The Negative Effects of 5G in Our Wireless World

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6 years ago | December 11, 2018

The Negative Effects of 5G in Our Wireless World

In our wireless world, we are surrounded by airwaves transmitting data and signals that make it possible for us to work and connect online. These powerful forces are invisible to the human eye, though we are able to harness their capabilities, and have come to rely on them in our daily lives. As helpful as this unseen force can be, it can actually work against us the more we immerse ourselves in it because of the constant presence of electromagnetic radiation and the effect it has on living beings. Though wireless devices have become an essential part of our lifestyle, we must protect ourselves from the side effects that accompany their daily use, especially now that it may be getting worse with the recent widespread promotion of 5G.

1) What is EMR and How is it Dangerous?

Electromagnetic energy is present everywhere in nature, from the Earth itself to your own body. This energy serves as an essential part of life in the natural world. However, the technologies we use during our day to day lives create artificial electromagnetic radiation, known as EMR, that our bodies aren’t created to handle.

EMR constantly interferes with your body’s own electromagnetic field called a biofield. This persistent interference can adversely affect your body, stress management ability, sleep habits, and overall health. Some of these effects include high blood pressure, premature aging, headaches, and sleep disturbances, especially if you sleep with your cell phone next to you.

The obstruction of the body’s natural energy balance caused by prolonged EMR exposure can also harden the cell membrane making it difficult for waste to cycle out of the body, and nutrients to enter and be absorbed. This improper nutrient and hydration absorption can lead to problems including dehydration, and, as some research shows, cancer. The EMR we are exposed to now is about 100-200 times more powerful than it was decades ago and it is already found to cause these problems, but it is expected to only become more powerful with the implementation of 5G in the near future.

2)  Why is 5G More Harmful?

The technological capabilities 5G allows is very exciting for the advancement of the world, especially for those who have jobs that rely on internet capabilities. After all, the increase in power will allow more devices to connect, more data to be transmitted at a faster pace, and technology to develop and evolve to be capable of more things than ever before seen. However, this kind of power comes at a price.

This higher level of frequency will require cell phone companies to install more cell towers so 5G power can be transmitted through the air. These cell towers will need to be everywhere to support this level of power, including inside of homes and on top of lamp posts in your neighborhood. Not only will this increase in cell towers expose us to stronger radiation, but it will also make it exceedingly difficult to minimize the amount of EMR to which we are exposed. Our best defense against the dangers of 5G and other forms of EMR is to be proactive and protect ourselves.

3) How Can I Protect Myself?

Molecular Resonance Effect Technology, known as MRET, was developed to neutralize the effects of EMR exposure in the body. Combining this technology with Energy Resonance Technology can help you combat the negative impact of prolonged exposure to EMR, while also strengthening your body’s biofield so it can continually rebound and rejuvenate from stress. These can serve as protective measures from the wireless instruments you use in your daily life. By integrating these defense accessories, you can work and communicate wirelessly with peace of mind.

Though we are powerless over the addition of 5G technology in our world, we can take control of our health by protecting ourselves from these invisible attacks against our biofield. Using a cell phone, Wi-Fi and laptop may not be things we can avoid, however, we can minimize harm to ourselves so we can continue to prosper in health and happiness.

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