Our Top Tips for a Summer Cleanse

Posted by GIA Wellness
4 years ago | August 3, 2020

Let’s face it— by mid-year, we’ve all indulged in some less than healthy vices at least a few times. We may begin the year with the best of wellness intentions but commonly suffer minor slips and setbacks, causing us to fall back into old habits. We are just over halfway through the year and it is the perfect time to hit the reset button.  

Why You Should Cleanse  

No matter how hard we all try to live cleana certain amount of toxins sneak into our bodies each day. The accumulation of these toxins can make us feel tired, weighed down, ill, and disrupt other essential bodily functions including digestion, gut health, weight regulation, and sleep. Once you start to feel the effects of months of built-up toxicity, your wellness goals may feel a bit out of reach. A mid-year cleanse can help you kick yourself back into gear by helping you undo any bad habits you might have picked up, rejuvenate your physical and mental health, and motivate you to get back in touch with your foundational wellness.  

Keep it short and sweet 

Many experts recommend cleansing just two to four times per year. Planning for a summer cleanse is the perfect mid-year checkin with your health, wellness, and body. However, to make the results sustainable, we recommend a realistic goal, such as a three-day detox. Avoid incorporating extreme measures like restricting yourself to liquids only, because those methods often set you up for failure. Instead, stick to attainable goals that support your cleanse, like eating at least one small clean meal per day.  

Be Gentle to Yourself 

Some detoxes are harsh, rapidly, and aggressively stripping your body of essential nutrients in the process of eliminating toxins, leaving you feeling drained. Cleansing is an act of self-love, so we would never want you to approach this process without care. GIA’s CLEANSE Gentle Detox Formula is curated with the intention of nourishing your body throughout the cleansing process, so you are not devoid of nutrients, but rather the toxins that plague your system and replaced with nutrients that support the foundation of wellness you’re rebuilding.  

Don’t Discount Water  

Hydration is fundamental to the success of any wellness goal— and a summer cleanse is no exception. Boost water’s natural cleansing benefits by drinking single-file alignment (SFA) water throughout your cleanse. This patented technology realigns the naturally chaotic structure of water molecules into the single-file structure that is easiest for your cells to absorb. The result is a glass of water that’s three times more hydrating, more efficient in clearing out toxins at the cellular levelbalances pHaids in nutrient absorption, and provides complete hydration benefits all the way down to your skin. 

Eat Clean & In-Season 

There are many summer cleanse programs that suggest you abstain from eating completely. Instead, we recommend eating thoughtfully with the intention of nourishing your body with clean foods. Reach for organic in-season fruits and vegetables because these are the purest ingredients to strengthen and support your system throughout your summer cleanse. Take advantage of what grows naturally during the summertime and enjoy heaping plates of beautiful greens, purples, reds, oranges, and yellows.  

Incorporate Exercise, Especially in Natur 

One of the many advantages of a summer cleanse is the beautiful weather that invites you to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Enjoy the fresh air and natural source of vitamin D by exercising outside at least 30 minutes per day during your summer cleanse. The combination of warm sun and flowing endorphins helps you stay energized, happy, and motivated, while also aiding in your mission to gradually cycle out harmful toxins. 

Don’t Forget to Detox Your Environment 

More than ever, we are surrounded by environmental toxins like EMR from our wireless devices that silently zap our energy, health, and wellness. Often, the effects of EMR are the culprit of many ailments impeding on our wellness and our ability to thrive. Consider a digital detox as part of your summer cleanse, and unplug, or greatly reduce the amount of time spent on your smartphone and other wireless devices. Take the time to relish nature and be present in the season and with those around you. Also, take the time to cleanse your environment of excess sources of EMR and ensure that the remaining sources of EMR within your living spaces are properly protected 

Start Your Summer Cleanse to Renew Yourself 

Taking the time for a summer cleanse brings you back to focusing on self-care, your health, and your wellness goals. By restoring your connection with your health, checking your habits, and their impact on your body, mind, and life, you’re also showing yourself kindness and respect. Continue to love yourself by making the time to intentionally eliminate anything from your life that’s no longer serving you— whether internally or externally— and restore what’s most fundamental to your wellness. 

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