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5 Signs it’s Time to Detox (And Why You Should!)

Modern diets are riddled with toxins from pesticides on our foods, caffeine and alcohol in our beverages, and processed ingredients in our meals. Eliminating all toxins from your diet would be ideal, but is next to impossible in today’s world, especially for parents and professionals who are constantly on the go. Performing an internal cleanse is the best way to detoxify your body so it can reset itself to physical and spiritual wellness. Here are five signs your body needs a detox now:

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Top 3 Easiest Ways to Stay Hydrated

Did you know that nearly 75% of the world’s population is chronically dehydrated? Using GIA’s i-H2O Activation System transforms clean water into single-file aligned water so that your body will much more fully absorb the water you drink, giving you all the benefits that come with true hydration.

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Total Health Magazine highlights GIA Wellness as “Solutions to Protect you From our WiFi World”!

With wireless technology usage at an historic all-time high, consumers’ needs for intelligent solutions to protect themselves from the effects of radiation exposure is greater than ever. Total Health Magazine explains why GIA Wellness solutions are so important!

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Health & Science Experts Ring Alarm Bells regarding the Dangers of EMF & WiFi Exposure!

25 of the world’s most respected Health Experts & Scientists – in the areas of Electromagnetic Frequency/Radiation (EMF/EMR) – share in their own words the dramatic health effects/dangers that 7 billion people are facing!

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