (!) new GIA Consultants to quickly expand her GIA team. She also just reached the GIA Director rank, accomplished the prestigious “GIA Gold Club”, plus she’s been a tremendous example of dedication along the way. Because we recognize the power of a team, we also honor our reigning Consultants of the Year – Debbie and Norm Hoffman – as Christine’s direct sponsors, who will also receive a $150 Cash Bonus as the sponsor’s reward for Christine’s “Rookie of the Month” Award. Debbie and Norm have worked very closely with Christine to help her strategize and implement her plan to launch her GIA business quickly. Congratulations from all of us at GIA to Christine, Debbie and Norm for your respective Cash Bonuses and Awards!

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