GIA Wellness Technologies – Patents and Validation

Enjoy some Patent and Validation Related Highlights
which Illustrate How and Why GIA Wellness Products Work!

Prefer a short video?

Click and watch below to see The Power of SFA in Action, and discover why
GIA’s patented Single File Alignment (SFA) Technology unlocks the secret to unparalleled hydration inside and out!

Heavy science not your thing?

Enjoy this short, fun, animated video to find out
How the GIA i-H2O Activation System works!

Still not sure how and why it all works?

Watch the video below to hear from the inventor of the i-H2O Activation System
(“MRET-Water”) himself – Nuclear Physicist Dr. Igor Smirnov – as he shares his insights!

GIA’s Inspired Energy & Radiation Protection
Technology (TerraGIA) – Validation Highlights

Prefer to hear some insights from the inventor himself?

Click on the video below to hear from Nuclear Physicist Dr. Igor Smirnov how the patented GIA Radiation Protection technology works!

Physics not your thing?

No worries, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy this short, fun, animated video to find out
How GIA’s Patented Cell Guard Technology works!

Speaking of animated videos..

…here is another one that GIA fans love. It explains – in simple and understandable terms – how the GIA’s patented MRET and proprietary ERT Technologies work together!

Want to learn more?

Provided that reading and watching all of the information above hasn’t put you to sleep yet, here is a link to a compilation of published, third-party articles relating to the importance of proper hydration, energy, and nourishment, as well as a list of Scientific Research Institutions, Publications, and Conferences related to the patented and proprietary GIA Wellness solutions. Enjoy!

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