GIA Team Builder Suite

The GIA Team Builder Suite – specifically designed to work on Apple iPads – is the ultimate tool for sharing your GIA business. More than 50 GIA related videos, marketing materials and tools to present the GIA products and Income Opportunity – everything you need is right there for you – at the touch of your fingertips!

GIA’s Team Builder Suite for iPads is hands-down the most powerful business building tool currently available in the referral marketing industry. Packed with 50+ videos, PDFs, audio, the GIA Team Builder Suite will make your one-on-one presentations easier and more effective than ever before. Now, with the introduction of the latest versions of the iPad, you can even use the Team Builder iPad Suite with a video projector, and present the GIA business to a full room of prospective teammates! It’s never been easier to share your GIA business than now – with the GIA Team Builder Suite!

GIA Team Builder Suite Includes:

  • iPad Team Building Suite
  • Free updates/additions
  • No Monthly Fees

Both Suite Feature:

  • Personalized “welcome” video from GIA Co-CEOs Lynda Cormier-Hanser & Alfred Hanser*
  • More than 50 GIA Videos, packed with in-depth info on GIA Products, Personal Development, Abundance Plan & more
  • Audio Files, Product Fliers, Brochures, etc.
  • Fast Track Enrollment Program
  • Direct Link to Personal GIA Website**

Also Included:

  • 2 Cell Guard Slivers for iPad
  • Live Phone-Tech-Support for iPad & iPhone Suite Installation
  • Online Step-by Step Installation Tutorial & FAQs
  • Online Step-by-Step Tutorial for iPhone Suite Installation & FAQs
  • Access to Exclusive GTB Owner Content
  • 30-Minute Team Building Coaching Session with GIA Co-CEO Lynda Cormier-Hanser

Team Builder Suite

Installation is easy!

If you’ve purchased the GIA Team Builder Application and you have received your confirmation email, you can download the application below.

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(iPad, iPhone, etc)

Experience the energy created by the NEW GIA Team Builder iPad application that’s helping expand businesses from Australia, to New Zealand to the United States and beyond!

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Screen Shots:

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*Customized video containing “your name” is available for first 100 purchasers only. All Team Builder Packages after the initial 100 sold will contain a generic welcome video from GIA Co-CEOs Lynda Cormier-Hanser & Alfred Hanser.

**Applicable only to GIA Wellness Consultants who subscribe to the Consultant Tools Suite. If the Team Builder Suite user does not have an active personal GIA Wellness website, the “Join GIA” feature cannot connect directly to your GIA Wellness Consultant account for signups.

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